Superbike - Aitchison back in World Superbikes

Aussie rider Mark Aitchison will return to World Superbikes after signing a deal with the Effenbert Liberty Racing Ducati team.

Superbike - Aitchison back in World Superbikes

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World Superbikes

Aitchison was set to ride in this year's British Superbike series with Splitlath Redmond Aprilia but the team pulled out, leaving Aitchison without a ride.

"Someone called me from the World Superbike paddock and it was Effenbert Ducati and we have signed a deal for the remainder of the season, so it is great to be back on the bike and it is good that I have got a job now and to be back on the world scene," the Aussie told BSN.

“This opportunity came up at the right time, and on one hand I was unlucky to lose my ride, but on the other I was lucky that I was able to pick up something.

"I am used to the world scene, so I am looking forward to going back there. I have got some mechanics that I am used to working with, so that is positive and that is good for me."

The rider is under no illusions of just how tough this year's WSBK paddock is going to be.

“The World Superbike paddock is going to be competitive this year - it is going to be good for me to put myself back into that league and to experience some warmer weather," he added.

"I'm looking forward to it."

Aitchison has not had a chance to test the Ducati, but he is going to try and enjoy every moment with his new team.

“I have prepped a bit on the bike already, but I won’t have a chance to test, so I am being thrown into the deep end - and I have not ridden a race bike since Brands Hatch in October last year," he said.

"We are racing in Aragon next week so free practice one will be my first time on the Ducati and the first time on a bike for a long time.

“The team and I have spent a long time discussing our objectives for the year, and that is to put the bike into the top ten or top eight towards the end of the season, which I think is a realistic objective. For me it is not going to be easy, but I will be enjoying the process.

"The team did have a lot of issues last year, but they are very positive and very proactive and they want to put the past behind them. They want to move forward and it is about rebuilding, and hopefully I am part of the rebuilding process."

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