Sara Errani - Petra Kvitová Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicP Kvitová66---
ItalyS Errani44---

Live Comments

  1. - - So Kvitova is through to the semi-finals where she will face the winner of the next match on Rod Laver Arena between Maria Sharapova and her fellow Russian Ekaterina Makarova

  2. - - KVITOVA 6-4 6-4 – GAME, SET & MATCH – A huge backhand winner across court that Kvitova lands right on the sideline brings up three match points for the world number two ... She only needs the one though as he finds the back of the baseline with a forehand that Errani can only return into the bottom of the net.

  3. - - KVITOVA 6-4 5-4 – BREAK – Finally a bit of prolonged form from the world number two as she whips a dipping forehand across court that Errani can only return into the net to concede a break point. And it’s a break Kvitova does seal with a series of huge forehands that Errrani can only return long. The Czech player will serve for the match after the change of ends

  4. - - KVITOVA 6-4 4-4 – Kvitova gets things fully back on level terms with a much more solid service hold, this time to 15, sealing it with a forehand winner

  5. - - KVITOVA 6-4 3-4 – BREAK – Kvitova races up to the net to rattle off a backhand drive volley across court for a winner and deny Errani another hold, before a backhand into the net from the Italian hands her opponent a break back point. The chance goes begging when Kvitova sends a forehand return long, as does a second after a shocking backhand drive volley long down the line but she goes on to break at the third attempt with a more successful backhand. We’re back on serve in this second set

  6. - - KVITOVA 6-4 2-4 – Better from Kvitova as she holds from 30-30 with a couple of big serves and even bigger ground-strokes to follow them. She remains a break down in this second set though

  7. - - KVITOVA 6-4 1-4 – Errani holds to consolidate the break with a neat little flicked backhand across court on to the sidelines that, although she is there, Kvitova can only return into the net while going for an angled cross court forehand reply

  8. - - KVITOVA 6-4 1-3 – BREAK – Errani comes up with a great reactionary backhand volley winner down the line, booming forehand return of serve winner, also down the line, and a backhand return of serve winner drilled across court to put pressure on the Kvitova serve at deuce. And the Italian goes on to break at the first attempt when Kvitova dumps what should be a fairly routine backhand into the top of the net. All credit to Errani though, she is playing just about as well as she could be right now

  9. - - KVITOVA 6-4 1-2 – Kvitova is playing very erratically so far today, dumping a couple of shockers into the net before coming up with a blistering, low off forehand return of serve winner across court. But on the very next point she slaps long again and Errani holds to sneak in front, albeit only on serve, in this second set

  10. - - KVITOVA 6-4 1-1 – BREAK –Errani immediately gets the chance to break back, a backhand winner down the line bring up two break points. The first goes begging when her attempted low, angled forehand across court ends up in the net, and Kvitova saves the second, doing well to get up to a drop shot, pick the ball off her laces and send the backhand over for a passing shot winner. Kvitova also saves a third and a fourth before Errani finally breaks on the fifth, Kvitova hitting long

  11. - - KVITOVA 6-4 1-0 – BREAK – Errani saves an early break point with a shoulder-height forehand winner that she lands right in the corner to beat Kvitova for pace. A backhand winner riffled down the line quickly gives the Czech player a second chance but it again goes begging, this time when she sends a forehand return long of the baseline. An ace followed by a double fault bring up and waste a game point for Errani, and Kvitova goes on to break at the second attempt with another backhand winner

  12. - - KVITOVA 6-4 – SET – Much better from Kvitova second time around as she races out to two set points, only needing the one in the end as she steps inside the court and rattles off an inside out forehand winner right into the corner

  13. - - KVITOVA 5-4 – Errani holds to 15 to firmly put the pressure back on the Kvitova serve. The Czech second seed still has one break remaining and will have a second chance to serve out the set next

  14. - - KVITOVA 5-3 – BREAK – A cross court backhand that Kvitova can only return into the net hands Errani two more break back points. The first is saved by the world number two but she slaps down a double fault on the second and Errani has one of the breaks back. She’ll still have to serve to stay in it though

  15. - - KVITOVA 5-2 – BREAK – Kvitova is really finding her rhythm and her range now as a heavy forehand is returned wide down the line by Errani to hand her another break point. And one is all it takes as she works the Italian around the baseline, drawing the error on a sliced cross court back that Errani hits into the net. Kvitova will serve for the first set after the change of ends

  16. - - KVITOVA 4-2 – Kvitova wraps up the easiest service hold of the match so far as she takes it to 15 with a big first serve and forehand winner

  17. - - KVITOVA 3-2 – Errani does well to save a break point by moving Kvitova around the court and eventually drawing the backhand error, with the Czech hitting well wide across court. And, although Kvitova denies the Italian on game point with a crunching backhand return winner, she goes on to hold just two points later with a service winner

  18. - - KVITOVA 3-1 – This time Kvitova does manage to hold serve, albeit not totally without trouble, as she forces Errani from one side of the baseline to the other, eventually stretching the Italian enough that she is able to find space for the backhand winner across court

  19. - - KVITOVA 2-1 – BREAK – Three games down, three breaks of serve as Kvitova gets up to the net to flick a low forehand drop shot across court for a winner. Errani saves it but the Czech player gets a second chance and takes it with a huge forehand that her opponent can only return long

  20. - - KVITOVA 1-1 – BREAK – Kvitova looks to be heading towards a love service hold to consolidate the break only for a couple of loose shots to allow Errani a way back into the game. And the Italian goes on to break back with a fantastic backhand

  21. - - KVITOVA 1-0 – BREAK – Kvitova drills a backhand return of serve straight down the line for a winner on her way to earning an early break point. And sure enough she does grab the break right away with a forehand winner

  22. - - So, Errani won the toss and has opted to serve first. And we are ready to play ...

  23. - - These two have never faced each other before so expect both players to be feeling each other out a little in the first few games. That said, Kvitova will be loving the cooler weather as it will perfectly suit her game of hitting the ball with a huge amount of power

  24. - - It’s an overcast day in Melbourne today with the recent scorching mid-30 temperatures having departed for an altogether more comfortable high of 25. Currently it's about 21 degrees

  25. - - First up on Rod Laver is second seed Petra Kvitova, who meets Sara Errani of Italy. It's an 11am local time (midnight UK time) scheduled start, so don't go anywhere.

  26. - - Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Australian Open, with the semi-final line-up set to be completed by the end of the day.

Sara Errani

Nationality ITA
Date of Birth 29/04/1987
Height 1.64 m
Weight 60 kg

Petra Kvitová

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 08/03/1990
Height 1.82 m
Weight 70 kg

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