French Open men - 2nd Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray6666-
ArgentinaJ Chela2732-

Live Comments

  1. 19:56 - So Andy Murray is through to the third round where he will play Cypriot 25th Marcos Baghdatis, who beat Marcel Granollers earlier on today.

  2. 6-2 - WINNER! A first match point goes begging when Murray sends a forehand long at full stretch but the Brit gets it at the second attempt with a whipped backhand winner across court which finally ends the resistance of Chela

  3. 5-2 - BREAK MURRAY! A net cord works perfectly for Murray as it brings what would have been a tricky get into his path and he whips a backhand across court for the winner to bring up a break point. Sure enough he does break with a forehand winner down the line after running around a ball. The Scot will serve for the match at the change of ends

  4. 4-2 - Murray races up to a shorter ball from Chela and guides a backhand passing shot down the line for a winner to hold from deuce and leave himself potentially just two games away from the third round

  5. 3-2 - A slightly sluggish point from Murray as Chela holds once again to remain just the one break down when the Brit hits into the net off the forehand wing

  6. 3-1 - Murray hammers down his sixth ace for his first love service game of the match to sling all the pressure back over the net at Chela. Can the Argentine keep his resistance up?

  7. 2-1 - Chela save a handful of break points and survives seven deuces before holding to get off the mark in this fourth set, battering a mammoth forehand winner down the line to eventually seal the game

  8. 2-0 - Murray comes through a tougher service game, holding to deuce with consecutibve cross court backhand winners to consolidate the early break as he looks to get things wrapped up as quickly as possible

  9. 1-0 - BREAK MURRAY! The Scot is beginning to look much more comfortable again now as he break to 15 to get the fourth set off to a winnin start, racing up to a shorter defensive ball from Chela and sending a forehand winner down the line

  10. 6-3 - SET MURRAY! The Scot wraps up the fourth set by serving out to 15 when Chela, who looks like he is getting pretty tired now, hits a forehand into the top of the tape after Murray had got him on the run

  11. 5-3 - BREAK! Murray earns himself another break point as Chela fails to get up in time to a drop shot. The chance goes begging after some huge hitting from Chela and a second also goes that way. A forehand volley winner earns him a third and this time he gets up to a drop shot and guides it down the line for a winner. He will serve for the third set

  12. 4-3 - Much better from Murray, who seems to have received a wake up call from that break, and holds with ease to get himself back in front again in this clash

  13. 3-3 - BREAK MURRAY! Murray earns himself a break back point with a great forehand drop shot volley winner. And sure enough he does grab the break when Chela drills a cross court backhand well wide across court. We're back on serve

  14. 2-3 - BREAK CHELA! Murray is forced to save a break point when Chela races up to a drop shot and produces a great backhand down the line followed by an easy stop volley to bring up the break chance. An emphatic smash save it but a forehand into the net gives the Argentine another chance. Again Murray saves it with some serve/volley action (a cross court forehand volley winner). Chela catches the line with a inside out forehand for a third chance and he gets it when Murray hits long

  15. 2-2 - Yet again Murray pushes Chela to deuce on the Argentine's serve. But yet again he can do nothing with it as he sends a sliced backhand drifting wide across court and Chela holds to level up

  16. 2-1 - Murray holds to 30 to re-start the match for fourth time - an emphatic smash setting up a game point and a forehand winner going on to win it a couple of points later

  17. 18:34 - The players are back on court again and will only have a five minute warm-up before they get thinga back underway yet again

  18. 1-1 - Chela holds to love to level up at the start of this second set but as soon as he does both players walk back to the chair before making their way off the court. The rain is getting heavier again and the court covers will go back on.

  19. 1-0 - The rain is beginning to fall again, albeit not that badly yet, as Murray holds an easy service game with a decent first serve that Chela can only return long. Considering his play in that breaker that was a pretty impressive game

  20. 6-7 - SET CHELA! Murray saves the first set point with a forehand winner but can do nothing about the second as a mis-timed shot sits up for Chela and allows him to seal his first set in 14th against Murray

  21. TB4-6 - Murray has staged a bit of a comeback and produced his best shot for some time as he finds another forehand winner but huge hitting from the Argentine sees him earn himself two set points with backhand stop volley winner

  22. TB2-4 - Murray is having an absolute shocker of a breaker and almost found himself 5-1 down before the change of ends. But a forehand winner down the line from the Brit at least sees him keep the deficit down to just the one mini-break

  23. 6-6 - Murray holds once again, racing into the net to fire away a forehand volley winner, and that forces the second set tie-break

  24. 5-6 - The backhand down the line is beginning to open things up for Murray now, as he earns himself a break point with a winner down that direction. But another one on the very next point drifts just wide and Chela goes on to hold a few points later when Murray sends a forehand topspin lob wide across court. That was quite a passive point from the Brit though and it won't get things done against Chela today

  25. 5-5 - Murray comes up with a cracking unreturnable first serve to get himself out of a tight position at 30-30 before he goes on to hold with an emphatic smash across into the open court and he is back level once again in this second set

  26. 4-5 - Chela holds another tough service game from deuce when Murray hits a backhand wide down the line. But the Scot's frustration at being unable to break from those positions is beginning to tell now and if he is not careful he could drop this set on that basis alone

