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  1. Six Nations - Ireland hang on to beat Wales

    Six Nations - Ireland hang on to beat Wales

    Ireland destroyed Wales in the opening hour then hung on magnificently to earn a 30-22 win in their Six Nations clash. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Wales
    • Ireland
    • 80' Wales win the ball back from a scrum, but the clock goes into the red - and a knock on quickly ends the match! Ireland have come out 30-22 winners - and incredible display from both teams, and superb entertainment value.
    • 79' North gets the ball for Wales and tries to chip through, but Zebo collects and runs it back: Ireland will be able to run the clock out from here.
    • 78' Wales try to run the restart out of their own half, but Ireland's defence is razor sharp, stopping them at every turn.
    • 77' Halfpenny adds the extras to cut the deficit to eight points. Less than four minutes left and two scores needed....
    • 76' The replay is categorical - that's a try to Wales! Mitchell gets a score, but it's surely too late for Wales.
    • 76' Wales take the lineout well and almost charge to the line - Williams grabs it and tries to make the line but is stopped, but replacement prop Craig Mitchell picks it up and charges over. Referee goes upstairs to see if he touched down cleanly.
    • 75' The game is now out of reach for Wales - it's been a brave fightback, but there's no chance left now even as O'Driscoll clears the decks to concede a throw in the 22m.
    • 74' That mistake leads to a knock-on and a scrum to Ireland - Wales bring on James Hook for Biggar, but not sure what he can change with just six minutes left.
    • 73' Unbelievable mistake by Roberts! Wales finally get the two-man overlap, but Roberts tries to go it alone and is stopped! Seven points thrown away by Wales...
    • 73' Wales right on the line - and a long pass by Halfpenny, very nearly intercepted, almost puts George North in. But Ireland hold firm still!
    • 73' Faletau emerges, but stopped short, then Roberts, then Lloyd Williams after yet another penalty - this time tapped - to Wales.
    • 72' Wales opt for the scrum to try and push over, but with the time ticking away a scrum is the last thing they need....
    • 71' Conor Murray is sinbinned for a try-saving bit of cheating by not letting Faletau roll away - replays show that he did not get it down on the post, so it's only a penalty under the Ireland posts.
    • 70' Try for Wales, surely! Faletau charges in and puts it down against the post - it's a Welsh penalty in any case, but will the ref go to the TV replay?
    • 70' Wales camped on the Ireland line - Biggar falls short now, but Wales recycle....
    • 69' Rory Best is back on now for Ireland restoring them to equal numbers in time for this attack in the corner... Good throw-in, and Jamie Roberts almost breaks the line to score but is held back....
    • 68' Ireland allow themselves to be pushed straight over in the scrum, and the ref decides it's a penalty for pulling. Wales kick for the corner.
    • 67' Wales tun it straight back and put the pressure back on, and an error from Kearney as he tries to collect a chip-through almost gives up a tru to the chasing Tipuric. There's a knock-on and Wales have the put-in.
    • 66' Biggar finds touch in the corner but it's an Irealnd throw and they clear upfield.
    • 65' Wales waste the throw by not putting it in straight, and the sides end up exchanging deep clearances. At this stage of the match kicking always seems easier than running...
    • 64' Sean O'Brien makes a break for Ireland and seems in the clear, but he is brought down by Halfpenny and hangs on to the ball as he goes down to give away a penalty.
    • 63' The round of substitutions has begun, with Mike Phillips being replaced by Lloyd Williams.
    • 62' Wales storm forward on the counter attack and first Davies and then Cuthbert look like they will break through - but both are hauled down, and from the next breakdown Wales go offside to hand a penalty to Ireland to take the pressure off.
    • 61' Ireland come forward from the restart, but the Welsh defence is there to collect an attempted chip-through from Sexton.
    • 60' It misses, wide of the right post - Wales remain three scores away, but with their blood pumping the 15 point deficit suddenly seems not that bad.
    • 60' Magnificent fight on display from the Welsh - but it's a huge moment for Halfpenny as he must convert his own try from the right touchline....
    • 59' Try to Wales! Finally the pressure - and the extra man - pays off as they spin it wide and Halfpenny is there on the right to go in at the corner despite the attentions of Zebo and Healy.
    • 59' Wales simply have to come out of this with a try, but the Irish tackling is immense. The tiny Craig Gilroy almost sliced Halfpenny in two just there.
    • 58' The referee has seen enough as Ireland come in from the side in desperation once again - and Rory Best is given 10 minutes in the sin bin.
    • 58' Brilliant defence, amazing handling from Wales! They keep coming, Ireland keep digging in!
    • 57' It's eventually spun out to George North, but he's brought down on the line and we go back for the penalty - Ian Evans looks to be in, but O'Driscoll almost cuts him in half with a tackle!
    • 57' Penalty advantage to Wales for a high tackle, but they won't want anything except to carry on this charge....
    • 56' Wales win the throw and are recycling within the 5m line... Huge pressure on Ireland...
    • 55' It's a penalty to Wales - Ireland penalised for not rolling away in the tackle, but Mike Phillips is furious not to have been allowed to take a quick one and go on a clear run in. The ref explains he was miles away from the mark, but Wales kick for the corner and it's still on.
    • 54' Faletau picks up cleanly from the scrum and Wales are into the Irish 22m...
    • 53' Wales come forward into the Irish half once more, and Ireland give away a scrum as Murray knocks on while trying to stop Halfpenny.
