Wimbledon men - 2nd Round - Men

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer6667-
I Bozoljac3746-

Live Comments

  1. - - The two players are treated to a standing ovation, and it's well deserved. Federer wins, but it's a remarkable effort from Bozoljac, a qualifier who is more at home on the Challenger circuit. He drew the best from Federer, and played to a level he may not have known he was capable of performng.

  2. 7-6 - ... then backs it up with a service winner for 5-4. Federer gets to 5-5 with a cheeky drop shot, then probes on the Bozoljac backhand until the Serb gives out and concedes match point, albeit on serve. His attempted winner is surely long but he challenges to be sure... and it is. Federer takes this in four sets!

  3. - - The crowd would love to see a fifth set here, and Bozoljac begins winning on his serve. Federer wins the next two, Bozoljac unable to control his volley at the net. A service winner for Bozoljac takes the score to 2-2, but Federer drills a shot at the body and earns the minibreak. The Serb finds a remarkable backhand return winner to level things up, before a Federer ace keeps things on serve - Bozoljac wastes a challenge checking that. Bozoljac hits a fierce serve down the line for his 31st ace

  4. 6-6 - Federer holds to fifteen, Bozoljac causing a few 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' with a mishit on game point that powers into the crowd.

  5. 5-6 - Bozoljac holds, and will get a look at the Federer serve, or a tiebreak at the least.

  6. 5-5 - A powerful Bozoljac serve forces an error from Federer, and there's an opportunity for him at 0-30. Federer stays calm to get himself game point at 40-30, but Bozoljac keeps blasting from the back of the court and gets to deuce. Federer sees it through.

  7. 4-5 - Another relatively comfortable hold for Bozoljac, whose serve has looked more assured as the game progresses.

  8. 4-4 - Federer looking resolved as he serves his way to 30-0, and there's no let up as he levels things with two more service winners.

  9. 3-4 - Federer opens up with another forehand across Bozoljac, but then slips as the Serb levels things up. Bozoljac edges in front and wins a replayed point to go to 40-15, then takes the game.

  10. 3-3 - A tasty Bozoljac backhand return holds the Swiss to 30-30, and he smells blood, moving in on the back of some powerful groundstrokes and volleying his way to break point. Federer denies him that one, and the next break point after another flashing winner, and then a third. Finally it's advantage Federer, and he makes it count with an impossible-looking crosscourt forehand from way out in the corner.

  11. 2-3 - Federer is piling on the pressure on the Bozoljac serve and for the second game in a row he races to 15-40 and two break points. Bozoljac saves the first, and in echoes of the previous service game finds a 137mph service to find deuce. Again, Bozoljac denies the champion and the scores stay on serve.

  12. 2-2 - No messing around from Federer - that service game must have lasted less than a minute, and the Serb made no impression whatsoever on it.

  13. 1-2 - Federer plays an exquisite backhand drop shot which gives him a 0-30 advantage, and with an effortless forehand down the line he has two break points. Bozoljac saves them both, his service getting him out of trouble. He seals the game, and adjusts his sunglasses in anticipation of the rest of the set as he sits in his chair.

  14. 1-1 - A chink of light for Bozoljac as he moves to 0-30, but Federer slams an ace and unleashes the forehand to get to 40-30. He duly closes the game out.

  15. 0-1 - Bozoljac starts as if unfazed by the prospect of having to win two consecutive sets against Federer to progress - he holds to love.

  16. 6-4 - SET! Bozoljac looks up as the sky as he puts Federer's serve into the net at 15-0 - it's his 26th unforced error. He takes his first point off the champion with a ripping crosscourt backhand, but Federer earns two set points, and takes the second of them when Bozoljac hits long.

  17. 5-4 - Bozoljac gets to 30-0, and Federer can take just a single point off him with a confident display of serving.

  18. 5-3 - Another Federer hold to pile the pressure on to the Serb.

  19. 4-3 - Bozoljac grafting here, holding to thirty to come within a single game of the champion, and when he gets the service right, he does have the power to hurt Federer.

  20. 4-2 - Bozoljac nowhere near the Federer serve here, trying to biff winners rather than merely return, and the result is a comfortable hold for the Swiss.

  21. 3-2 - BREAK! Federer gets himself to 15-30 on the Bozoljac serve. The Serb kicks the ground in disgust as he goes long and concedes a break point. His first and second serves tantalisingly close to aces, but both are out, and that double fault gives Federer the lead.

  22. 2-2 - Neither player having a sniff on their opponent's serve at the moment; Federer wins this to love, as Bozoljac clatters a deft approach off the top of the net and wide.

  23. 1-2 - Bozoljac wins the first point. His ball toss is dreadful on the next point, but he catches it, regroups, and responds with an ace. Federer scoops a single point as the Serb holds once more.

  24. 1-1 - Federer looks assured, sending down an ace en route to a hold to love.

  25. 0-1 - It's a no-nonsense hold to begin with from Bozoljac, who doesn't drop a point and strides confidently to the other end.

  26. - - Is Federer really going to make his fans that nervous again?

  27. 6-7 - Federer takes the first point on serve, and the next three points also go with the server. No quarter asked for or given as they change ends. At 4-4 on the Federer serve the champion hits a forehand well long and the Serb has a minibreak. If he wins his two services points he'll level things up... and he manages it!

