Premier League - Managers: Rodgers furious at challenge

Managerial reaction from the day's Premier League games as Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers disagree over Kevin Mirallas’ alleged stamp.

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Premier League - Mirallas: I expected to be sent off for Suarez challenge

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The cause of the controversy: Everton’s Kevin Mirallas puts in a heavy challenge on Liverpool’s Luis Suarez (Reuters)

Everton 3-3 Liverpool

Roberto Martinez: “I have seen the replay and obviously Kevin goes for the ball with a typical striker's tackle and closes his eyes when he gets to the incident and his right leg catches Suarez. I don't think it is a red card because it is not a malicious incident, he tries to win the ball but gets there late.

“I think a yellow card, bearing in mind the emotions you bring into a derby, was the right decision. But I can see why, if that had been against my team, I would've been thinking it would have been a red card. I think the referee was very right to give it as a yellow card. He allowed the whole game to be played at a very good tempo and was outstanding playing the advantage.”

Brendan Rodgers: “I thought Mirallas should have been sent off. It would've been interesting if Luis made the challenge. I have seen Kevin for a few years and he looks a real honest player but if you look at it in every way, real time and slow motion, it is a bad challenge. He caught him on the back of his knee and that can end your career. It was awful jumping in like that and it took Luis 10 or 15 minutes to try to run it off and he (Mirallas) had another one by the (far) touchline where he's jumped up and come down on the back of Luis.”

Arsenal 2-0 Southampton

Arsene Wenger: "We have a long way to go, but we have the ambition, the focus, the concentration and the desire are there. We played against a good Southampton side today who tried to stop us from playing. They did it well and in the end we couldn't take our chances, but we took advantage of their two mistakes.

"Overall you could see why they have played a draw at Manchester United, why they had won at Liverpool because they conceded only five goals until today. They are a team who is very well organised and our technical quality helped us to get away with a win."

Mauricio Pochettino: "We were unlucky when we conceded that goal. There is nothing more to analyse. We all saw what happened, draw our own conclusions and we have to just move on. I fully support all of my players, these things can happen in football. Footballers don't need to apologise to their own team-mates, they can have amazing performances or they can have a bad day as happened today to Boruc.

"The main thing is they all support each other and we need to move forward and keep working the way we have. Footballers need to be able to learn from these mistakes. They need to be able to live with these mistakes and know these things can happen, accept them and move on.”

Fulham 1-2 Swansea

Martin Jol: “"It is not the nicest period of my life, I have to stay. I can understand [the fans' anger], of course. You don't enjoy that, but the first half they were behind us because they could see us playing with a good rhythm, creating a few chances. But the second half, if you are 1-0 down, then 1-1 and then 2-1 down, you get this sort of criticism. You need points, you need wins. But I think, especially in the first half, we were good enough to score three goals and we didn't.”

Martin Laudrup: "Well, a win is always important. It was a great away win after what happened in the last game [against Stoke], when we should have won only for two points to fly away in the last second. We knew that Fulham would be very difficult opponents. They have lost some games recently but they had a chance to beat us today and go above us and away from the relegation zone. All these things together made it a very, very, very important game for both of us.”

Hull 0-1 Crystal Palace

Steve Bruce: "The performance is the big disappointment for us. I don't think we deserved to lose but we didn't do enough as the home team to win the match. No matter what we tried to do, we didn't have enough composure in the final third and we unfortunately ran out of ideas pretty quickly. We didn't deserve to lose but we certainly didn't do enough to win the match."

Keith Millen: "From a personal point of view, I'm delighted to win the game and from the players' point of view, they deserved that. I want the lads to enjoy it. It's nice to be off the bottom of the league but it's more important in the bigger picture that we're closer to the teams around us. I said to Tony that I honestly believe these lads can stay up.”

Newcastle 2-1 Norwich

Alan Pardew: I keep criticising the press locally here in that when we win, we are a European team or whatever, and then when we lose, it's the end of the world. It's just really truly about winning games, keeping our feet on the ground and seeing where we go. What we have got, though, is a really good group who were really committed to win today. The only agenda I have set them, really and truly, was to win, there was no other agenda because this game is an easy game to lose today. You win against Chelsea, you go to Spurs and then Norwich turn up and you lose, and we have sort of buried that a little bit, and I am really, really pleased. I am as pleased tonight as I was when we won at Spurs. I might not look it, but I am."

Chris Hughton: “Particularly here with, of course, Newcastle being on the back of a couple of wins, you can't afford to be 2-0 down at half-time, and certainly not 1-0 down in the first few minutes. That's where we made life too difficult for ourselves. Amongst that, we had some good periods in that first half and managed to create some chances, and of course rallied very well in the second half and made a really good go of it. But ultimately the goals we conceded in that first half are what did us."

Stoke 2-0 Sunderland

Mark Hughes: “I'm sure Gus feels a little bit aggrieved about it, but my interpretation of it was that maybe Wes (Brown) was a little bit out of control and a little bit reckless. At the time I thought it was a poor challenge. Whether or not it merited a sending-off that is obviously the debate after the game, which is a shame because it takes the shine off our performance. We played really well.”

Gus Poyet: "I would like the referees' association (the Professional Game Match Officials Board) to apologise to me this time. They did it last week. I think it is fair - they called a British manager and I think it is time for them to call a foreign manager. Then, the referee will have said it was not a red card and I don't need to appeal."

West Ham 0-3 Chelsea

Sam Allardyce: "I don't see why they shouldn't boo when they're not satisfied with what they're seeing. I wasn't satisfied with what I saw. Somebody has to come off (on Joe Cole marching down the tunnel). It's frustrating, every player's frustrated, because all every player ever does is think about themselves. I have to think about the bigger picture. If he's frustrated, that's fine. Next time he gets the chance, he's going to play so well for me that the last thing I could do is substitute him. I brought the captain (Kevin Nolan) off in the end, because I didn't think he drove the team on as much as he normally does."

Jose Mourinho: "I was his manager in the best period of his (Lampard’s) career and now I come back with him to enjoy the last period of his career. When he has this relationship with the manager, I think he feels even more comfortable to enjoy himself. He's in a moment where he has nothing to prove - to you, to the fans, to me, to himself. He has nothing to prove. He has just to enjoy the last years of his career, try to play the maximum he can, try to score because scoring was always something that was part of his DNA as a player, and enjoy life."

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