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British and Irish Lions

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    Australia versus British and Irish Lions

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  1. The Ref basically handed this game on a silver platter­ to the Aussies and they still couldn't win -­ utterly pathetic!

    From Ceri, on Sun 23 Jun 1:21
  2. It is funny listening to all the comments about the SH­ ref, because when they ref us we think they are daft­ and haven;t a clue, especially rolland, Clancy (the­ worst ever)and the Irish ref with the French accent­ cannot remember his name he is a joke( so I think they­ need to get them together and get them all singing from­ the same hymn sheet so to speak so there are no­ disadvantages/advantages to any team.

    From WV, on Sat 22 Jun 16:54
  3. Who was given man of the match for this?

    From -Ddraig-, on Sat 22 Jun 14:27
  4. Niall ranger ur talking out ur #$%$ Wales starting 15­ that beat England would have beaten this Aussie side­ and it was only a few choice calls from the ref that­ prevented this being a massacre, all points from Wales­ I will take that

    From Chris, on Sat 22 Jun 14:27
  5. only one thing to say about that slip and i will say it­ with a gentlemanly and dignified­ response-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    From Bagsy, on Sat 22 Jun 14:13
  6. Let off - sorry Kurtley Beale you are a massive woose!

    From Ceri, on Sat 22 Jun 13:51
  7. A win is a win we will take it what ever way it comes.­ its about time we had some luck./ Nobber

    From Noel, on Sat 22 Jun 13:42
  8. AND OUR LIONS DID ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From ?Your Lights Are On TATTIE DOMER But Your Not Home, on Sat 22 Jun 13:26
  9. Niall Ranger: welcome to our planet!! Re. your comment,­ I think you'll find the 'Welsh Lions' were­ winning ok; then bring on a pack of English­ substitutes, and their persistent ill-discipline just­ handed the game to the Aussies. The Lions were very­ very lucky that they didn't take the chance they­ were given. But then, I seem to remember exactly the­ same scenario was played out in Cardiff at the end of­ the 6-Nations... There must be a lesson there­ somewhere!

    From Stephen, on Sat 22 Jun 13:20
  10. North lived up to expectations and Halfpeeny was­ awesome too but we need to change the weaker players­ and stop giving away penalties.Phillips had a shocker­ and seems to every time against Genoa

    From roger e, on Sat 22 Jun 13:20
  11. An exciting game but a game of very low quality.­ Australia had excuses with all the injuries they had­ but the Lions were just awful and very lucky not to­ lose to what is probably the weakest Australian side­ for generations.

    From Diogenes, on Sat 22 Jun 13:16
  12. message 95,yes a game between the southern and northern­ hemisphere would be a truly special match.

    From Kiron, on Sat 22 Jun 13:13
  13. nobbut just lads, but well done!

    From JIMBO, on Sat 22 Jun 13:09
  14. Man of the match the ref who does he think he is­ Rolland

    From Shafted from every angle, on Sat 22 Jun 13:09
  15. Don't ever, ever, ever do that to me again. I'm­ already over 70 and don't need any more anxiety.

    From Nigel Parry-williams, on Sat 22 Jun 13:09
  16. Funny how Wales has lost it's last 8 test vs­ Australia, but add in a few Irishmen and Englishmen and­ voila......VICTORY.

    From Niall Ranger, on Sat 22 Jun 13:07
  17. good work are the very best.

    From Joe R, on Sat 22 Jun 13:06
  18. The Lions let them off lightly. Excepting Folau, this­ is not a Wallabies side Australia can be proud of.­ Without that Ref to babysit the weak little Wallabies-­ the Wallabies would have been butchered out there.

    From banksey, on Sat 22 Jun 13:04
  19. The refereeing in this game clearly highlights the vast­ chasm in the interpretation of the rules by SH­ referees. I am not saying that this is intentional­ cheating but it does put NH teams at a disadvantage at­ times. There needs to be a collective effort worldwide­ to narrow that difference for the sake of the game. In­ spite of that well done Lions and hard luck to the­ Wallabies. Halfpenny and Croft have been awesome so far­ this series.

    From BOBROVNIK, on Sat 22 Jun 13:04
  20. Bobby - you have a cheek - English arrogance is way­ worse than Aussie arrogance - and the Aussies do with­ it humour - so stick yer arrogance up yer Jacksy !

    From Steve, on Sat 22 Jun 13:03
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