Superbikes - Fixi Suzuki wheel in ex-GP star Crafar

Leon Camier's Fixi Suzuki World Superbike team have brought in former Grand Prix and WSBK star Simon Crafar to help the ex-BSB champion and team-mate Jules Cluzel.

Superbikes - Fixi Suzuki wheel in ex-GP star Crafar

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Fixi Suzuki wheel in ex-GP star Crafar

Crafar is fast gaining a great reputation as a riding coach through his MotoVudu concern but says he isn't there in that role, more to be another set of eyes on the circuit.

“I’m not trying to coach these riders, because they are way past that. I am just an extra set of eyes around the circuit. I try to pick up on areas where I think I can help them improve. A rider can sometimes get stuck to a particular line and I can see them from a different angle," said Crafar.

"I assess their positioning on the track in relation to other guys out there but sometimes it's as simple as changing the priority of the corners to gain a couple of tenth's. After watching closely I believe very strongly in the ability of both Leon and Jules, so I am looking forward to helping them and the team achieve the great results I am very sure they are capable of."

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