    • 52' There might only be 15 men in the stadium who think this game isn't over, but they're all on the pitch and wearing red shirts. Wales look determined to produce a miracle - that run was magnificent, and only Phillips mis-hitting a chip-through turned it over and stopped a try there.
    • 51' Brilliant work from the restart for Wales as they push straight up into the Irish half - Faletau makes a good 20m, and Wales are again camped on the line. But there's a mistake, and Gilroy clears up the right flank.
    • 50' Halfpenny adds the extra two points, but Wales remain 20 points behind.
    • 48' Beautiful try for Wales! It's Alex Cuthbert who crosses over after Biggar and Roberts help work a superb scissors move that leaves a huge gap for the winger.
    • 48' Wales pile in at the corner from the throw, but it looks like Adam Jones is held up. They recycle, and are just four metres out...
    • 47' Wales have a penalty deep in the 22m, and Jamie Heaslip is told to instruct his men not to interfere at the breakdown. Wales kick for the corner, as they must.
    • 46' Wales are not done fighting just yet: from the restart they are quickly up into the 22m, with Cuthbert briefly looking like he'll break through before getting brought down with three green shirts hanging off him.
    • 45' This is absololutely devastating for Wales - they look like they'll be contenders for the Wooden Spoon rather than the Six Nations trophy the way this is going.
    • 44' The try was almost in the corner, but nothing is going wrong for Ireland today: Sexton crunches his kick low, hard and right through the middle. 30-3.
    • 43' It's another try for Ireland! And it's Brian O'Driscoll! The legend picks up the ball on the right flank, fights his way almost to the line, recycles after getting stopped short, but then regains his feet and collects the ball from the breakdown to touch down! Magnificent, dogged work from O'Driscoll.
    • 42' Excellent restart for Ireland as they charge forwards and put pressure on once more...
    • 41' The match gets back under way, and we can only guess at what Wales coach Rob Howley told his troops at half time. Try not to make it too embarassing must have been the gist of it.
    • - Possession and territory stats are almost 50/50 in that half - it's what Ireland have done with the ball when they have it that's been the difference. More enterprise and fewer mistakes = 20 point lead.
    • - Hard to believe what we're witnessing in Cardiff this afternoon: Wales look almost certain to make it eight consecutive defeats. The home side have been often sloppy and given away silly penalties, while Ireland have been ruthless taking their chances and superb in defence.
    • 40'+3 The last action of the half is Sexton knocking that formality of a kick through, and Ireland lead 23-3 at half-time!
    • 40'+2 They can! Aaron Shingler is penalised for not rolling away after tackling Rory Best, and Sexton will have a chance from well inside the 22m and almost in front of the posts.
    • 40'+1 Ireland recylcling the ball well, looking for an opening in Wales's defence - can they increase this lead still further?
    • 40' Ireland clear to touch, then kick again after winning the throw - and win a penalty as Warburton obstructs Ireland's chasers from getting to Alex Cuthbert. Ireland kick again, and have a throw in the 22m.
    • 39' The pressure fails! Wales finally push their luck a little too far as Jamie Roberts is tempted into hanging onto the ball in the tackle, just three metres from the line. Penalty to Ireland, and they'll breathe a huge sigh of relief for weathering that storm.
    • 39' Cuthbert and Faletau almost make it over in the right corner, but there's a breakdown. Wales pick and drive... 6m out now....
    • 38' Ireland defending well, making the 22m a concrete wall - but Wales still recyling flawlessly...
    • 37' Nice running by Wales as they slide it out wide to the left, North finally getting the ball into the 22m. Still keeping their discipline...
    • 36' Ireland keeping Wales pegged back, with O'Driscoll demolishing Andrew Coombs with an outragrous tackle. Magnificent.
    • 35' Long way back for Wales from here, but they seem up for it as they try to run the ball out of their own half from the restart.
    • 34' Leigh Halfpenny will take the shot at goal - and makes no mistake, slotting it straight through. Ireland's lead cut to 20-3.
    • 33' Conor Murray tries to run the ball out of his own 22m after that throw - a terrible decision as he is ultimately penalised for hanging on in the tackle. It's a penalty dead in front, just outside the 22m. Surely Wales must kick to chip away at the deficit?
    • 32' The Welsh keep patient for several phases moving back and forth across the 22m, and they're finally pushed out on the right-hand side: throw-in to Ireland and a chance to clear the decks.
    • 31' A chance for Wales to get back into it before the end of the half: they win a penalty from the restart and kick for touch in the 22m, then keep the line-out tidily...
    • 30' Time to start looking through the record books for Wales's worst defeat in Cardiff...
    • 29' Sexton takes his time lining this tough chance up, but it's worth the wait: a perfect strike sends it clean through despite the acute angle. 20-0!
    • 27' From bad to worse: Mike Phillips drifts offside trying to get ahead at the line-out, and Sexton will have a chance at goal from just outside the 22m and on the left touch-line.
    • 26' It's all going Ireland's way: Wales push forward from the restart, but Faletau is tuned over and Connor Murray's cheeky clearance bounces miles upfield and into touch at the Welsh 22m.
    • 25' Unbelievable scenes in Cardiff as Sexton nails the conversion to make it 17-0 - the Welsh are all over the place.
    • 24' Ireland score another try! Incredible stuff from the visitors, with Rory Best starting it off with a charge-down of Biggar's clearance - he doesn't make it to the line, but delivers it out to Heaslip, who passes to Zebo, who performs an incredible back-flick with his heel to keep the ball under control! Two more phases follow and Ireland's Healy goes over for a try!
