Wimbledon men - 1st Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer54676
ColombiaA Falla76460

Live Comments

  1. - - A great game to open things up on the Centre Court, and one surely nobody expected to be this close. Federer marches on. Falla can be proud, but the result is the same, and he'll reflect on the chances he had to record an historic victory.

  2. 6-0 - MATCH! Federer races to 30-0 with a drop shot, then concedes a point with an overly ambitious drop shot. It's a minor distraction - despite Falla's powerful hitting he goes to match point. Falla reminds us of his contribution to this game with a superb crosscourt winner, but Federer wins the next, and that's the match!

  3. 5-0 - Falla gets back to 15-15 as Federer slips on the pristine grass. The errors are creeping into Falla's game, and he finds the net and concedes a break point. Federer toys with him before drilling a shot down the line to take the third break.

  4. 4-0 - Federer is banishing the first two hours of this match with a series of delightful points. He holds to love, and is just two games away from catching the last few minutes of the Switzerland game - and the second round.

  5. 3-0 - BREAK! The game reaches the three hour mark. Falla digs deep and gets to 40-0, but Federer begins to reel him back in, allowing his opponent to make errors and force him back to deuce. Falla wipes the sweat off his brow as his game point is denied, then saves a break point. A game point goes begging again, and then twice more, as the Colombian spurns the chance to finish. Nine minutes of this game later, Federer gets the break.

  6. 2-0 - First point to Falla, but Federer follows it up with the next three, including an arrogant disguised drop shot which looks like the work of a man without a care in the world. He drops one into the net next, but still has enough to win the game.

  7. 1-0 - BREAK! Falla serves first this set, and Federer is putting him under pressure immediately. With weary-looking legs, Federer takes two break points, and converts the first.

  8. - - We thought Falla's chance had gone when he couldn't take the break points in the third set, we thought they'd gone when he lost his break in the fourth, and we thought it again when he couldn't break back immediately. What does the Colombian have left? He's already outstripped all expectations so far. Federer has not played badly - he's just met an opponent for whom everything has clicked.

  9. 7-6 - SET! Federer starts off the tiebreak. The first two points go with serve, but Federer sercures a minibreak 2-1, and scoops the next three to build an imposing lead. Set point follows, and a sweetly struck backhand later we're all square at two sets all.

  10. 6-6 - Falla wins the first point, but Federer guides a backhand past him to level. The next two points are shared to 30-30, but Falla digs deep and fires a superb backhand to force the tiebreak.

  11. 6-5 - There's a window of opportunity opening up as Falla gets to 15-30 on the Federer serve. His next return is a couple of inches too long. Federer knocks one too long, and concedes another break point. Falla has it at his mercy, but sends it tantalisingly wide. Federer does not waste this opportunity, and seals the game.

  12. 5-5 - BREAKBACK! Falla puts a groundstroke long to lose the first point, then makes a hash of a forehand to surrender a 0-30 lead. He wins the next, but Federer's drop shot is just too much to handle, and he wins two break points. Falla saves the first with a strong serve, but he bends to Federer's will, and we're tied up at 5-5

  13. 4-5 - Not on Federer's serve - he wins this one to fifteen with the nonchalance one would expect from a champion - but not that of a man who must break to stay in the tournament.

  14. 3-5 - Federer takes the first two points with comfort, but a winner from Falla and a mistake from the Swiss ties things up at 30-30. Federer works the next point to force the error from Falla and earn a break point, but he sticks his return into the net. Falla serves out, and is just one hold away.

  15. 3-4 - Another hold for Federer, but the Colombian keeps making him work for it. Federer wins the last point with an outrageous drop shot, one of very few he's played today. Falla takes a puff, and braces himself for another key service game.

  16. 2-4 - Falla holds this game to love. Two more of those, and he'll knock the defending champion out in the first round, something that hasn't happened in the men's draw since 2003 (Lleyton Hewitt losing to Ivo Karlovic).

  17. 2-3 - Federer takes this game, but again is forced to work hard by Falla, who takes him to thirty on this occasion. His leg, a source of concern in the last set, doesn't seem to be troubling, given the form he's displayed in the fourth set.

  18. 1-3 - Superb opening point - both players hitting full stretch shots, and Federer narrowly outlasting his opponent. Falla keeps going and gets to 30-30. His net shot hits the baseline but it's another volleyed winner, and he makes it count to extend the lead to 3-1.