  28. 6-6 - Bozoljac opens up with an ace down the middle. He opts to stay down the middle for another winner, but Federer pulls it back to 30-15 with an elegant looping backhand pass. Bozoljac secures the game for a tiebreak.

  29. 6-5 - Federer moves to 30-0 before his backhand pick-up misses narrowly. He hits a service winner to get to game point, then closes out with by picking off Bozoljac's attempted pass.

  30. 5-5 - Another impressive start from Bozoljac, who brushes Federer's challenge aside with forehand volleys and unreturnable serves.

  31. 5-4 - Federer toying with his opponent, scooping a forehand winner past the outstretched arms of Bozoljac and making the Serb serve to stay in the set.

  32. 4-4 - What pressure? An equally convincing reply from Bozoljac as we move to the business end of the second set.

  33. 4-3 - Effortless Federer hold, and the pressure reverts to the Serb.

  34. 3-3 - Bozoljac gets to 30-15, but his ball toss is causing him trouble - every time he serves the ball looks like it could go somewhere else. Somehow, somehow, it doesn't stop him churning out the service holds - and he finishes with a sweet lob over the stranded champion.

  35. 3-2 - Federer coasts to 40-0 before a Bozoljac return comes in which is too hot for him to handle. The Serb follows up with a backhand winner down the line, but Federer lands a brutal serve and seals the game.

  36. 2-2 - Bozoljac races to a 40-0 lead. Federer finds a superb forehand to win the next point, but Bozoljac finsihes the game comfortably.

  37. - - Bozoljac has the physio out - not for an injury, apparently, but tummy trouble.

  38. 2-1 - Bozoljac still contesting this game ferociously, and Federer succumbs to a double fault at 30-30 to give the Serb his first break point of the match. Federer emphatically denies that opportunity and holds.

  39. 1-1 - Bozoljac delivers a fierce serve down the line to bring the score back to 15-15, and builds on that to take the next three points, finishing with an ace at an almost impossible angle to the far left.

  40. 1-0 - Federer up to 40-15 in no time. Bozoljac's next return finds the net, and the champion picks up where he left off in the previous set.

  41. 6-3 - SET! Federer starting to cruise. He opens up three set points, and so shell-shocked is Bozoljac that he stands to serve on the wrong side. Federer flips a return on to the net cord and it bounces in - and out of Bozoljac's reach.

  42. 5-3 - Bozoljac is getting nowhere near the Federer serve now - a third straightforward hold in a row, and the Serb must serve to stay in the game.

  43. 4-3 - Real trouble for Bozoljac here - Federer getting the ball back into play, and Bozoljac is making unforced errors. 0-40 before the Serb knows it. At the third attempt, this game - and the seventh in this set - Federer finally gets the break.

  44. 3-3 - Another comfortable service hold for Federer, who moves serenely through without conceding a point.

  45. 2-3 - Two break points for Federer as he starts to settle. Bozoljac produces a confident backhand volley at the net to save the first, then Federer challenges a call of out - but out it was, and the score moves to deuce. A very clumsy foot fault from Bozoljac is followed by a crisp Federer backhand winner. Bozoljac saves a third break point, and Federer denies him the game with a precise lob. Bozoljac wins the game, and keeps it on serve.

  46. 2-2 - A much better service game from Federer - a hold to love for the champion.

  47. 1-2 - Bozoljac under pressure on his serve at 15-30, and Federer finds a classy backhand down the line for a break point. Bozoljac denies him, and with a 135mph ace earns advantage, which he duly converts.

  48. 1-1 - Bozoljac opens with a magnificent backhand winner which flashes past Federer. The champion looking comfortable until a sloppy forehand into the net brings it back to 30-30. An ace gives Federer the advantage, but Bozoljac is allowed to see deuce. Federer earns advantage, but Bozoljac undoes him once more on the backhand. After two deuces Federer finally closes out the game.

  49. 0-1 - Bozoljac, sporting sunglasses as well as a cap, begins a confidence boosting pair of unreturnable serves. He hits the net on a volley and clatters a backhand wide, and after a long baseline exchange he suddenly finds himself back at deuce. Federer denies Bozoljac converting his next game point, but at the third time of asking he gets over the line and on to the scoreboard.

  50. - - Bozoljac serves first in this match.

  51. - - Federer is not a regular visitor to Court One, and he didn't emerge in a hurry here today. A longer than usual break between the end of the Hewitt-Korolev game and the start of this one, but Federer receives a rousing reception and the players now begin their warm-ups.

  52. - - The weather is perfect - temperature in the low twenties, no wind, blue skies, you name it, it's a glorious summer's day.

  53. - - Does Federer really need any introduction? He's won here six times, and he's lost twice on grass courts anywhere since 2003. He very nearly lost on Monday, mind - the Colombian Alejandro Falla served for the match, but Federer wriggled off the line and squeezed through in five sets. His opponent, Bozoljac, is the world 153, and has never been in the top 100. The Serb recorded a good four set win over Nicolas Massu to reach this stage. This, on paper, is surely a bridge too far.

  54. - - Hello and welcome to Eurosport Yahoo!s coverage of Roger Federer's second round clash with Ilija Bozoljac.

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Ilija Bozoljac

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 02/08/1985
Height 1.93 m
Weight 85 kg

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