Olympic Games - Ellis gets new partner for New Year

Marcus Ellis might have ended 2012 in the form of his life but he is not about to pop open the champagne just yet with the picture set to change again now it's the New Year.

Badminton - Ellis and Van Rietvelde win in Denmark

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Marcus Ellis - badminton player

Ellis took three titles in December, the Scottish and Welsh Internationals with Gabby White in the mixed doubles as well as the men's doubles at the latter with Paul van Rietvelde.

The 23-year-old and White in fact featured in the Czech and Belgian International finals too, winning the latter but losing the former, while also finishing runners up at the Dutch Open.

But, despite such good form to end 2012, Ellis has not got too carried away as he now teams up with Alyssa Lim with White going back to fiancé Chris Adcock.

And, although it has essentially put him back to square one again, Ellis is adamant the same heady heights can be reached this year alongside the highly-rated Lim.

"The end of the year went well for me as I picked up a couple of mixed doubles titles with Gabby," said Ellis.

"However it has all changed as I have been paired up with Alyssa so it is essentially going back to square one again I suppose.

"It is a bit frustrating because Gabby and I were in good form but that is just the way it goes sometimes and it happens to a lot of people.

"Gabby and I were ranked around 25th in the world and were just ready to make that step up to the next level. But there is no reason why I can't get to that level playing with Alyssa.

"I will just concentrate on myself and how I am playing and on doing the best I can do and the rest will hopefully take care of itself.

"I have a lot of faith in my new partner and I think we compliment each other well. Every time I have seen her play with pervious partners I have seen a lot of things about her game that I think will compliment my game too."

Ellis was scarcely in contention to compete at the London 2012 Olympics which saw Britain send a mixed doubles pairing as well as one player in the men's singles and one in women's.

But he did get a sneak peak of the Games after being invited onto the British Olympic Association's Ambition Programme and Ellis admits it only left him wanting more.

"Even though London 2012 has only just finished and the next Games in Rio is four years away everyone is already talking about it," he added.

"And I think that even though it sounds like it is a long way off it isn't actually for an athlete because they are a lot of stages to complete along the way.

"I was on the Ambition Programme for London 2012 so I went down to the Olympics and even though I wasn't competing it was a great experience being in the village and it really opened my eyes as to what I means to play at an Olympics.

"I don't want to be on the sidelines again though and I will be working hard to make sure I don't miss out on Rio."

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