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  1. Rugby - New Zealand cruise past Scotland

    Rugby - New Zealand cruise past Scotland

    New Zealand ran in six tries as they posted an emphatic 51-22 win over Scotland at Murrayfield in the first of their autumn international fixtures. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Scotland
    • New Zealand
    • FT The whistle goes and that is it for Scotland. They have by no means suffered the embarrasing defeat they could have done, thanks to a solid second half, but it was pretty solid for New Zealand nonetheless
    • 80+1 No! Scotland are pushed out into touch and that should be that at Murrayfield ...
    • 80' The clock ticks past 80 minutes with Scotland in possession approaching the NZ 22 ... is there one last moment of excitement left for the Scottish fans?
    • 77' CONVERSION! 22-51! Carter takes New Zealand past the 50 point mark as he adds the conversion and that's a shame for Scotland to end like that
    • 76' TRY NEW ZEALAND! 22-49! Carter rolls around the tackle of Max Evans, before finding Ben Smith who dives over the line for another try
    • 74' Scotland in possession just on the half-way line but McCaw turns the ball over once again for NZ, and they are playing advantage - it was Allan Jacobson coming in at the side that caused that
    • 69' Scotland reach the Kiwi 22 for the first time in quite a while but New Zealand quickly turn the ball over. Julian Savea kicks upfield but he's not the best of kickers and offers up a wry apology smile to his team-mates when he fails to find touch with his kick
    • 65' CONVERSION! 22-44! Guess what? Yep, Carter adds the conversion with very little drama. And New Zealand are back in control now with this clash
    • 64' TRY NEW ZEALAND! 22-42! The chip is put up across field by New Zealand and Savea gets the bounce, a little step inside to beat his man and then accelerates away for the easy try. That man is a beast, he looks like he is only at half pace as he leaves Scotland and his own support for dust!
    • 62' New Zealand clear and they get the ball up to the halfway line ...
    • 59' Scotland keeping New Zealand pinned back deep in their own half as their forwards look to push for the tryline once again ...
    • 57' Strokosch is perhaps a little lucky not to be sent to the bin himself as he almost spear tackles one of the Kiwi players. It's missed by the referee though so he doesn't even get a talking too
    • 54' PENALTY NEW ZEALAND! 22-37! Scotland are penalised for not rolling away from the tackle and Carter goes for the three points - perhaps a sign that New Zealand just want to settle down after that Scotland try. He easily puts the ball between the posts, even with a little grin at the boos echoing around Murrayfield once again
    • 52' Laidlaw pulls his conversion kick wide of the uprights and Scotland will have settle for just the five points from that score
    • 51' TRY SCOTLAND! 22-34! Ellison goes to ground and before NZ can recycle the ball, Laidlaw gets his foot to the ball and pops it out for Visser, who picks up and races away for his second try of the afternoon. Great spontaneous work from Scotland
    • 50' New Zealand try to break from their own half as they look to clear their lines ... Ellison takes it on ...
    • 48' Scotland are attempting the catch and drive from the line out. They get lucky the first time around when they get another penalty as New Zealand take someone out off the ball. But they over throw their second line out and the All Blacks clear
    • 44' Adam Thompson is sent to the bin for a stamp-type movement towards the head of Alastair Strokosch. Scotland will have a one-man advantage for the next 10 minutes. And an attacking penalty to start it ...
    • 42' De Luca makes a break for Scotland down the centre of the park and over the half-way line ...
    • 41' Scotland get the second half underway ...
    • 40+5 CONVERSION! 17-34! Laidlaw puts the ball straight between the posts from just out to the left and that ends the half on a positive note for the hosts. The Scottish defence has not been in the best of form so far today though
    • 40+4 TRY SCOTLAND! 15-34! Great persistance from Scotland as they hammer away at the try line, first through Richie Gray and then again through Scott. But in the end it is Geoff Cross who gets the score - he picks up the ball and just dives over the line before McCaw can stop him
    • 40+3 The decision takes an age but in the end it comes down as "no try, ball held up". But Scotland were playing advantage and they will have one last chance before the interval ...
    • 40+2 Scotland force their way to the line, Matt Scott is the man with the ball as the Scots go over the line but it is distinctly possible that Weepu had his leg between the ball and the ground - the decision will go to the TMO ...
    • 40' The clock ticks over to 40 minutes with Scotland in possession for a quick tap and go penalty inside the New Zealand half ...
    • 38' CONVERSION! 10-34! It is getting to the stage where it would be far more interesting to comment when Carter ISN'T success with one of his kicks
    • 37' TRY NEW ZEALAND! 10-32! The All Blacks are scoring a little over 7 points every two minutes at the moment as they continue to wear Scotland down. The ball again passes through several pairs of hands again before Andrew Hore forces his way over the line
    • 35' CONVERSION! 10-27! Another great kick from Carter after being made to wait for the TMO to check the grounding of the Jane try
    • 33' TRY NEW ZEALAND! 10-25! It's all gone horribly wrong, horribly quickly for Scotland as Corey Jane gets in on the action. It's another typical New Zealand try, through the hands of McCaw, Thompson, Ellison, Smith, Barrett and finally into the hands of Jane on the right wing for the touchdown
