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Glasgow Warriors

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    • Leinster
    • Glasgow Warriors

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    Leinster versus Glasgow Warriors

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  1. I'm so very proud of all the glasgow boys, their­ defence was fantastic even got more tries than­ supposedly one of the best teams in europe. well done­ boys couldn't be happier to be from glasgow !!!!!­ Sean and all the boys will be remembered for a long­ time in glasgows history.

    From , on Sat 12 May 22:27
  2. its 9 3 to leinster at half time seeing as its the only­ way to know

    From matt, on Sat 12 May 20:33
  3. leinster are maybe one of the best teams in europe at­ the moment still cant get a commentry for these games­ premiership all the time wake up yahoo its about time­ you looked at the other teams scots welsh and irish you­ would think the premiership was better than rabo 12 no­ premiership teams in heiniken cup so fair is fair lets­ have some live commentry for rabo12 as well

    From matt, on Sat 12 May 20:28
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    i am not a jock but i hope they beat the pats tonite­ cos their rugger is total sh@te and they have proved­ that all year . COME ON QUINS . let the english teams­ show how its done . come on the scots . destroy the­ m@cks for good .

    From pod, on Sat 12 May 20:03
  5. The bookies are giving Glasgow a 13 point start, i dont­ see it that way myself. wouldnt be surprised if­ glasgow knicked this one.

    From The Real Raymond, on Sat 12 May 11:37
  6. Glasgow warriors..........grrrrrrrrrrrrr into them .­ 110% needed lads (believe)

    From GORDON HOWAT, on Sat 12 May 2:02
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