    • 23' Brian O'Driscoll is getting some tape for a bloody forehead now - Matt Rees is back on, apparently with five stitches in his noggin!
    • 22' Sexton brings it back just inside the 22m to improve the angle, and bangs it through - 10-0 is Ireland's lead, and the Welsh are reeling right now.
    • 21' Heaslip decides not to go for the line but instead to turn this pressure into points - Sexton faces a shot at goal from all of 12m, and slightly to the right. Unmissable.
    • 20' There's a Wales knock-on as they try to clear the ball, and Ireland have a scrum right in front - four phases bring them no nearer the try line, and as the ref signals a penalty Sexton tries a free shot at a drop goal that narrowly misses.
    • 19' Replays suggest that Gilroy's attempts to sidestep Halfpenny were a bit pointless and that he should just have piled straight through. Ireland looking lethal right now, however.
    • 18' Ireland's pack try to build through the centre for several phases, but it's finally spun out to O'Driscoll, who almost puts Gilroy in at the corner. He's held up just two feet short!
    • 17' Ireland really turning the screw now: Sexton slots a great ball though to put Leigh Halfpenny under pressure, and he slices the ball out for an Ireland throw on the Wales 22m.
    • 16' Sexton kicks for touch from that penalty but then his colleagues up front mess up, with Peter O'Mahony spilling the ball towards the red shirts. Terrible waste of a good platform, but they get another chance as its spun wide to Cuthbert, who misses the ball and lets it off the other side of the pitch.
    • 15' Ireland win another penalty for Wales collapsing the scrum, Adam Jones the man at fault this time.
    • 14' Another blood delay, with that cut on Matt Rees's face needing more staples from the docs. Ken Owens has come on while he's patched up.
    • 13' Dream start for Ireland - Zebo is earning just his fourth cap today, but finished that one off like a nerveless veteran.
    • 12' The kick is from just inside the 15m line, and Sexton makes no mistake.
    • 11' Fantastic try for Ireland! It's Simon Zebo! Fabulous move by the visitors, spinning it wide from the scrum, O'Driscoll working an overlap as he draws three men, and Zebo hanging on to a tricky final pass before running in almost under the posts.
    • 10' Davies knocks the ball on after shepherding Gilroy out, and Ireland keep the ball. Scrum out on the right, deep in the 22m.
    • 9' Ireland kick for touch and then win the throw from that penalty, and try to maul it upfield. They spin it wide and Craig Gilroy has a chance to open up down the flank, but he's caught by Jonathan Davies.
    • 8' Scrum becomes a penalty as Gethin Jenkins is penalised for pulling Mike Ross down in the front row.
    • 7' Ireland pinch the line-out as Warburton spills it forward - Ireland will have the scrum, and that's a wasted opening for the hosts.
    • 6' Wales win a penalty on their own 10m line, and Bigger puts it out half-way between the 22m and the 10m.
    • 5' Nice work by Ireland's Sean O'Brien running off the end of the line-out, and Ireland are looking tidy as they spin it out. O'Driscoll tries a chip that goes straight out on the full, and we have a delay as Wales hooker Matt Rees needs some blood wiped up before the throw-in.
    • 4' Wales have the throw, and it's taken cleanly - Toby Faletau tries to run it out of the 22m, but is hauled down and eventually Biggar clears to touch. Ireland throw on the 10m.
    • 3' Biggar taps and goes with the free kick but Ireland turn it over, spinning it out to Gilray who runs it into the Welsh half before passing back in - and Jonathan Sexton kicks for touch deep in the Welsh 22m.
    • 2' First mistake of the match is by Ireland, conceding a scrum in their own half - it's not straight and there's a free kick.
    • 1' Referee Romain Poite signals for quiet, and the match is under way in Cardiff.
    • 13:30 The players come out onto the pitch amid fireworks, and we're being treated to the national anthems - with both sets of fans belting out at full volume.
    • 13:29 That's left Hook frustrated yet again: after years of playing second fiddle to Stephen Jones and then Rhys Priestland, he's once again lost out. His flair with the ball in hand is once again sacrificed to the desire for a cool, controlling fly-half.
    • 13:28 The most interesting - and controversial - selection for Wales is Dan Biggar getting the nod at fly-half ahead of James Hook. With Rhys Priestland out injured Hook would have seemed the natural choice to most, but Biggar's club form has earned him the number 10 jersey. "Dan is the in-form No 10 in Wales," reasoned coach Rob Howley.
    • 13:25 "After seven straight losses you'd think they'd be lacking confidence, but they've drawn a line under the autumn," says former Wales great Martyn Williams.
    • 13:20 Wales edged this match 23-21 in Dublin last year, the first step on their Grand Slam - but since then they have lost seven matches in a row: four times against Australia, and once each against New Zealand, Argentina and Samoa. They remain bookies favourites, at 5/6 on with most bookies. Ireland are evens.
    • 13:15 Conditions in Cardiff are good: try and chilly, with bright sunshine pouring into this glorious stadium - no need for the roof to be closed today. Fairly light wind of 7mph, so kickers have no excuses today.
    • 13:10 Reigning champions Wales are pretty much at full strength, with all their stars - the likes of George North, Jamie Roberts and Sam Warburton - fit and raring to try and secure another Grand Slam.
    • 13:05 Big news in the teams is that Brian O'Driscoll is back in the side, but not as captain: the legendary centre gives up the armband after ten years, with Jamie Heaslip taking over.
    • 13:00 Welcome to our LIVE coverage of this opening match of the Six Nations.
  • Summary

