Gemili agrees to run 100m for Britain

British teenager Adam Gemili, the second fastest man in Europe this year behind Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre, has decided to take part in next month's Olympics.


The 18-year-old, who ran a speedy 10.18 seconds at a meeting in Germany earlier this month, felt unsure about his readiness for the London Games after finishing second behind Dwain Chambers in the domestic trials at the weekend.

The sprinter's coach, Michael Afilaka, had warned that the experience of going to the Games before he was ready might damage his development, and that Gemili might instead focus solely on the World Junior championships in mid-July.

However Gemili has now confirmed that he will take on the challenge.

"My plan is to go to the Olympics and compete with the world's top sprinters and not get beaten too badly," he told the BBC.

"People train their whole lives to do it. I'm lucky that I've come into athletics at the right time and I've qualified.

"I'm an 18-year-old and I've qualified for the Olympic Games so to be picked at this age in front of all the sprinters in the whole country feels amazing."

Afilaka had been concerned that being outclassed might be a devastating experience for the young sprinter.

"If you throw him into the cauldron of the Olympics and he gets burned he might never recover," he said at the weekend.

"Being a home Olympics makes no difference. It's brutal. From getting kitted out to walking into the Olympic Stadium, and it's very unforgiving. It's not about grabbing the chance. He's not just a young kid; he's young to athletics and we've got to manage that."

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