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Victoria Azarenka - Dominika Cibulková Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SlovakiaD Cibulková67---
BelarusV Azarenka26---

Live Comments

  1. - - AZARENKA 2-6 6-7(4) - GAME SET AND MATCH CIBULKOVA! Azarenka goes wide after a brilliant rally from both women and it's match point to the Slovak!!! And another brilliant point as a rally at the net sees backhand sliced volleys galore, Azarenka somehow winning it with a lofted one behind the Slovak! Still match point though. Another rally follows AND CIBULKOVA HAS DONE IT WITH A BRILLIANT ANGLED DRIVE THAT LEAVES THE WORLD NO. 1 FOR DEAD! Stosur or Stephens up next for the Slovak. Chapeau! Women's draw!

  2. - - AZARENKA 2-6 6-6(3-5) - A minibreak for Cibulkova now as she gives Azarenka the runaround! But an awesome serve keeps her honest, Cibulkova on serve now and Azarenka nets! Two points from the win!!

  3. - - AZARENKA 2-6 6-6 - BREAK BACK! Well Azarenka is serving for the set but Cibulkova brings up double break point with a super return. And she takes it as Azarenka's weak serve makes no impact, the return fierce and the next shot long! Tiebreak!!

  4. - - AZARENKA 2-6 6-5 - BREAK! Ha, well double-break point for Azarenka who has woken up it seems, one saved with a fine smash though. But taken at the next point and now Azarenka is serving for the second set. Well then.

  5. - - AZARENKA 2-6 5-5 - Serving to save the match, Azarenka shows why she's world number one with a confident hold to love.

  6. - - AZARENKA 2-6 4-5 - Another hold for Cibulkova and Azarenka serves to stay in the match.

  7. - - AZARENKA 2-6 4-4 - Cibulkova goes long and an easy hold for Azarenka as the Slovak fails to return properly.

  8. - - AZARENKA 2-6 3-4 - BREAK BACK! Was than at 'allez' from Cibulkova after moving 40-30 up? Playing to the crowd are you? Pegged back to deuce as Azarenka attacks the net. Break point now but the Belarus star pumps a forehand long and it's deuce again. She has to break back here. And she has another chance after dictating a rally and passing it wide of a stranded Cibulkova. This is a keeper as they trade points, and a double-fault sees Azarenka break back. Vital.

  9. - - AZARENKA 2-6 2-4 - BREAK!! Another break for Cibulkova, who is now playing the tennis of her life with no response from the Belarusian!

  10. - - AZARENKA 2-6 2-3 - Cibulkova saves a break point with a tasty serve, and has game point after Azarenka puts a strong return too low. It was a weak second serve too, begging for a burying. And the underdog holds as Azarenka nets.

  11. - - AZARENKA 2-6 2-2 - BREAK! Cibulkova with a fizzing return that Azarenka can't match and she is 30-0 up against serve. And now Azarenka goes long so it's three break points! Good serve though, the return netted; but a fine drop shot from Cibulkova sees Azarenka meet it with a lunge before sending the forehand well wide! Break back!

  12. - - AZARENKA 2-6 2-1 - Cibulkova engages Azarenka in a few rallies but is never under threat as she too holds. The world number one still a break to the good in the second set.

  13. - - AZARENKA 2-6 2-0 - Ah but sloppy again from the big lass as she makes a series of error to 15-40. She gets back to deuce though as Cibulkova twice goes long. And the Belarusian holds on to serve in the end to protect that break.

  14. - - AZARENKA 2-6 1-0 - BREAK! That's more like the Vicky we know and love. Utterly dominant against serve to power to an early break.

  15. - - AZARENKA 2-6 - BREAK AND SET! Set point Cibulkova as she outboxes Azarenka on a rally, and taken as a poor shot from the Belarusian lands long! Azarenka having a 'mare at the moment, nowhere near her best.

  16. - - AZARENKA 2-5 - Strong hold from Cibulkova as Azarenka repeatedly finds the mesh with her groundstrokes.

  17. - - AZARENKA 2-4 - BREAK! Two break points for Cibulkova with Azarenka nowhere near on top form, error after error... and a lovely crosscourt drive from the Slovak has the Belarusian scrambling, and she can only net her backhand! Break!

  18. - - AZARENKA 2-3 - Another long one as Azarenka grunts her way to deuce on serve. And a gruelling rally goes the world number one's way as the Slovak nets a forehand, but she can't take her advantage as Cibulkova responds with a powerful drive. Eventually the Belarusian holds as her drive lands beyond the Slovak.

  19. - - AZARENKA 1-2 - Cibulkova manages to follow that with a hold as the Belarusian weakly fires one into the net.

  20. - - AZARENKA 1-1 - BREAK! I always say that a long game is worth it when a break of serve results, but Azarenka is poor on serve as Cibulkova rams a killer return away to break back in quick time!

  21. - - AZARENKA 1-0 - BREAK! An epic, 16-minute opening game finally comes to a conclusion as Cibulkova twice goes long and Azarenka breaks at the first time of asking. Patient from the Belarusian, but that was an error-strewn opening from both women.

  22. - - AZARENKA 0-0 - Some flirtation around deuce, both women going long at times and Azarenka spurning a couple of break points as her mobile opponent sprays about some nice groundstrokes. And a fine forehand pass gives Cibulkova advantage, which she fails to take. She has another chance to hold though as Vicky nets, but she goes long with another unforced error. Still grinding out this opening game, while on the other show-court Nole is 3-0 up already.