    • 32' CONVERSION! 10-20! Another easy kick for Carter from out on the left wing. His kicking is at it's metronomic best today
    • 31' TRY NEW ZEALAND! 10-18! Julian Savea, six tries in seven NZ matches. That says it all really as the ball is recycled out to him on the left wing and he makes an easy run over
    • 30' New Zealand on the attack again ... Vito finds Carter ... Carter finds Weepu ... Weepu is caught but NZ retain possession ...
    • 29' PENALTY NEW ZEALAND! 10-13! Scotland are penalised for not rolling away from the tackle and it's another easy kick for Carter, from just to the right of the posts
    • 27' New Zealand break again through Dagg ... the ball is recycled through a few phases ... Vito ... Ellison ... Savea ... Carter ... Carter's pass is a poor one and the ball goes loose.
    • 25' PENALTY SCOTLAND! 10-10! There are a few handbags between Piri Weepu and Denton after New Zealand are penalised in the breakdown. It's a chance for Scotland to get back on level terms and Laidlow puts the ball in between the posts from right out in front. No trouble there for the Scot
    • 21' It's David Denton who comes on to replace Rennie. That's a huge blow for Scotland as Rennie was the only specialised player for his number 7 jersey in today's squad
    • 20' CONVERSION! 7-10! An easy conversion for Carter as New Zealand hit double figures. Ross Rennie is down injured and will have to depart the pitch
    • 19' TRY NEW ZEALAND! 7-8! New Zealand recycle the ball and Carter again makes the break, drawing his man out of position before offloading to Israel Dagg, who races over on the diagonal for the try. Typical New Zealand try
    • 18' Carter makes the break off the back of a short line-out ... NZ look dangerous just inside the 22 ...
    • 16' Scotland undo all their good work as they play the ball off their feet in the ruck and it'll be another penalty to the ABs ... they will go for territory this time though, not the easy three points
    • 13' CONVERSION! 7-3! Greg Laidlaw easily adds the conversion to maximise the score for the hosts and that's a great, confidence-building start for them
    • 12' TRY SCOTLAND! 5-3! Great interception from centre Matt Scot off a Dan Carter pass. He definitely doesn't have the pace to get away but he has Tim Visser in support, the winger reacting incredibly quickly, and Visser has plenty of pace to run away with it! Great try for Scotland, especially against the All Blacks
    • 8' Scotland's scrum collapses just inside their own half and NZ immediately point to the posts. But Carter misses amazingly, he looks a little surprised as the ball whizzes past the left upright as the unsportsmanlike boos from the crowd give way to cheers again
    • 5' The New Zealand line out goes wrong to another big cheer from the crowd. But Scotland can't take advantage of it and spill the ball allowing the ABs to break from their own half
    • 4' A big cheer from the crowd as New Zealand knock on. Scotland have turned the ball over anyway and Blair puts up a great kick that dribbles out into touch for a defensive NZ line out
    • 3' PENALTY NEW ZEALAND! 0-3! Not a great start for Scotland as they give away an early penalty for using their hands illegally in the ruck. And Dan Carter ignores to boos with ease to knock the ball in between the posts
    • 2' I'll be taking you through the whole of today's clash so if you have any predictions or comments on today's match, why not get in touch on Twitter - @pippawdavis. Follow me on Twitter!
    • 1' Scotland get the clash underway, kicking off their autumn internationals campaign ...
    • - One last fact for you that does not bode well for Scotland - New Zealand have not lost an autumn international fixture for 10 years. That's quite a record!
    • - The national anthems done and the haka just about to get underway ... so we are just about ready
    • - There's a big cheer as the camera pans across some Olympians - open water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne and her new husband, Scottish swimmer David Carry. Meanwhile Chris Hoy will carry the ball to the centre spot
    • - The moments silence for Rememberance Day is signalled by the firing of a cannon, followed by a lone piper, and another firing of the cannon. And now the national anthems
    • - New Zealand are fielding a pretty strong team today (when aren't they?): 15- Dagg, 14- Jane, 13- Smith, 12- Ellison, 11- Savea, 10- Carter, 9- Weepu; 1- Crockett, 2- Hore, 3- Franks, 4- Romano, 5- Whitelock, 6- Thomson, 7- McCaw (C), 8- Vito. Replacements: 16- Coles, 17- Woodcock, 18- Franks, 19- Williams, 20- Cane, 21- Kerr-Barlow, 22- Barrett, 23- Nonu
    • - Scotland have entertained the All Blacks at Murrayfield five times in the last 11 years. And only once have the Scots even reached double figures. New Zealand have won each of those matches by at least, AT LEAST, 19 points
    • - Scotland have never beaten the All Blacks, losing 26 times and drawing twice since they first met 107 years ago
    • - Scotland line up like this today: 15- Hogg, 14- Lamont, 13- De Luca, 12- Scott, 11- Visser, 10- Laidlaw, 9- Blair; 1- Grant, 2- Ford, 3- Cross, 4- Gray, 5- Hamilton, 6- Strokosch, 7- Rennie, 8- Brown (C)Replacements: 16-Scott Lawson, 17-Allan Jacobsen, 18-Kyle Traynor, 19-Alastair Kellock, 20-David Denton, 21-Henry Pyrgos, 22-Ruaridh Jackson, 23-Max Evans
    • - Scotland, on the other hand, endured a fairly miserable Six Nations as their last major competition although they have since been on tour which ended with two wins and one loss
    • - New Zealand are coming into this series off the back of winning the newly named Rugby Championship - formerly the Tri-Nations
    • - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from Scotland's first november international - they take on world champions New Zealand at Murrayfield
  • Summary

