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    • Samoa
    • Scotland

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  • Summary

    Samoa versus Scotland
    Pisiata 61’ Tries Ansbro 21’, Harley 81’
    Pisiata 61’ Conversions Laidlaw 21’, 82’
    Pisiata 15’, 24’, 43’ Penalties Laidlaw 51’

Live Team Line-Up

  • Samoa

    Manager: Stephen Betham

    On the Field


    • Tekori Substitution In (41′)
    • Avei
    • Aiono Substitution In (58′)
    • Mulipola Substitution In (41′)
    • Lui Substitution In (31′)
    • Sua
    • Anufe





  • Scotland

    Manager: Andy Robinson

    On the Field


    • Blair Substitution In (44′)
    • Lawson Substitution In (64′)
    • Ryder Substitution In (70′)
    • Evans Substitution In (58′)
    • Cross
    • Harley Substitution In (62′) Try
    • Weir





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  1. Such a fine dividing line - Scotland could have won all­ 5 of their home nations last season but lost all fairly­ closely - such is the level of competition. 3 top­ results on tour - not to be sniffed at!

    From DAVID S, on Sun 24 Jun 0:54
  2. Excellent work Scots lads. I am seriously looking­ forward to supporting the team in the next six nations.­ These results will do the lads no end of good.

    From guidedog, on Sat 23 Jun 19:06
  3. LOL! Scotland's win % v Samoa is only 85%­ ....bahahahahahahaha!

    From Olly, on Sat 23 Jun 18:17
  4. same old story, we can win matches when there is­ nothing at stake, put us in a "live"­ championship situation, then watch the difference, pure­ and utter garbage, and we all know this to be true.....

    From R, on Sat 23 Jun 14:18
  5. well done scotland !!!!!

    From watty, on Sat 23 Jun 12:34
  6. Well done Scotland , neither Fiji or Samoa easy on home­ turf , and OZ have just shown Wales what they can do­ ......roll on the autumn Cmon Scotland.

    From KELVIN, on Sat 23 Jun 12:02
  7. After a poor 6 nations, well done Scotland, hopefully­ next year will be good

    From callum, on Sat 23 Jun 9:39
  8. you must be english jamie sore sore loosers scotland­ have had just as hard a tour as the home nations thw­ walliabies arnt a push over nor is fiji and samoa

    From Mark, on Sat 23 Jun 9:16
  9. Good work Scotland! Still keeping the Northern­ Hemisphere flag flying although the others have been­ close to winning and getting closer. Vamos los Puma! (­ I think someone should tell Jamie@7 that this isn't­ a football page)

    From Brucie, on Sat 23 Jun 8:07
  10. Who said Scotland would lose against Samoa - English,­ Irish and Welsh pundits. Have they swallowed their­ words now

    From Moira, on Sat 23 Jun 6:52
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    scotland have had an easier tour than the rest of the­ home nations so its no surprise they won all three.­ apart from australia where they got lucky they had it­ easy.

    From Jamie, on Sat 23 Jun 6:37
  12. Well done Scotland , you don't ever get much of a­ mention ( Sky Sports ) etc , but you have got some­ great results on this tour.

    From DEREK, on Sat 23 Jun 5:48
  13. At least they have the final score unlike the BBC­ website

    From Elaine, on Sat 23 Jun 5:46
  14. Spoke too soon. Although well into the second half,­ Yahoo are suggesting there only 23 minutes gone!

    From Andy, on Sat 23 Jun 5:35
  15. Wow.....what an affect I must have. Suddenly it became­ 7-6 in the space of 40 seconds! LOL

    From Andy, on Sat 23 Jun 5:07
  16. Because we are not England. Thats about all Yahoo care­ about.

    From Andy, on Sat 23 Jun 5:05
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