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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal66---
N Djokovic31---

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  1. - - Djokovic 3-6 1-6 - GAME, SET, MATCH & CHAMPIONSHIP! Djokovic really has given up. He gets a slices back into court, but leans on his racket as Nadal smashes down the middle for the winner. Djokovic tries to get over the high ball, but not enough as it goes long and it's two championship ace out wide and it's the perfect finish for Nadal. That's an astonishing eight straight tournament wins here.

  2. - - Djokovic 3-6 1-5 - BREAK! Maybe a false dawn though as the errors creep straight back in to give Rafa a 0-30 lead. A drilled crosscourt passing shot leaves Djokovic with no chance for three break points....and a pump of his massive bicep as Djokovic hits into the top of the net.

  3. - - Djokovic 3-6 1-4 - BREAK! Is this all over? All of a sudden it's three break points for Djokovic, the first of the match for the world number one as Rafa hits into the net. And he does so again. Djokovic has one abck now, but he'll still need a second break and quickly as well.

  4. - - Djokovic 3-6 0-4 - BREAK! Only the fourth point in this set that Djokovic has won as Rafa hits into the net as he goes for the winner. Glimpses of promise though for the Serbian as he follows it up with a dominant rally and the point. It was only a glimpse though - he now looks like he's all but given up as he's sent the wrong way. Superhuman from Nadal as he lobs Novak, then slots the follow up away with ease.

  5. - - Djokovic 3-6 0-3 - Error, error, error, error, game. That sums up that. Rafa's won 17 of the past 22 points and this match is very nearly all over. This is the worst that Djokovic has played for a good couple of years.

  6. - - Djokovic 3-6 0-2 - BREAK! A lovely drop volley from Nadal brings the scores to 15-15. Djokovic is the first to blink as he goes for the drop shot and Rafa gets there with ease. It's just getting inexplicable from Novac as a simple backhand is about 15 feet long. Two break points...he's not beaten yet as he swings one way then the other and out of the reach of the Spaniard. Once again that backhand miles long and the early break.

  7. - - Djokovic 3-6 0-1 - Djokovic opens with a promising return winner to open the second set, but Rafa reels off four consecutive points with ease to take the game. Here's a stat for you, when Rafa's won the opening set on clay, he's only ever lost 191 matches.

  8. - - Djokovic 3-6 - SET! More terrible errors from Djokovic; the second schoolboy as his smash from midcourt goes into the net. He reduces the arrears by forcing the Nadal error, but once again his backhand lets him down and it's two set rescued superbly with a volley over his shoulder, but the errors continue to stack up and that's the net as his backhand drifts out.

  9. - - Djokovic 3-5 - Nadal's put on the backfoot by a vicious return, but Djokovic hits the follow up wide. The Serbian with an almost unfeasible get, but Nadal once again bludgeons it onto the line for a winner. Another winner into the forehand side of Djokovic for 40-0. You can see why Rafa's avoiding that backhand side as Djokovic rips off a winner, but it won't matter.

  10. - - Djokovic 3-4 - Djokovic clips the line with an angled inside-out forehand, then takes the game as he shows just what he can do; incredible angled groundstrokes and a gorgeous drop shot winner.

  11. - - Djokovic 2-4 - Djokovic comes to the net and puts away the volley with ease. More poor play from Novak though as he hits a midcourt backhand into the net. He batters the next short ball from Nadal though for a winner, then somehow picks up a Nadal slice that bounces inches off the ground and puts it right in the corner. Djokovic's squash style forehand slice drifts out for deuce...once again Novak just needs to put the easy ball away and he knocks it wide. Break point, but he saves it...

  12. - - Djokovic 2-4 - The crowd are almost a bit surprised by Novak's sloppiness. The fiercest returner in the game is struggling to get the ball back with any sort of interest. His latest forehand into the net gives Nadal a 40-0 lead once again, then the Spaniard sends his opponent the wrong way to take the game to love.

  13. - - Djokovic 2-3 - Djokovic is really struggling to cut out the errors as he opens his serve with another. Rafa lets him off the hook though with one of his own. Djokovic almost drops a slice over Rafa's head, but it's out. A big crosscourt backhand puts Novak up and he takes the game after chasing down a drop shot and putting the ball deep enough to force Nadal into the net.

  14. - - Djokovic 1-3 - Errors fly of Djokovic's racket as Nadal quickly races into a 40-0 lead. A rare double fault from Rafa though puts his opponent on the scoreboard. That's the break completed however as yet another weak return drifts low into the net.

  15. - - Djokovic 1-2 - BREAK! Djokovic batters a forehand wide, Rafa is on top in the next rally, but frames a forehand and it drops just long. Djokovic missiles a backhand into the corner, then swats away the weak return. Nadal betters him though with a piercing backhand winner up the line. First break point for Rafa as Djokovic hits long...a terrible backhand miles wide and Nadal gets it.

  16. - - Djokovic 1-1 - Breathtaking tennis from both players as Nadal eventually comes out on top with the smash. Novak on the next point though takes control, comes to the net and volleys the winner. Ominous signs for Rafa already...the Spaniard's forehand is whipped wide of the line, but he makes up for it with a big second serve. Important early hold as two heavy serves down the middle get him out of trouble.

  17. - - Djokovic 1-0 - It's Djokovic who gets us underway on serve and it's a solid opening as he rattles off the opening two points, Nadal clipping the net twice. A complete hash of the return from Rafa then a brutal backhand up the line from way outside the court from Novak and it's the game to love.

  18. 13:07 - Who is favourite today? It should be almightly close. Djokovic surely won't have the dominant season he had last year, and Nadal is certainly looking better than last year, but the Serbian will have a distinct psychological advantage here.