    Scotland versus New Zealand
    Visser 13’, 51’, Cross 45’ Tries Dagg 19’, Savea 30’, 65’, Jane 37’, Hore 39’, Smith 75’
    Laidlaw 14’, 46’ Conversions Carter 20’, 33’, 37’, 40’, 66’, 77’
    Laidlaw 25’ Penalties Carter 2’, 29’, 55’

Live Team Line-Up

  • Scotland

    Manager: Andy Robinson

    On the Field

    • Grant
    • Ford
    • Cross Try
    • Gray
    • Hamilton Substitution Out (60′)
    • Strokosch
    • Rennie Substitution Out (21′)
    • Brown
    • Blair
    • Laidlaw
    • Visser Tries×2
    • Scott
    • De Luca
    • Lamont
    • Hogg


    • Jacobsen
    • Kellock Substitution In (60′)
    • Lawson
    • Evans
    • Jackson
    • Traynor
    • Pyrgos
    • Denton Substitution In (21′)





  • New Zealand

    Manager: Steve Hansen

    On the Field

    • Crockett
    • Hore Try Substitution Out (63′)
    • Franks Substitution Out (63′)
    • Romano
    • Whitelock
    • Thomson Yellow Card
    • McCaw
    • Vito
    • Weepu Substitution Out (63′)
    • Carter
    • Savea Tries×2
    • Ellison
    • Smith Try
    • Jane Try
    • Dagg Try Substitution Out (27′)


    • Nonu
    • Williams
    • Woodcock
    • Franks Substitution In (63′)
    • Barrett Substitution In (27′)
    • Cane
    • Barlow Substitution In (63′)
    • Coles Substitution In (63′)





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  1. I would say that spectators enjoyed a good game of­ rugby, with masterful moves by the disciplined All­ Blacks, and some good, gutsy play from the Scots. I­ can't understand why some seem to prefer a win for­ the home team even if the visitors play excellent rugby­ and deserved the win - simply, it was very good match­ to watch.

    From david, on Mon 12 Nov 12:54
  2. Good first hit out for an understrength ABs side.­ Scotland were very good in patches. That 3rd AB try was­ one from the training ground that went beautifully and­ was so sweet to watch. Carter proves yet again why he­ is considered the world's best all round flyhalf of­ the professional era and nobody comes close.

    From db24, on Sun 11 Nov 16:32
  3. scotland has been smashed

    From Mathis, on Sun 11 Nov 16:26
  4. "They have by no means suffered the embarrasing­ defeat they could have done" This sums up the­ Scottish attitude to sport in general little wonder we­ fail to compete on the world stage, glad I keep my son­ away from rugby & football!

    From Ian, on Sun 11 Nov 16:25
  5. lovin the new strip !!

    From Blanche, on Sun 11 Nov 15:39
  6. I can live with the fact that Scotland will struggle­ agains't the All Blacks, but why, oh why do we have­ to put up with the BBC always having Jonathan Davies­ giving us the benefit of his comments when he just­ can't make up his mind on what to say. He just­ swings with the "wind" and uses hindsight to­ show us just how good he is. Actually I would expect­ nothing better from such a biased organisation as the­ BBC.

    From ROBERT, on Sun 11 Nov 15:33
  7. cmon scotland :)

    From Rachel, on Sun 11 Nov 14:54
  8. Hope we see a fluent game from both teams with minimum­ mistakes. Been a while since the ABs have played a­ complete game. Almost there when they played in SA this­ year but not quite.

    From db24, on Sun 11 Nov 14:26
  9. We'll be there with bells on. 'mon Scotland!!

    From highfield honeys, on Sun 11 Nov 0:20
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