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Saturday November 24, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Regular Pittodrie Stadium

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  1. Rugby - Scotland name five changes for Tonga clash

    Rugby - Scotland name five changes for Tonga clash

    Henry Pyrgos who scored a try as a replacement against South Africa last weekend, will make his first start for Scotland in Saturday's Test against Tonga. More

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  1. we were never ready for pro rugby, we had the best set­ up years ago , 4 district teams and club rugby littered­ with international players helping to build a better­ national team, now unfortunately we have an elite set­ up as far from elite as the two poles. District sides­ that gave a great account of themselves aginst touring­ teams from down under now our national side cant beat­ Tonga. The SRU in their wisdom huh have completely­ spoiled what once was a cherrished set up.Club Rugby is­ at an all time low and will remain there. Think back to­ the great Hawick Heriots Gala and West sides to name­ but a few, sides who competed and won against the best­ club sides in GB.

    From Ken, on Sun 25 Nov 9:26
  2. New coach, new players ? don't think it will make a­ lot of difference but we've seen from all the home­ countries that sometimes success comes in cycles­ ...maybe some time, it certainly won't be before­ the Six Nations. I shudder to think how badly we'll­ be mauled by everybody given present form but then­ Scotland sometimes come good when written off as­ underdogs, against Tonga we were favourites to­ win...not a good mindset for Scottish sportsmen and­ women. Basically we have to be really bad before we­ come good, consistent success is not in the Scottish­ psyche. As for not being good at anything I think if­ you check out the English Premier Football League­ you'll see one or two successful Scottish managers.­ At the end of the day, as far as Scottish rugby is­ concerned it is not a national disaster if we get­ beaten whereas in England they seem to expect to be­ world champions at everything and if they're not­ they take it so seriously. At least we can laugh at our­ sporting disasters, and there are many, but hey, when­ we beat the English at anything it is very very sweet­ and worth it all.

    From Dave, on Sun 25 Nov 9:05
  3. Scotland are rubbish at everything.

    From peter, on Sat 24 Nov 20:36
  4. Well done Scotland showed you can give the Big­ Teams a good game

    From COLIN, on Sat 24 Nov 19:54
  5. Utter garbage,flat,clueless and done in by a team that­ played a very good game.Robinson should never have been­ given the contract for so long.

    From john, on Sat 24 Nov 17:13

    From Alan, on Sat 24 Nov 17:08
  7. I'd like to see Scotland vs Afghanistan at rugby,­ Scotland could potentially win that one at least.

    From You can't handle the truth, on Sat 24 Nov 16:53
  8. Taxi for Mr­ Robinson...............................................­ ...

    From bob b, on Sat 24 Nov 16:51
  9. New manager required. New start required - no matter­ the result.

    From Pelters, on Sat 24 Nov 16:39
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