  19. 1-2 - Confident serving from Federer gives him the advantage early, but Falla brings things back to 30-30. Federer whips a backhand out of his reach, and then booms an ace down the middle for his first game of the set.

  20. 0-2 - Federer is still producing great shots - turning what might easily have been a Falla winner into a point of his own with an uncompromising forehand. Falla gets Federer on the run, and levels things up at 30-30. Falla closes it out and builds a 2-0 lead.

  21. 0-1 - BREAK! Federer opens with a double fault, and a service return from Falla gives him 15-30. Federer looks set to win the game until Falla finds a lob from the net to catch the champion cold, and it is back to deuce. Federer misses a volley at the net to let the Colombian in. Federer denies him once, but not twice, and the Colombian fires another winner to lead this fourth set.

  22. - - As we mentioned earlier, Federer was hoping to watch the Switzerland team in the World Cup. It's not to be, we're afraid - they've just kicked off in South Africa - and if Federer wants to be in the second round, he's got two more sets to negotiate against an opponent who's been superb so far.

  23. 6-4 - Falla hits long and Federer has half a chance at 15-30. A beautiful forehand levels things up, but having created an opportunity he sends his attempted winner down the line agonisingly long. Set point for Federer, but after a poor challenge on his serve Falla conjures another winner. Another set point, and the moment has passed - Federer wins the set having saved four break points in the previous game!

  24. 5-4 - Three Federer errors and he stares down the barrel of defeat here. Falla waits patiently as the first serve hits the net, then blasts his backhand just long. Still two chances left, but Federer masterfully denies him the first of those. Falla has his net shot hit the top of the net and bounce on his side, but earns another break point. Federer closes the door once more - and this time he wins the game. Was that Falla's chance?

  25. 4-4 - Falla's serve is holding firm, and a strong series of groundstrokes gets him to 40-0. The next point in the bag, and we're all square once more.

  26. 4-3 - That service game lasted sixty seconds exactly. Federer took all four points and looked remarkably serene from a man potentially just twelve points away from elimination. As we reach this point of the set, the pressure appears to be on Falla, but he has not got the trainer out in this interval.

  27. 3-3 - Federer working the Colombian hand, and a sensational backhand down the line presents a break chance for the Swiss. Not only does Falla save it, but he closes the game out immediately with a string of aces and unreturnable serves.

  28. - - More treatment for Falla - the physio has his elbow in the back of his left thigh. If he wants to win, perhaps it has to be in straight sets.

  29. 3-2 - Federer opens with a double fault, his third of the match. Falla has a chance to pass the champion to give himself break points, but hits the net and Federer grabs the next two points for a relatively comfortable hold.

  30. 2-2 - Falla begins with his first double fault of the day, but works his way back into the game, with patient play and crisp strokes taking him to a 40-15 lead. At the second attempt Falla closes it out and levels the scores.

  31. - - Falla, who called for the physio in the last interval, is now having his leg stretched. With a lead like this, he should be feeling extraordinary. No ill effects to be seen on the court, however.

  32. 2-1 - Federer builds a 30-15 advantage. Falla's groundstrokes keep peppering the baseline and a fierce winner forces deuce. Federer takes the advantage with a commanding forehand, and follows it up with another for the game.

  33. 1-1 - And still the Colombian continues to impress. He builds a 40-15 lead, and though Federer wins one point back, Falla unleashes a rasping forehand to beat the champion all ends up.

  34. 1-0 - Federer serves first. When his serves are in Falla struggles to get anywhere near them, and with a dipping forehand which clips the left hand line, Federer holds to fifteen.

  35. 4-6 - SET! First points are shared. An impossibly high backhand from Federer loops just in, and it drifts away from Falla to give Federer a break point. He does not convert it. Falla gets set point, but Federer denies him with the most fierce of backhands, and then after another long exchange Falla keeps him at bay. Federer spurns another break, and then Falla nets his chance for the set. After several deuces Falla closes out the second set, and sits calmly back in his chair.

  36. 4-5 - A comfortable hold from the champion who wastes no time in bringing the scores to 5-4.

  37. 3-5 - Still Falla produces inspirational moments. Federer finds the very corner of the court, but Falla conjures a forehand pass to take him to 30-15. Federer hits an emphatic forehand and works his way back to deuce. A patient Falla wins the advantage, and backs it up to hold and Federer must serve to stay in the set.

