Serie A - Fiorentina ready for Milan fight

Fiorentina President Andrea Della Valle visited the squad to fire them up in the battle for third, “even if it will be difficult to overtake Milan.”

Serie A - Fiorentina ready for Milan fight

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ADV: 'Viola ready for Milan fight'

The Tuscans are only one point shy of third place, which is valid for the Champions League preliminary round.

They travel to Sampdoria on Sunday afternoon, click here for a match preview.

“Fiorentina will not give up to the very end, as we are already doing more than we had expected to this season,” said Della Valle.

“We’ll give it our all, even if it will be difficult to overtake Milan. There are regrets over the points we dropped along the way, most notably in the home defeat to Pescara, but now we must focus on the project that we’ve started.”

ADV was again asked about the future of Stevan Jovetic, who is a target for the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, Napoli and Juventus.

“You can talk about it as much as you like, because in the end the President decides...”

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