  19. 13:05 - Nadal edges their head-to-head record 16 matches to 14, but Novak has astonishingly won their past seven meetings, two of them coming on this surface

  20. 13:00 - Hello and welcome to live game-by-game coverage of the Monte-Carlo Masters final between world number one Novak Djokovic and Rafal Nadal; the king of clay.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. Sam oh Sam calm down little she boy. Come on I­ didn't say that to kill your family. I said kill­ yourself okay... why can't you just let us be happy­ that our beloved Rafa Nadal won. Come on little she boy­ grow up.

    From Jun, on Mon 23 Apr 10:49
  2. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Jun u mass murderer what did u say? U said to kill my­ whole family? U psycho why don't u kill ur family­ and I will come to spit on ur graves u barbaric sick­ nadal fan! U should be arrested I wish u were not­ hiding otherwise I would have sued u for the little­ money I have u Brooke piece of garbage hope u have all­ the cancers in the world and get beheaded one day on­ and publicly executed!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 22 Apr 23:54
  3. I think is premature to see Rafa wining RG! Let"s­ see at the beginning what happens at Madrid and Rome,­ then we can have a better view!!! There are some other­ players that can win at RG, at least they have the game­ to do it!

    From IONEL, on Sun 22 Apr 22:38
  4. well done Rafa.true champion

    From RBS, on Sun 22 Apr 20:52
  5. See you in Madrid, Rome and Paris.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 22 Apr 20:05
  6. sam parikh, donno why you such a loser for hating on­ others victory*SMH*

    From Sodiq, on Sun 22 Apr 18:33
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Mr brig is the greatest clay court player of all time­ that's it period! Given the latest racquet and­ strings borg would have beaten nadal on Nadals best day­ on clay hands down! Why simple Borg was more talented­ and the topspin that nadal uses is taught to him by his­ master Borg!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 22 Apr 18:15
  8. Rafa congratulation. Rafa is great and strong player.­ God bless you. We have proud on great rafa.

    From jodh, on Sun 22 Apr 17:14
  9. Sam, you will soon love Nadal especially if he wins the­ French and Wimbledon. He may not win the USO as Fed and­ Djoko are the best on that surface but you never know.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 22 Apr 16:01
  10. It's eight victories consecutively, wow! That­ record will be there for quite some time to be­ equalled. Nadal finally beat Nole in an emphatic­ fashion, what an athlete he is. To think he is just­ 25yrs is to begin to imagine what he would have­ achieved, were it not for a certain Djokovic,another­ extra ordinary athlete, this is without doubt the best­ times for our sports. This victory will serve as a­ confidence boost to Nadal, the greatest claycourter of­ all times, no doubt. Vamos Rafa, the king of clay.

    From Paddy Paddy, on Sun 22 Apr 15:59
  11. The only reason why mails are posted by Sam is because­ of the fact that kids easily get access to the­ internet. If not, we wouldnt have had such a bullock in­ our midst. I bet u guys, Sam is a spoiled brat. He is­ just excited to be in the computer age, pasting mails­ he doesnt even seem to know about. If he was so mature,­ his words would have contained some wisdom. His­ postings seem like 'modified copy-paste''­ to me.

    From Ndeh, on Sun 22 Apr 15:51
  12. I will give them one thing...Sam Parikh and his cohorts­ do make me laugh.

    From Dan, on Sun 22 Apr 15:34
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    NDEH u try to sound like a bright person....but u r­ ur talking thrash cause ur hero­ won......wait till the french open...and trust me i­ will do a lot of talkin there!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 22 Apr 15:21
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Nicholas first time first time i agree with your­ comments....i myself believe that rafa played a great­ match today and deserved to win....ur comments are on­ the money. Lets see what happens at the french! ­ nothing wrong with having fav players...some like nadal­ some like novak and some like federer.....but i have­ noticed that the nadal fans are ruthless...and­ desrespectful....spitting venom after rafa beats­ federer....where as fed fans are gentelmen.....except­ from myself.....and novaks fans are normal fans....but­ rafa fans are fanatics....that is the reason i say what­ i say...other than that i have nothing against­ rafa....think he is a lot better than some of his­ fans......

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 22 Apr 15:20
  15. Hello mates, lets just enjoy the great tennis these­ fantastic guys offer us. Just forget about the retarded­ soul called Sam. He got issues. Lets just forget­ writing back at him because he feels important when he­ gets replied. Ignore the fool. It is clear he does not­ know what he wants given that he does not know what he­ has. I think Sam is such a person who gives his mother­ different names within a 20 minute­ interval(super-dementia). All guys here are gentlemen­ with mutual respect except the so called Sam. Ignore­ him mates. Congrats Rafa and Nole. You all with Fed and­ all tennis players give us fun to watch!!

    From Ndeh, on Sun 22 Apr 14:58
  16. That's 8 Monte Carlo Titles in a row for Nadal. We­ may never see that kind of domination again. We are­ witnessing one of the greatest clay court players of­ all time. What a priviledge.

    From Great Eddie, on Sun 22 Apr 14:53
  17. The bull in Nadal is reborn! Pls keep it up and get­ back to ur usual winning self. Voom voom Rafa!

    From george, on Sun 22 Apr 14:53
  18. Nadal has now won 20 masters and alone at the top.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 22 Apr 14:50
  19. Go on Rafa.

    From Greg, on Sun 22 Apr 14:47
  20. Sam , we all remember you too for all the wrong­ reasons. One suggestion before it is too late for you.­ I hope you saw how Novak congratulated Rafa after­ losing and hope a little bit of that rubs off on you.­ But i harbour little hope because i think you are too­ far gone, be that as it may i'm glad that Rafa­ learned from last year and played more aggressively and­ not as predictable as last year. This was a very­ important win.

    From Anindita, on Sun 22 Apr 14:44
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