Liga - Laudrup: Give Bale time

Former Barcelona and Real Madrid man Michael Laudrup hopes that Gareth Bale is given time to properly adapt to life in Spain.

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Swansea boss Michael Laudrup

The 24-year-old has completed a big-money move out to Madrid this week, with much attention on the reported £85.3m fee paid out.

For Laudrup, who spent seven years of his career between the Clasico clubs in La Liga, it is important that Bale is given patience to succeed.

“I really hope they will give him time to adapt because he is a great player,” the current Swansea City manager told BBC Sport this week.

“I think he has a lot of quality. [But] because he is now the most expensive player in the world people will compare him from day one with Ronaldo, first because he is playing next to him [at Real], and Messi [Barcelona striker], and it's not fair.

“First of all he is younger than them. Secondly he has to adapt to Spanish football which is different [from] the Premier.”

Laudrup hinted that Bale will also have to adjust aspects of his game for Spain.

Gareth Bale will have to play in much more tight spaces. If you compare him from day one and he has to do exactly the same numbers as Cristiano Ronaldo then it will be difficult.

“He's younger. He needs to adapt so you have to give him time. The problem is when you have [a] price [tag] on your shoulder patience is not one of the things you get the most.”

The 49-year-old, who has also coached in Spain with Getafe and Mallorca, warned of the added attention from the media that the Welshman will now face.

“There are two sports papers in Madrid. The first 14 or 16 pages are on Real Madrid - every day, 365 days a year.

“It's completely different. You walk down the street and suddenly 100 people are taking pictures. It's a part of it. It's a different life, especially off the pitch.

“He has the qualities to succeed but it's the whole package. [If you] learn the language it's easier to adapt to life in general.

“He may one day arrive there [as number one] but obviously he is not yet there because those two [Messi and Ronaldo] are in a class by themselves.”

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