Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandA Radwanska167--
Russian FederationV Zvonareva625--

Live Comments

  1. 5-7 - GAME, SET AND MATCH RADWANSKA! An astonishing finish to this match. Zvonareva blows three match points and is out of the tournament. An awful collapse by Zvonareva, but full credit to Radwanska, who watches her opponent come up with a few more errors to lose a match on the cusp of victory.

  2. 5-6 - BREAK TO RADWANKSA! Zvonareva should have finished this match off, but is now in grave danger of tumbling out of the tournament. Radwanska has been outstanding. She is refusing to go away, and comes up with several fine winners in that game. Zvonareva has thrown in seven double faults. Radwanska to serve for the match.

  3. 5-5 - What a change in this match. The crowd going wild in the arena as Radwanksa manages to haul herself level. Zvonareva looked to be over the winning line, but is now involved in a real fight for survival. Radwanska refusing to go away as she clubs some almighty balls back over the net.

  4. 5-4 - BREAK RADWANSKA! Zvonareva manages to blow three match points. Rawdwanska has a break, but Zvonareva comes up with a winning volley of some class to haul matters back to deuce. She brings up a third match point by wrong footing Radwanska with the big forehand, but fails to put the match to bed by missing a ball up a line. Somehow she misses two or three golden chances in the rally, and Radwanska stays alive with a couple of glorious winners. Now 4-5 and the match remains in the balance.

  5. 5-3 - BREAK TO ZVONAREVA! A couple of booming winners from Radwanska down the line sees her move 40-30 clear but Zvonareva hits back to deuce. A superb surge of enthusiasm from Zvonareva is enough to see the Russian over the winning line with a winning forehand after an epic rally. Zvonareva will serve for the match.

  6. 4-3 - Zvonareva does enough to repel Radwanksa in that game with a series of well-placed shots and a decent percentage of first serves. Pressure back on the shoulders of her opponent as we reach the business end of this match. We remain on serve for the moment.

  7. 3-3 - We are level in this third set at 3-3. Heat really on both of these players. Zvonareva cannot afford to lose this match otherwise she is on the plane home. Zvonareva to serve.

  8. 3-2 - BREAK TO RADWANSKA! Just when Zvonareva looks like she has got to grips with her struggles, she comes up with another spell of indifferent form as Radwanska breaks back. Zvonareva leads by the odd game in five, but you would not like to put any money on how this is going to work out.

  9. 3-1 - BREAK TO ZVONAREVA! Radwanska knocks the ball long going for an overhead smash and that could be the key break in this match. The Pole looking desperately tired out there. Could be all over unless she can find some reserves of energy. Zvonareva appears brighter after that earlier collapse.

  10. 2-1 - Zvonareva's first serve suddenly working again. A timely ace - her second of the match - helps the Russian to get her nose in front. Big hold for her. Any hold in this match is likely to be telling. The question is, what has Radwanska got left in the tank with her injured shoulder?

  11. 1-1 - BREAK TO ZVONAREVA! Radwanska doing all she can to try to defend the break, but Zvonareva comes up with the goods to immediately break back in the set. This match could go any way. Neither woman overly convincing with the match going for one hour and 30 minutes. Back on serve.

  12. 0-1 - BREAK TO RADWANKSA! The Polish player made five unforced errors in the second set with Zvonareva throwing in 20 errors. That theme continues as the Russian drops serve in the opening game of this final set. Zvonareva all over the place in falling a break behind in the third set.

  13. 2-6 - SET TO RADWANKSA! Not sure how it reached this juncture, but Radwanska is level in this match. An astonishing loss of form by Zvonareva against an opponent who has an injured shoulder. Suddenly we are level in this match and heading for a third set.

  14. 2-5 - BREAK TO RADWANSKA! Zvonareva has threw in 17 unforced errors in this set, and she drops serve for a second time. This has been an astonishing collapse by the Russian. Was not a hint of this in the first set. What a change in a match. Suddenly the Polish player with the double break.

  15. 2-4 - Radwanska cements the break to lead 4-2. She looked out on her feet at the end of the first set, but is suddenly only two games away from forcing this match to a third set. A very unpredictable match. Zvonareva seems to have gone down a few levels.

  16. 2-3 - BREAK TO RADWANSKA! This set seems to going one way then the other. No sooner had Zvonareva broken back to love then she is immediately broken to love. Radwanska not slipping quietly into the night in this match. The Polish player leads by the odd game in five.

  17. 2-2 - BREAK TO ZVONAREVA! The Russian player recovers in some style to break back. Wins the game to deuce on the Radwanska serve aided by a couple of big winners. Suddenly looking brighter and sharper after that lull in her levels at the start of this set.

  18. 1-2 - A much better game from Zvonareva. More like her levels in the first set after two pretty forgettable game of this second set. She remains a break down, but she will be better pleased with how hard she was hitting the ball in that previous game. Radwanska to serve holding the break.

  19. 0-2 - A really loose game from Zvonareva, who loses the second game to love. Radwanksa has suddenly came to life. Holds that game with little problem. Will this prompt a response from Zvonareva, who has hit 12 winners to only three by her opponent in claiming the first set.

  20. 0-1 - BREAK TO RADWANSKA! Radwanska letting fly with some huge swings at the ball. Zvonareva seemed to lose concentration, and the Polish player pounces to break for the first time in the match. Fine response, but too early to say whether it is the start of a fightback.

  21. 6-1 - SET TO ZVONAREVA! Not a huge surprise to see the Russian clear up the set. Only 34 minutes for Zvonareva to win six straight games for a 1-0 lead. Difficult to see any way back for Radwanska, whose pitiful effort at a drop shot from the back of the court that hits the net sums up her need to win points without a rally. She is in some discomfort in this roomy arena.

  22. 5-1 - A love game for Zvonareva. Radwanska failing to get through the ball with her injured shoulder, and this is not good news. Looking like a formality here as Radwanska serves to stay in the set.

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  24. 4-1 - BREAK TO ZVONAREVA! Radwanska looks like she is in need of a bit of treatment at this present time. She throws in a double fault and receives a piece of coaching from the sidelines after falling two breaks down. The shoulder injury is not helping her. Not good news for her or Caroline Wozniacki, whose tournament is hanging by a thread.

  25. 3-1 - Zvonareva cements the break with several quite superb shots. One winner sees the Russian slam the ball Radwanska after an attempted lob came down with snow on it. Zvonareva cements the break to lead 3-1. Already looking like an uphill battle for Polish hopeful Radwanska.

  26. 2-1 - BREAK TO ZVONAREVA! The Russian very much the dominant force in that game. Allowing Radwanska no room to breathe at the back of the court as she brings up two break points. Snaps up the game on the first break point, and she moves 2-1 ahead. Ominous signs for Radwanska.

  27. 1-1 - Zvonareva quick to restore parity by holding serve in her own service game. Bouyed by her victory over Wozniacki last night, she knows a win here will seal her spot in the last four. 1-1. Early days yet.

  28. 0-1 - Radwanska looking a bit patched up with that shoulder injury. Doing really well to resist the best efforts of Zvonareva in that opening game to hold her serve despite being forced to deuce. Doesn't look too content, but at least she is off the board. Zvonareva to serve.

  29. 0-0 - Agnieszka Radwanska to serve in the opening game of the match.

  30. 18.55 - Good evening and welcome to LIVE coverage of Vera Zvonareva v Agnieszka Radwanska. The loser of this match is out.

Vera Zvonareva

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 07/09/1984
Height 1.72 m
Weight 59 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.72 m
Weight 56 kg

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