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BelarusV Azarenka66---
PolandA Radwanska13---

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Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.8 m
Weight 60 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.72 m
Weight 56 kg

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  1. 4 Runner and Athletic- U r waste Jealous Morons! U r­ big losers Moron!

    From Krzysztof, on Mon 30 Apr 9:42
  2. JOLA: i dnt know what you are talking about...why­ there is a word whom it refers to these? and­ how you define ugly? so therefore if there is a word­ ugly there are human being referring ? am i­ right....sorry JOLA ur ugly too !

    From Athletic, on Sun 29 Apr 17:17
  3. @18 Runner... Glupi jestes chlopie i tyle...

    From Danny CFC, on Sun 29 Apr 10:50
  4. When I saw Azarenka on how she reacted when her­ opponent (Petkovic) got injured, told me a lot about­ what a classy girl she is (unlike how Radwanska reacted­ to Azarenka's injury). She ran up and bought­ Petkovic a bag of ice and personally helped carry­ Petkovic out of the court. These are people who have­ humanity within them and understand that there are­ bigger things than a tennis match when you see someone­ injured. I think that some of it is cultural and­ family upbringing.

    From Runner, on Sat 28 Apr 22:08
  5. Radwanska is ugly in many ways more than just her face:­ her personality, her jealous accusations, her poor­ loser attitude and of course her ugly brand of moon­ ball tennis. Yes she is ugly. Some people are­ beautiful and some people are ugly. This is a fact,­ too bad if some don't like to face up to it, but if­ they carried themselves with some poise, maybe we would­ not point them out.

    From Runner, on Sat 28 Apr 22:04
  6. Victoria Azarenka - the better FAR superior player...­ FACT ;o) - Next.......

    From John, on Sat 28 Apr 21:42
  7. Jola: Are you sayin that there are no ugly women? If­ so., travel to the planet Aga is on as she is on her­ own there as well until a smaller tourn comes up.....

    From John, on Sat 28 Apr 21:40
  8. Jola: Athletic didnt say woman are ugly, he said Aga -­ get you facts straight!!!

    From John, on Sat 28 Apr 21:39
  9. The better player won convincingly. Too bigger tourn­ for Aga I'm afraid....

    From John, on Sat 28 Apr 21:38
  10. Only losers say that a woman is ugly.. Athletic,­ you're so dumb

    From Jola, on Sat 28 Apr 19:57
  11. Vica congrats but the job is not done yet u need to yes­ u need to retire Serena next time u meet that beast­ Serena bash her destroy her demolish her and demoralize­ her like never before! And eventually retire her! ­ Break her moral break her down mentally!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 28 Apr 17:22
  12. Ingo, Radwanska didn't play against Barthel so you­ can't tell if Mona is better than Agnieszka. You­ can only judge by them playing against each other. Will­ you say that Sharapova is worse than Mona because­ Sharapova lost every match with Azarenka this year?­ Think before you post so stupid comments

    From Jola, on Sat 28 Apr 16:39
  13. OMG, stop talking about yesterday's match Barthel­ vs Azarenka. In the end of the day Barthel lost so this­ talk doesn't make sense

    From Jola, on Sat 28 Apr 16:30
  14. Mona Barthel plays much better then the number four in­ the World. Hope that WTA changes the rukles for the­ World Ranking to an ELO System or something based on­ playing strenghts. It is rididulous if a number seven­ is in reality a class below the number 35!

    From Ingo, on Sat 28 Apr 15:56
  15. I thought it would be more fight. But nothing happened.­ Good tennis only from Victoria. I'd better follow­ Ferrer - Raonic :)

    From Marieclaire Lacroix, on Sat 28 Apr 14:20
  16. Radwanska lacks aggression n mental strent

    From enoch, on Sat 28 Apr 14:09
  17. What a "shower"!!! Radwanska doesn't­ exist at all, Mona Barthel, young German could have won­ yesterday with Azarenka. I see no chance for Polish­ girl. Such a gap!

    From Josephine Baker, on Sat 28 Apr 13:44
  18. C'mon Agnieszka u can do it! Just believe it! U r­ clever player C'mon!

    From Krzysztof, on Sat 28 Apr 12:03
  19. Go Agnieszka, it's final time for a revenge

    From Jola, on Sat 28 Apr 10:41
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