    Wales versus Ireland
    Cuthbert 48’, Halfpenny 59’, Mitchell 75’ Tries Zebo 11’, Healy 24’, O'Driscoll 43’
    Halfpenny 50’, 76’ Conversions Sexton 12’, 26’, 44’
    Halfpenny 34’ Penalties Sexton 21’, 29’, 43’

Live Team Line-Up

  • Wales

    Manager: Rob Howley

    On the Field

    • Jenkins Substitution In (41′) Substitution Out (67′)
    • Rees Substitution In (22′) Substitution Out (51′)
    • Jones Substitution Out (73′)
    • Coombs
    • Evans Substitution Out (73′)
    • Shingler Substitution Out (45′)
    • Warburton
    • Faletau
    • Phillips Substitution Out (63′)
    • Biggar Substitution Out (73′)
    • North
    • Roberts
    • Davies
    • Cuthbert Try
    • Halfpenny Try


    • James Substitution In (67′) Substitution Out (41′)
    • Williams
    • Hook Substitution In (73′)
    • Owens Substitution In (51′) Substitution Out (22′)
    • Kohn Substitution In (73′)
    • Mitchell Substitution In (73′) Try
    • Tipuric Substitution In (45′)
    • Williams Substitution In (63′)





  • Ireland

    Manager: Declan Kidney

    On the Field

    • Healy Try Substitution Out (74′)
    • Best Red Card
    • Ross Substitution Out (69′)
    • McCarthy Substitution Out (74′)
    • Ryan
    • O'Mahony Substitution Out (51′)
    • O'Brien
    • Heaslip
    • Murray Yellow Card
    • Sexton
    • Zebo Try Substitution Out (79′)
    • D'Arcy Substitution Out (45′)
    • O'Driscoll Try
    • Gilroy
    • Kearney


    • O'Callaghan Substitution In (74′)
    • O'Gara
    • Reddan Substitution In (79′)
    • Fitzpatrick Substitution In (69′)
    • Earls Substitution In (45′)
    • Henry Substitution In (51′)
    • Cronin
    • Kilcoyne Substitution In (74′)





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  1. Poster 51. 900 years and we are still here you can hate­ us all you want but we will always be here and for your­ pathetic little rant more people in England are of­ Celtic origin than any other and no doubt you are going­ to throw in that there are more of asian origin­ remember there are nearly 55million people here and­ only 3 million of asian origin so think before you­ post, IDIOT!!!

