Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer667--
SpainF López346--

Live Comments

  1. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 7-6(4) - GAME, SET & MATCH - A grandstand finish from Federer as he batters an ace down the centre of the court to seal the win. Next up for the third seed will be Frenchman Maxime Teixiera. Click here to look at Federer's potential run through the draw

  2. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 6-6(4-2) - TIE-BREAK - Lopez hits a forehand into the net, followed by a mis-hit backhand well wide to hand Federer the mini-break. And another forehand long from the Spaniard only extends Federer's lead at the change of ends

  3. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 6-6 - A cracking Federer forehand winner and it will be a tie-break to decide this set, and quite possibly the match

  4. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 5-6 - Lopez continues to plug away at Federer and does his bit for a tie-break by holding with a big first serve that Federer can only return into the net

  5. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 5-5 - Unsurprisingly Federer has little difficulty in serving to stay in this third set, holding without drama to pu the pressure back on Lopez. The world number three will not want this to go to a fourth set

  6. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 4-4 - Another pair of service holds apeice as this set trickles towards crunch point. For Lopez in particular, as the Spaniard needs to come up with something quickly if he is to get anything out of this match!

  7. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 3-3 - Lopez is still looking for his first break point of the match as Federer recovers from 15-30 down to slam the door shut in the Spaniard's face and hold once again

  8. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 2-3 - Another delightful forehand volley from Lopez goes for a winner, around about the mid-court, as Federer fails to get to the ball before the second bounce

  9. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 2-2 - Federer has dropped just six points behind his first serve so far in this match as he holds once again to level up

  10. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 1-2 - A tremendous backhand down the line from Lopez sets up a foray into the net and the Spaniard follows it up with a neat forehand volley drop shot to seal a hold to 30 and remain just in front in this set

  11. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 1-1 - "Anything you can do" ... Federer also posts a speedy service hold to grab his first game in this third set

  12. - - LOPEZ 6-3 6-4 0-1 - Lopez holds for the first game of the third set but there is nothing about the Spaniard now that looks like he believes he can beat Federer

  13. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-4 - SET - Surely there's no way back for Lopez now as Federer holds to serve out the set, a serve out wide proving too challenging for the Spaniard who promptly sends his forehand return well wide across the court

  14. - - FEDERER 6-3 5-4 - Lopez does well to hold from 30-30 finidng a cracking drop shot winner, that Federer stumbles over, before going on to hold with a solid first serve. Federer will serve for the set next though

  15. - - FEDERER 6-3 5-3 - Another game races away from Lopez as Federer holds to leave himself just one game from the second set. The Spaniard will have to serve to stay in it next

  16. - - FEDERER 6-3 4-3 - Lopez recovers his composure with a love service hold but it could well be too late for the Spaniard as Federer now has a set and a break lead

  17. - - FEDERER 6-3 4-2 - Federer eases through another service hold to consolidate the break as he edges towards a second comfortable set

  18. - - FEDERER 6-3 3-2 - BREAK - Lopez is in really trouble now as the Spaniard drills a forehand well, well long to hand Federer a break

  19. - - FEDERER 6-3 2-2 - An outstanding forehand winner from Federer, brilliant, and that's another hold for the former world number one as he levels once again

  20. - - FEDERER 6-3 1-2 - Another hold apeice as Lopez and Federer continue to cruise on. Federer looks like he has heaps left in reserve while Lopez on the other hand looks like when Federer decides to kick on, he will not be able to stay with him

  21. - - FEDERER 6-3 0-1 - Lopez does well to save a break point in the opening game of the second set, when Federer mishits a backhand, before going on to hold to get the second set off to a positive start

  22. - - FEDERER 6-3 - SET - Easy for Federer as he serves out without a single problem, sealing the set after yet another mis-hit from Lopez on the forehand wing

  23. - - FEDERER 5-3 - BREAK - Ouch! Lopez hands Federer a tame break when he sends a cross court forehand flying long across court and the third seed will serve for the first set

  24. - - FEDERER 4-3 - The third seed finds himself 0-15 down against serve but that's enough to get him to up his level almost imperceptibly and storm back to take the game without the loss of another point when a Lopez forehand sails long of the baseline

  25. - - FEDERER 3-3 - Lopez is firing with the backhand now as he holds once again to stick with Federer. The Spaniard now has 10 winners compared to just five unforced errors

  26. - - FEDERER 3-2 - Lopez is really strating to settle into this match now as he enjoys a spot of success on the backhand wing. But a forehand long of the baseline helps Federer hold without facing a break point and the third seed remains just ahead on serve

  27. - - FEDERER 2-2 - This time it is Roger Federer's turn to mis-hit a backhand and have the ball goes miles up into the air. But unlike with Lopez's shot a couple of game ago, Federer's drops just marginally long of the baseline and the Spaniard holds to level up again

  28. - - FEDERER 2-1 - Another speedy service hold goes the way of Federer as he slings all the pressure back over the net to Lopez

  29. - - FEDERER 1-1- A bizarre point as a Lopez walks away after a complete mis-hit on break point. The ball comes back down with ice on it but it lands in and Lopez, who was asking for his towel at the time, reacts quickly enough to get himself back in the point and even win it. He goes on to save another three break points before being able to hold

  30. - - FEDERER 1-0 - After winning the toss and opting to recieve first, Lopez is kept firmly on the backfoot by a solid start from Federer, who holds to love with four first serves

  31. - - Federer has never lost to Lopez in eight meetings, although teh Spaniard did push Federer in three tie-break sets at the Madrid Masters a couple of weeks ago. That was over three sets though, not over five like it will be today

  32. - - Coming up next on Phillippe Chatrier is Roger Federer and don't forget you can follow that match LIVE on British Eurosport and Eurosport HD (Sky 410/412, Virgin Media 521)

Feliciano López

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 20/09/1981
Height 1.87 m
Weight 85 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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