Superbikes - Monza WSBK: Camier ?annoyed? with Superpole performance

Fixi Crescent Suzuki racer Leon Camier will start side-by-side with his team-mate, Jules Cluzel on the third row of the grid after the pair qualified for tomorrow’s World Superbike Championship races in seventh and eighth places respectively at Monza. But for Camier he felt that he did not get the best out of his qualifying tyres, and felt frustrated after his Superpole result this afternoon.

Superbikes - Monza WSBK: Camier ?annoyed? with Superpole performance

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Monza WSBK: Camier ?annoyed? with Superpole performance

In Superpole one the riders comfortably progressed through to the next session as Camier logged the eighth fastest time with team-mate Cluzel in ninth. For the first time this season Cluzel and Camier lined up together in Superpole three, with the Frenchman taking the inter-team honours by securing sixth on the grid, with his English colleague taking his place alongside him on the third-row by finishing seventh. The pair will now be looking for a good start in tomorrow’s races to make sure they get away with the front group.

The Kent rider felt he needed more time out on track with the qualifying tyres, but he is now looking forward to the races tomorrow and is aiming for a good start, so he can keep up with the riders at the front on the grid.

“It’s been a frustrating day more than anything, as I never really got the best out of the qualifiers. It felt like a bit of a surprise with how much grip they had and I never quite got the benefit from it. This annoyed me more than anything, because in Superpole three I used a race tyre and did some fast and consistent laps, but felt like I wanted another go on a qualifier to try and get the best out of it, but it-is-what-it-is and I can’t change it now,” said Camier.

“I’ll try and get a good start in the races tomorrow, sit in the slip-stream to try and make sure I don’t lose the tow from the guys in front and then see what happens as the races progress.”

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