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  1. very sad to see Scotland as I did yesterday. Felt the­ humiliation of my friends , i didn't even feel like­ gloating with them. Cannot believe you leave a man like­ john Barclay out of your team, he is in v good form for­ scarlets. Were wales that good, probably not but some­ of their tries were top order. Wales need to improve­ and they will before next world cup. Keep the faith ,­ but come on jocks there is something seriously wrong up­ there that needs fixing and bloody fast.

    From R, on Sun 16 Mar 12:07
  2. British Wooden Spoon for Scotland, Will Wales get out­ of World Cup Group ? Imagine the shame if they­ didn't.

    From David, on Sun 16 Mar 10:52
  3. Please can we get rid of Englishman Dodson and the­ buffoon Aussie Johnson (appointed by Dodson). We need­ Scottish people with Scottish passion and Scottish­ interest (not personal interest) at heart. We actually­ have a reasonably good group of players - they just­ need coached properly. It is unthinkable that Johnson­ can continue with the SRU as 'director of­ rugby' responsible for shaping the future of our­ game. We need to bring on board some of the great­ characters from the past - Jeffries, Calder, (maybe­ Lineen for national coach etc.).

    From Steve, on Sun 16 Mar 8:15
  4. Oh dear, what a disappointing end to the season for­ Scotland. Why, oh, why is Johnston staying on as­ Director of Rugby? A totally new approach is needed.

    From Margaret, on Sat 15 Mar 16:39
  5. An absolute shambles by Scotland. Easy to make Wales­ look good when a team makes so many mistakes. Hogg­ should be banned not just for that stupid attack on the­ Welsh player but also for having let his teammates­ down. Even his sending off cannot hide the fact that­ the team have no serious game plan. Is it all about the­ coach, Johnson? Tactics? confidence? As a Scottish­ supporter I have to hope so and pray that Vern Cotter­ can bring at least a professional attitude to the ­ team. This has been a disgrace to Scottish rugby.

    From William, on Sat 15 Mar 16:15
  6. I won't set foot again in Murrayfield...not until­ next time. Ach well.

    From Mr Pastry, on Sat 15 Mar 16:05
  7. Ended as a competition now.

    From Brucie, on Sat 15 Mar 15:57
  8. Come on Italy and Ireland...Anything but the effin­ English.

    From richard j, on Sat 15 Mar 12:59
  9. This area is for rugby supporters only. Please go away

    From nick a, on Sat 15 Mar 9:41
  10. Come on Scotland give Wales a gaylick.

    From anton, on Sat 15 Mar 9:22
  11. I reckon the weakest of the super 15 teams would give­ Wales a drubbing.And let us face facts.Wales deserves­ it.

    From anton, on Sat 15 Mar 9:18
  12. Whatever happened to MIGHTY WALES.hmmmm?

    From anton, on Sat 15 Mar 9:16
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