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  1. - Nadal defeats Ferrer in the Barcelona final for the fourth time in five years but it was a tremendous attempt from the challenger. An absorbing contest falls in favour of the world number two though.

  2. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 7-5 - Lovely stuff from Nadal as he opens up a 0-30 lead. Just two points away now. Ferrer then thumps a forehand wide to give Nadal three match points and he needs just the one, firing home a forehand with Ferrer stranded to set the seal on a memorable victory, and his seventh triumph in Barcelona.

  3. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 6-5 - A brilliant, brilliant cross-field backhand from Nadal has Ferrer stretching in vain and gives the former a 40-0 lead on his serve. A delicate chip just about gets the job done as Ferrer races into the net but sends his shot out.

  4. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 5-5 - Ferrer is serving for the set but starts in inauspicious fashion when going wide twice. Nadal is unable to return the next serve though, and Ferrer puts away a smash for 30-30. Nadal carves out a break point but pumps his backhand long for deuce, while another is dismissed when Ferrer executes a gorgeous pick-up volley at the net. Nadal then blows the minds of those present in Barcelona when keeping a smash in play and winning the point. Ferrer fires wide as Nadal breaks.

  5. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 4-5 - Nadal is placed under pressure when going 0-30 behind on his own serve before Ferrer produces one of the points of the game, drilling in a brilliant backhand from deep before racing to the net and thumping the ball to the corner. With two break points, Ferrer is so, so unlucky to place a volley into the top of the net despite anticipating the passing shot from Nadal. But Nadal double faults!

  6. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 4-4 - Again Ferrer comes back, he has been so resilient in this match, and a whipped forehead beats Nadal as he begins to move the wrong way. Nadal then squirts a shot just out and on the next point Ferrer wrong-foots Nadal again with a neat backhand across court to level.

  7. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 4-3 - The two trade points for 15-15 on the Nadal serve before a Ferrer shot drops just wide, requiring the umpire to come and check the clay for marks. Nadal holds to 30 with an unreturnable serve. The reigning champion is back on course.

  8. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 3-3 - A wild shot from Nadal allows Ferrer to go 30-15 in front on his own serve and the latter then produces a fine cross-court backhand to edge further in front. A long forehand from Nadal gives Ferrer the game.

  9. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 3-2 - A fine response from Ferrer as he opens up a 0-40 lead on the Nadal serve. Such impressive resilience and spirit. Nadal shows some of his own when forcing his way back into the game for deuce but Ferrer has another break point and Nadal fires a backhand shot into the net as he is broken.

  10. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 3-1 - Magnificent tennis from Nadal as he takes a 0-30 lead on the Ferrer serve with a sumptuous forehand. Ferrer clings on at 15-40 and then beats Nadal, at full stretch, with a forehand into the corner before securing deuce when finishing off a great rally with an overhead volley at the net. Nadal produces some of his best tennis to earn another break point and converts when Ferrer goes long with a forehand.

  11. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 2-1 - Nadal is less fluent now and allows Ferrer to level at 15-15. However, he pulls together two points and then secures the game with a volley from an acute angle.

  12. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 1-1 - The favourite opens up a 0-30 lead when racing around the court to keep Ferrer on his toes and forcing his opponent to slice into the net. Ferrer pulls it back to 40-30 with some power hitting of his own before Nadal hits a backhand long.

  13. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) 1-0 - Ferrer switches to a blue shirt and shows no real ill effects of that quick tie-break defeat when finding the line with an expert forehand to open up a 30-15 lead on the Nadal serve. Nadal responds with two serves and then wraps up the opening game.

  14. - NADAL 7-6 (7-1) - Ferrer has crumbled here. He pounds a backhand into the net to give Nadal five set points and then fires the ball long to give Nadal the first set. That was an epic battle, with Ferrer surely ruing his failure to convert any of those six set points at 5-6.

  15. - NADAL 6-6 (5-1) - Ferrer produces a double fault at a terrible time and then gets his feet in a mess when punching a shot well long. Two mini-breaks to Nadal and then Rafa holds to take a big lead.

  16. - NADAL 6-6 (2-1) - Ferrer concedes a mini-break when opening with his serve but Nadal then goes long for 1-1. Ferrer fires a backhand long as the tie-break goes with serve.