  27. 4-4 - A pretty good re-start from Murray this time around as he holds to love with a serve that Chela can only return into the bottom of the net. And that levels things up once again. Maybe we will see that slightly more agressive Murray return once again (the one that started the match last night) as he looks to get off as quick as possible

  28. 18:06 - The covers are off and the players are back on court now. Although because they have been off for almost an hour they will go through their warm-ups all over again. All of which just causes more delay. Lets hope we can get some actually tennis in before the rain returns

  29. 16:20 - One game. One game is all that has been managed on court 1 as they rains return just as Murray steps up to serve whilst trailing 3-4 in the second. The decision is taken almost immediately to suspend the match and that will really frustrate both the players

  30. 3-4 - Murray doesn't look best pleased with his start to the day but he did push Chela to deuce before the Argentine held with a forehand winner down the line

  31. 3-3 - Here we go then, it will be Chela to resume serving and get things back underway ...

  32. 16:04 - But now they are back and going through their warm-up before getting back down to business and trying to book a place in the third round

  33. 16:03 - Hello and welcome back to another day! Murray and Chela were forced to abandon their clash last night as you know when the light got too bad to continue.

  34. 20:34 - That will be it as both players seem keen to stop as the light is really bad now. The tournament referee Wayne McEwan is out on the court and agrees that it is too dark and that should be it. These two will come back tomorow to conclude this clash

  35. 3-3 - BREAK CHELA! Murray is forced to save a break point after conceding a point when Chela whips a backhand across court. The ball is called out and Chela asks the umpire to come down and check the mark. But before he gets there Murray says the ball landed in. He does save the point with a forehand volley into the empty court but a broken string hands Chela a second chance. And this time the Argentine does get the break when Murray hits into the net

  36. 3-2 - BREAK MURRAY! Somehow Murray's defensive skills keep him in the rally as Chela looks for a smash winner. But the Scot comes up with a sensational backhand passing shot winner down the line to bring up a break point before taking the lead when Chela sends a forehand just wide down the line

  37. 2-2 - Murray is lucky to survive a break point when he leaves a backhand volley and the ball drops just long off Chela's forehand. And the Brit goes on to level up when Chela hits a forehand into the net

  38. 1-2 - Chela is making things a little bit more difficult for Murray in the early stages of this set as he holds once again with a forehand winner. The Scot was perhaps just a little more cautious in that game than he had been earlier after suffering a bit of a slip on the first point. That's bound to play on your mind for a minute or two

  39. 1-1 - Better from Murray as he recovers his composure (just letting himself have a game to relax before then) to race through another service hold of his own and hold when Chela slaps a forehand long from the middle of the court

  40. 0-1 - A bit of a loose game from Murray as Chela opens the second set with a hold to 15 and a forehand winner down the line after running around the ball

  41. 6-2 - SET MURRAY! A very decent set from Murray as he serves it out to 15 with a heavy first serve and cross court forehand winner combo. That's the Scot's 13th consecutive set against Chela

  42. 5-2 - Credit to Chela as he survives a set point when Murray slaps a forehand long of the baseline and goes on to hold with a forehand winner to force the Brit to stand up and serve it out

  43. 5-1 - Once again Murray holds to 15 to consolidate the break, using the best of his defensive play to get to literally everything Chela can throw at him. And he holds when the Argentine hits an attempted cross court forehand into the net. Chela will have to serve to stay in this first set after just 33 minutes

  44. 4-1 - BREAK MURRAY! The Scot looked like he might run away with the game after taking the first two points but was pegged back by a couple of shockers. Still he quickly recovered his composure and set up another break point when Chela dumped a forehand approach shot into the net. And Murray does grab the double break with a cross court forehand winner

  45. 3-1 - Murray holds to 15 to consolidate the early break, spotting Chela metres behind the baseline to recieve a second serve and cleverly producing a sliced backhand drop shot to beat the Argentine for pace

  46. 2-1 - BREAK MURRAY! Agressive stuff from Murray, who clearly does not want to stay out on court long. He drills a couple of huge forehands over the net as well as a backhand return to a drop shot that has masses of side spin on it, on his way to setting up a break point. And this time the Scot does take full advantage, pushing Chela back behind the baseline until the Argentine hits long

  47. 1-1 - Murray is forced to work really hard before going on to hold for his first service game of the set. The Brit saves a first break point with a decent drop shot and backhand volley winner, while Chela squanders the second by going for broke on a backhand return of serve and drilling the ball well long. And Murray goes on to hold when Chela fails to find the court with a forehand

  48. 0-1 - Murray squanders an early break point by slicing a backhand into the net from a couple of metres behind the baseline and Chela goes on to hold with a forehand winner to get his side of the scoreboard ticking over

  49. 0-0 - Ok so the players are ready to go, raring to go even, they don't want to be out here too long tonight, and it will be Argentine Chela to get the clash underway by serving first ...

  50. 19:10 - And don't forget that you can watch this clash LIVE in full on the Eurosport Player as well as your choice of seven courts throughout the tournament. To access the Player just click here and subscribe!

  51. 19:09 - These two have faced each other six times before with Murray winning all but their first clash way back in 2006 at the Australian Open. In fact Murray has not dropped a set to Chela since that defeat

  52. 19:05 - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s LIVE coverage from this rain-delayed clash between world number four Andy Murray and Argentine Juan Ignacio Chela

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Juan Ignacio Chela

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 30/08/1979
Height 1.9 m
Weight 75 kg

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