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  • Live Commentary

    • Connacht
    • Harlequins

    No live comments for this game

  • Summary

    Connacht versus Harlequins
    McSharry 7’ Tries Care 31’, 39’
    Parks 8’ Conversions Botica 41’
    Parks 13’, 18’, 28’, 29’, 45’ Penalties Botica 4’, 9’, 17’, 44’, 57’, 64’

Live Team Line-Up

  • Connacht

    Manager: Eric Elwood

    On the Field

    • Buckley Substitution Out (67′)
    • Flavin Substitution Out (67′)
    • White Substitution Out (68′)
    • Swift Substitution Out (67′)
    • McCarthy Substitution Out (76′)
    • Muldoon
    • Faloon Substitution Out (59′)
    • Naoupu
    • Marmion
    • Parks
    • Vainikolo
    • McSharry Try
    • Griffin Substitution Out (65′)
    • O'Halloran
    • Henshaw


    • Wilkinson Substitution In (67′)
    • Harris-Wright Substitution In (67′)
    • Moore
    • O'Connor Substitution In (59′)
    • Loughney Substitution In (68′)
    • Nikora Substitution In (76′)
    • McKeon Substitution In (67′)
    • Fifita Substitution In (65′)





  • Harlequins

    Manager: John Kingston

    On the Field

    • Marler
    • Buchanan
    • Johnston
    • Kohn Substitution Out (73′)
    • Robson
    • Fa'asavalu Substitution Out (67′)
    • Robshaw
    • Easter
    • Care Tries×2
    • Botica
    • Smith
    • Turner-Hall
    • Hopper
    • Williams
    • Brown


    • Lambert
    • Guest Substitution In (67′)
    • Clegg
    • Stegmann
    • Dickson
    • Matthews Substitution In (73′)
    • Collier
    • Ward





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  1. pod seriously where did you learn to spell never mind­ grammar and why the hate on Connacht it was a great­ game

    From Donal, on Sun 21 Oct 12:13
  2. Pod you sound more like a footy fan-shame on you

    From Sean, on Sun 21 Oct 9:00
  3. COME ON QUINS . HA HA HA HA HA HA HA goodbye to­ europe connuck . you have no right t be playing in this­ cup . get out and stay out . COME ON QUINS ALL THE­ WAY

    From pod, on Sat 20 Oct 20:57
  4. Bitter much about last year pod?

    From Alan, on Sat 20 Oct 18:18
  5. donald and rayboy , you must be pats as no sensible­ person would put up with connuck . why would anyboby ,­ even a mick , stand up in the rain to watch a pub team­ and pay money . you should be let in for free as the­ place stinks and is full of them others . COME ON QUINS­ . donny and gayboy , stay at home and forget about­ connuck . COME ON QUINS .

    From pod, on Sat 20 Oct 18:03
  6. Where is Ugo Monye?

    From Jordan, on Sat 20 Oct 17:12
  7. COME ON QUINS . these pats should not even be in this­ cup but for the other 3 pat teams . connuck are a joke­ to rugby , their ground is a sh@thole and their fans­ put up with it . last time we were there , it smelt of­ p@ss and dung because it is in a greyhound track .­ imagine , 2012 and having to share with dogs . joke .­ they still charge you to stand up in it too . no cover­ . its a crime . why the pat fans tolerate this ???­ anyway we are never going back to gulway as it is a rip­ off and it too smells of p@ss . COME ON QUINS

    From pod, on Sat 20 Oct 13:48
  8. ah pod the filthy prod is back..........would be great­ if we could repeat the performance of january but with­ the absense of wind and rain i doubt it. quins wont get­ bogged down in trench warfare today. if they do­ connacht have a chance.....if they let the backline­ loose then quins could win by 15-20 points.

    From The Real Raymond, on Sat 20 Oct 11:16
  9. ok pod let me first point out by saying that to say we­ are no better then a pub team is just not right after­ all we beat Quins early this year. Is our stadium the­ best no it is not but we do not have the money we have­ the lowest budget in Ireland but we make due and to say­ that is reeks of urine and filth is just wrong. Also to­ call any one from Connacht (also note how to spell­ Connacht) another breed is just disgraceful.

    From Donal, on Sat 20 Oct 10:58
  10. how a team like connuck are in this cup tells you that­ something is wrong . these boys are a joke to european­ rugby as they are no better than a pub team . shame on­ the organisers . hope QUINS make a mockery of the­ oirish . COME ON QUINS .

    From pod, on Thu 18 Oct 19:46
  11. not looking forward to gulway having to stand in a shed­ which reeks of urine and filth . not good enough in­ this day and age for connuck to charge silly prices and­ expect their own breed to attend games here . it is­ literally a dog track with a pitch . they must let the­ dogs #$%$ anywhere cos it is disgusting there . COME ON­ QUINS . show these pats how to play and lets totally­ humiliate the connucks for they should never be in this­ cup . COME ON QUINS .

    From pod, on Sun 14 Oct 21:24
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