  17. - NADAL 6-6 - Nadal must serve to stay in the set and Ferrer attacks. He ups the ante with a crosscourt backhand for 30-30 but then clings on for deuce. Ferrer has set point when Nadal finds the net with an attempted drop shot but the world number two responds with a thunderous forehand. He has another set point following a big crosscourt forehand and again Nadal saves himself. A third goes unconverted, as does a fourth, and a fifth. Finally Nadal edges in front and holds on for a tie-break.

  18. - NADAL 5-6 - Nadal hammers a forehand deep towards the right corner to level at 15-15 and, in a rather scrappy game, Ferrer finds the net with a forehand error to allow Nadal in at deuce. The world number two sends a desperate lob just out of play but recovers with a lovely cushioned volley in the next point. After another deuce, Nadal produces a wonderful forehand winner down the line but Ferrer responds, and goes on to claim an epic game.

  19. - NADAL 5-5 - Nadal takes control with a huge forehand to make it 30-15 and then pounds the ball to the other side of the court to open up a 40-15 lead. Ferrer can't cope with him on his serve right now. A backhand down the line then forces Ferrer into a volley that squirms out.

  20. - NADAL 4-5 - Oh my. That is just wonderful. Nadal produces a quite brilliant forehand passing shot at full stretch. Ferrer responds with some big shots and then a delightful half-volley to open up a 40-15 lead. A booming backhand gives him the game and a 5-4 lead. Now the pressure is on Rafa...

  21. - NADAL 4-4 - A wild backhand from Ferrer sees him spurn the chance to open up a 0-30 lead on the Nadal serve. However, he eventually makes it 30-30 when showing great powers of recovery before Nadal finds the net. Ferrer misjudges a leave as a Nadal backhand just sneaks in. Nadal holds thanks to some power hitting that spreads Ferrer across the court.

  22. - NADAL 3-4 - Ferrer eases to a 30-0 lead but then finds himself pegged back when Nadal's double-handed backhand dips viciously into his feet. A gorgeous forehand prevents Ferrer from holding to 15 but on the next point Nadal sends another forehand long.

  23. - NADAL 3-3 - Ferrer allows Nadal to open up a 30-15 when sending a forehand into the net and then sends a backhand return arcing outside the tramlines. However, Nadal proves sloppy himself as Ferrer pulls it back to deuce, but saves a break point with a thunderous forehand. Nadal takes the game when racing onto a backhand and punching it past Ferrer.

  24. - NADAL 2-3 - A sumptuous drop shot from Ferrer from the baseline before Nadal levels things up with a backhand followed by a decent slice and a more subtle volley. The two trade points before Ferrer takes charge with a sliding forehand down the line, only to fall foul of an unforced error to make it deuce. A brilliant rally ends with Nadal smashing a volley away to end Ferrer's dogged resistance but his opponent responds and Ferrer holds courtesy of a glorious forehand that clips the line.

  25. - NADAL 2-2 - A double fault to open for Nadal, his first of the game, and Ferrer's pace on the court then forces Nadal to make another shot, which he fails to do when slicing a volley into the net. Two mistakes from Ferrer take Nadal back level at 30-30 though and the latter sees the game out with little fuss.

  26. - An elderly man is helped from the stands but he is on his feet. We will continue.

  27. - We have a delay as one of the spectators in Barcelona has apparently collapsed in the heat. Both players look on as medical staff attend to the person in question.

  28. - NADAL 1-2 - Lovely stuff from Ferrer. He takes a 30-0 lead thanks to a firm backhand followed up by a gorgeous cushioned volley at the net. However, an unforced error allows Nadal back in at 30-30 and another faulty backhand sees him concede a break point. Nadal takes it when Ferrer hammers a shot into the net from the centre of the court.

  29. - NADAL 0-2 -Nadal's ground strokes have been a touch rusty in the early stages and he finds himself 0-40 down on serve when Ferrer catches him out with a dipping forehand into his feet at the net. Nadal saves the first break point but then finds the net with a backhand. A break!

  30. - NADAL 0-1 - Ferrer opens with a double fault but in the second point of the match draws Nadal into a lengthy rally before the world number two finds the net with a backhand. A missed drop shot is quickly corrected by a huge forehand from Nadal but Ferrer wraps up the first game when his opponent thumps the ball into the net once again.