  38. 3-4 - BREAK! Terrific shot from Falla down the line to win the first point, and an unforced error gives him the second point. He earns two break points, and when Federer's backhand hits the net he converts it!

  39. 3-3 - Falla's serve catches a whisker of the service line for 15-0, and he wrongfoots Federer for 30-15. Federer is working him hard and testing the Falla forehand, but it's holding up as the Colombian takes the game to 30

  40. 3-2 - Federer is at full stretch here to play a volley, and then fires an ace to get himself to 40-15. Falla can't control the champion's serve as Federer takes the lead.

  41. 2-2 - Falla continues to impress with a comfortable hold of his own.

  42. 2-1 - Federer holds once more at breakneck speed.

  43. 1-1 - No let up from Falla, who unleashes a ripping crosscourt forehand en route to 30-0. He holds his service to suggest that there's more to come from him.

  44. 1-0 - A double fault from Federer, but elsewhere it's business as usual with a good hold.

  45. - - Federer did not play terribly in that set - but Falla stayed cool and hit only three unforced errors. All to play for now.

  46. 5-7 - Great first point, Federer opening up Falla and finally gliding a pass beyond him. He takes the second point after a series of sliced crosscourt shots, but hits one too far to allow Falla back to 15-30. He earns set point with a fabulous drop shot to counter a fierce passing shot from Federer, and he clinches it with a thrilling point at the end of this first set!

  47. 5-6 - BREAK! Falla does a great job to get to 0-30, playing a nerveless shot backhand across Federer. The champion claims one point back, but then allows Falla two break points. He should win the first, but Federer's poor smash gives Falla half a chance. But he grabs the second chance, and he has 90 seconds sat down to think about serving for the first set.

  48. 5-5 - Falla serving confidently takes the first couple of points, and punishes a weak return to take a 40-0 lead. Federer comes to the net and Falla cannot pass him to make it 40-15, then crashes his return into the net.

  49. 5-4 - An equally assured reply from Federer. He cruises to another service game, and the pressure will be on Falla to stay in the set.

  50. 4-4 - New balls taken, and they've worked for Falla - he holds his service to love, looking confident. He's already won more games than he managed in two sets against Federer in Halle last time out.

  51. 4-3 - Three easy points for Federer on his service. The game looks set to be his until his forehand bounces off the net and on his side. Falla cannot keep Federer's next service in play, though, and that's the game.

  52. 3-3 - 30-30 and Falla correctly challenges a service call before hitting his first ace of the game. A backhand into the net later, and it's all square at 3-3.

  53. 3-2 - A delightful opening rally is won by Federer, and he then wins the second and third points on his serve. One more point, and it's an easy hold for the champion.

  54. 2-2 - Federer looks as if he is still at a canter, but he is playing patiently and happy to let Falla make mistakes, and arrives at a break point. It takes a special backhand from Falla to deny him. He earns another break point, but mishits his return. Falla holds after two deuces with a delicate drop shot which Federer cannot reach.

  55. 2-1 - A fabulous first return from Falla, who swings a nonchalant crosscourt backhand past the Swiss. Federer replies with some emphatic forehands of his own, and holds to 15.

  56. 1-1 - A good reply from Falla - whose two-handed backhand keeps Federer at bay for a hold.

  57. 1-0 - It's a commanding start from the recently-deposed world number one to surge to 40-0, then two errors allow Falla back into the game. A strong serve hands Federer the first game.

  58. - - Federer won the toss and chose to serve.

  59. - - Glorious summer day on centre court. Federer has mentioned he wouldn't mind being finished before the start of Switzerland's match against Chile in the World Cup. He's got two hours to get the job done.

  60. - - Not a great deal needs to be said about Federer. He's won this tournament six times before, and he's lost twice on grass since 2003. That said, one of those was his last game, the Halle final against Lleyton Hewitt. Surely no surprises today to be expected against Alejandro Falla. The Colombian is ranked 60 in the world. They've met four times and Federer has yet to drop a set. They also played last week in Halle - Federer won that 6-1 6-2.

  61. - - Welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s live commentary of Roger Federer's first round clash with the Colombian Alejandro Falla. His defence of his Wimbledon title starts here on Centre Court.

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Alejandro Falla

Nationality COL
Date of Birth 14/11/1983
Height 1.85 m
Weight 77 kg

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