    From YAHOO, on Mon 4 Feb 8:45
  2. some body mentioned mr gatland should return, what made­ you think he went away.Robert Howely has made a few­ comments that would indicate he has not got full­ control, i do not have inside information, but all the­ indications by what is being said over the media are­ pointing that way, question why anybody would draft in­ an unexperieced player at international level at­ outside half? in a very important opening game leaves a­ lot of questions to be answered,while sitting on the­ bencha very experienced capable player has been ignored­ "WHY" (who is picking our team) yes blood the­ player when things are going well or throw him to the­ lions if not going well, and then shoulder the­ responsibility of your decisions, to make excusses­ before the game has even started is inexcussable­ questions "like" he will have to answer, no­ ROBERT its you will have to explain, take nothing away­ from the players they cannot be involved in the­ politics behind the scenes A lot of prematch injuries,­ yes we have which raises the question where are the­ back up players, why are they not available to be­ selected the obvious answer the regions are more­ concerned about winning trophys so imported player are­ required to enable that to happen not the long term­ ideal of nuturing our own talent is it at the end of­ it all "the game was a cracker" and the­ better team deserved its glory

    From raysbeam, on Sun 3 Feb 12:07
  3. #54 it's it's not its

    From Diogenes, on Sun 3 Feb 9:07
  4. its passed sell by date not past, honestly I despair at­ illiterates

    From Dean, on Sun 3 Feb 4:29
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    who is this moron David Peter? I'm Irish and all us­ celts hate you English

    From Dean, on Sun 3 Feb 4:26
  6. changes at the top number 10 sat on the­ will be luck to win the wooden spoon with­ howley as coach.

    From gowerpirate, on Sun 3 Feb 3:22
  7. I think the Irish side was great and while Wales did­ everything they could in the second half it­ would've been an even better game with both sides­ playing full squads.

    From Misi, on Sat 2 Feb 19:28

    From pete x, on Sat 2 Feb 18:18
  9. Great Match!!! Well done Ireland.

    From Ginger4sport, on Sat 2 Feb 16:58
  10. This Clearly shows that Wales under Rob Howler Howley,­ Will not or are capable of winning a test match! I find­ the WRU's decision incredulous & Borderline­ suicidal as to letting Mr Gatland be away from his­ Primary role as Welsh national coach! Roger Lewis &­ the WRU are inexcusable! Get Gatland back before this­ debacle turns into a disaster 6Nations! Mr Gatland­ should not have been allowed from his job with Wales­ during the 6 Nations. I am one angry Welshman for­ allowing this to happen. The results show why I am­ right!

    From MARTIN, on Sat 2 Feb 15:36
  11. Great job Ireland!!!

    From Amor, on Sat 2 Feb 15:28
  12. The 1st time in Welsh rugby history that they have lost­ 5 games in a row at home. Wales have now lost their­ last 8 test matches.

    From Robert Jardine, on Sat 2 Feb 15:26
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It looks like the welsh players spent too much effort­ with the sheep last night

    From Wilhelm, on Sat 2 Feb 15:24
  14. Come on the Green!!! you make us proud!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Amor, on Sat 2 Feb 15:20
  15. What would be great us for wales and scotland to share­ the wooden spoon.

    From Wilhelm, on Sat 2 Feb 15:17
  16. What we've learnt in the second half isn't that­ Wales are any good it's that Ireland aren't­ much good either. Under pressure this Irish team are­ just awful. Italy and Scotland must be looking at this­ game thinking we can take these two. This game could be­ for the wooden spoon.

    From Diogenes, on Sat 2 Feb 15:16
  17. Anyone but scotland to win the six nations

    From Ahmed, on Sat 2 Feb 15:12
  18. Come on Ireland where is your defense ???

    From Hysteria, on Sat 2 Feb 15:12
  19. Come on ireland!!!!!

    From JAMES, on Sat 2 Feb 15:09
  20. what a great game of open rugby

    From Mike, on Sat 2 Feb 15:04
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