  31. - Here we go, Ferrer to serve first...

  32. - The two players are warming up in Barcelona, Nadal in brilliant orange, Ferrer resplendent in white. Ferrer will probably get grubby very quickly as Nadal sends him sprawling around all four corners of the court though.

  33. - Ferrer looks to have only the slimmest of chances of a win today as he doesn't possess the brute force necessary to unsettle the greatest clay-court player tennis has seen. Ferrer also had to survive match points against Feliciano Lopez earlier in this tournament.

  34. - The world number two has lost only eight times on clay since 2005, winning 213 times, and has a 13-4 record over Ferrer during his career. Nadal is obviously the huge favourite .

  35. - Six-time champion Nadal thrashed Fernando Verdasco on Saturday to reach the final, dropping four games in the process. He faces Ferrer in the final for a fourth time and is on a 33-game unbeaten streak in this tournament.

  36. - Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of the final of the ATP Barcelona Open between Spaniards Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer.

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

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  1. Is too early to say that Rafa will win RG!

    From IONEL, on Tue 1 May 8:18
  2. Sam darling....with all my respect for Roger...he had­ not 10 slams at Rafa's age. They both are great,in­ their own way. End of disscution!

    From Pitic, on Sun 29 Apr 19:40
  3. If you look at grand slam titles since 2005 when rafa­ won his first french open .....the numbers are very­ similar

    From Winston, on Sun 29 Apr 18:50
  4. Sam roger's older and been on the tour for longer­ !!! Increasing his chances of winning more slams .....

    From Winston, on Sun 29 Apr 18:45
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Mr firoz the facts are federer has 16 slams and ur­ hero has 10 slams end of conversation !

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 29 Apr 18:27
  6. . The most awaited French Open will be on the last week­ of May. It's hard to tell who will be in the Nadal­ Final. Will it be Djoko or Fed? or a new face? We will­ have an idea after Rome and Madrid which were won by­ Djoko last year.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 29 Apr 18:12
  7. Congratulations to Rafa!! And an excellent fight from­ David!! I hope they meet again in another final soon!!

    From sarah37729, on Sun 29 Apr 18:07
  8. Hmm...close, but no cigar for Ferrer again. ­ Predictable. Sometimes you wonder...

    From joeblogs, on Sun 29 Apr 17:58
  9. Congraulations Rafa, the ultimate king of clay.

    From , on Sun 29 Apr 17:57
  10. Vamos David!!!

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Sun 29 Apr 17:40
  11. Sam and you are qualified ! ? What I stated are facts-­ just google !

    From Firoz, on Sun 29 Apr 17:40
  12. Does SAM work for eurosport now?

    From , on Sun 29 Apr 17:35
  13. Sam, federer is ashamed to have you as a fan

    From , on Sun 29 Apr 17:32
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Firoz ur not qualified to talk in this forum u talk­ thrash!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 29 Apr 17:31
  15. amazing match!

    From Maria, on Sun 29 Apr 17:26
  16. Fed and Djoko are probably watching the King of Clay to­ learn his weaknesses and capitalize on them when they­ play him in Rome, Madrid and the FO. They have a very­ good chance of beating Rafa especially in Wimby and USO­ but not in Nadal's territory where the Mr. Nice Guy­ of Tennis rules as the King of Clay.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 29 Apr 17:23
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Yes yes yes rafa is winning Barcelona I guaranteed tat!­ I also guaranteed rafa will lose the French! Yes no­ excuses now he is fit and playing his best!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 29 Apr 17:18
  18. In actual fact Rafa should be no 1 if there was no­ ranking system. Rafa on head to head statistics has­ superior record against all the top players in ALL­ surfaces-including Nole, Federer, Murray, Tsonga,­ Ferrer etc

    From Firoz, on Sun 29 Apr 17:15
  19. Wow, Nadal has his A-game back!

    From Neetme, on Sun 29 Apr 17:11
  20. Their both machines, running non-stop, but I somehow­ like Ferrer more, his style of play is so entertaining­ you know, shooting flat and hard, unlike Nadal high and­ bouncing, also, I found ferrer more a fighter, he is­ working so so hard, thats why he is called the Bull.

    From Mboy, on Sun 29 Apr 17:04
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