  23. - - AZARENKA 0-0 - Slovakia's Cibulkova gets things underway and she races into a 40-0 lead with some accurate serving, although Vicky A powers a nice volley away to pull one back. And the Slovak fluffs a weak forehand into net and it's 40-30. And again she cracks under the slighest pressure from the baseline and it's deuce. And now break point Azarenka as she hustles her opponent at the net before volleying clear. But a backhand to net brings up deuce again. Gruelling game.

  24. - - Both world number ones are in action at the same time - with Djokovic taking on Seppi on Philippe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen has Victoria Azarenka against Dominika Cibulkova. This match is on Eurosport 2 and the Player.

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

Dominika Cibulková

Nationality SVK
Date of Birth 06/05/1989
Height 1.6 m
Weight 55 kg

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  1. Cibulková - Kvitova final would be great but think­ Sharapova has this GS the way she is playing....

    From John, on Mon 4 Jun 6:25
  2. Jola, calm down - I have not pointed a finger at­ Radwanska personally - I just think that the womens­ game is much more open than the mens as in the top 3 -­ so I am stating a FACT that Radwanska or Woz have not­ won a GS - Miami is not a GS FACT even though you seem­ to think it is a 5th GS - the fact of the matter it is­ not! Therefore her performances against the bigger­ players she loses her cool! I do like Petra for sure as­ you like you beloved Aga and nothing wrong with that­ but I must point out that Petra, even though no4 in the­ world has a GS to her name FACT! As for the mens game,­ the top 3 are winning the GS's so a little more­ predictable than the womens game.... even though they­ grunt just as much as the women..... Dont worry,­ Radwanska has a chance at Wimbledon to get to the 4th­ round.....

    From John, on Mon 4 Jun 6:22
  3. Dominica played her best she deserve it

    From Ron, on Mon 4 Jun 5:02
  4. good luck cibulkova, its so good for the game to see­ the wimpping azarenka get kicked out,well done,

    From tony, on Sun 3 Jun 17:01
  5. John, so according to you Miami is a minor tournament?­ Experts say that this is the 5th Grand Slam and­ Radwanska won it. I would understand your bitterness if­ she was no. 1 but she is no. 3 because she's been­ playing consistently for some time. And you wrote that­ among top 7 female players there is only one who­ didn't win GS. Let me remind you that in top 7 male­ players 4 didn't win GS. Are you jealous that­ she's higher than your beloved Petra? because I­ don't see any reason for your rudeness towards­ Radwanska

    From Jola, on Sun 3 Jun 16:59
  6. Thanks Kennedy. To be honest they dont bash Azarenka so­ much as she actually has a GS to her credit unlike­ Wozanaki and Radwanska who is 3rd in the world who win­ minor comps! ;o) - Totally agree with the grunting­ 100% though ;o)

    From John, on Sun 3 Jun 15:18
  7. Hmmmm.. so the world number one fails to make the­ final, much like the previous former number one who­ went out yesterday. Uh so exactly where are all the­ Wozniacki bashers who enjoy to ridicule her ranking­ every time she loses?!?! Doesn't this lost put­ Azarenka in the same league as Wozniacki and the rest­ who were former number ones yet fail to win a Grandslam­ while holding the top tanking. How come no one is­ bashing Azarenka here?

    From *~*Kennedy*~*, on Sun 3 Jun 14:59
  8. @ John - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! It frustrates me­ soooooooo much how much ppl love to complain about the­ grunting from the women yet no one bothers to say a­ thing about the men when they grunt - AND THEY DO­ GRUNT. Just listen to the finals between Nadal and­ Djokovic. That's a grunt fest right there!!!­ Blatant sexism if you ask me!!!

    From *~*Kennedy*~*, on Sun 3 Jun 14:49
  9. I laugh so much at the comments regarding her­ Victoria's shreaking etc. I read comments non stop­ about her and know what. I am just watching­ the Seppi - Djokovic match - Have you heard how loud­ Djokovic is? I will wait to see how many comments made­ on the males game lol - Non as per normal.......

    From John, on Sun 3 Jun 14:31
  10. Congrats to dominika, it was a well deserved victory­ over the world number one. The ladies are playing a bit­ better now and it is encouraging. Now the world number­ one djokovic is two sets down on seppi . Lets hope he­ survives his own, I really want to see what he can do­ to stop nadal if they eventually reach the finals.

    From Tanku, on Sun 3 Jun 14:25
  11. Great job Dominika, simply too strong for Victoria­ today. Just shows it's tough being the best in the­ world! Nothing plastic about her position, only one­ player in the top 7 hasnt won a GS - seems a little­ more plastic to me! Dominika played very well for sure­ and deserves the next round. Looks like Maria or Petra­ for the title... Maria looking the stronger, just! ;o)­ - Great that a Slovakian gone through and 2 x Czech­ players hopefully next ;o)

    From John, on Sun 3 Jun 14:14
  12. Even with best of five, Dominika would have won in­ stright sets. She was dominant with strokes and her­ legs are, as we all know, great.

    From Ingo, on Sun 3 Jun 14:09
  13. Dominika was simply too strong today even for the best.­ She was so fast and precise, and her ideas were­ sparkling. Look at the match point. She played a good­ waitimng game, then a surprise stop, and even when Vika­ still got it, she has a shot as sparp as a knife to­ kill Vika.

    From Ingo, on Sun 3 Jun 14:07
  14. well done, Dominika. good job. the drama keeps on­ unfolding. the favourites are petering out. who will be­ next?

    From Bempah A, on Sun 3 Jun 14:05
  15. Yeeeeees! Greak job Dominika! You made my day, thank­ you, thank you, thank you!

    From Jola, on Sun 3 Jun 14:04
  16. Well looks like AZARENKA is out...i bet she was wishin­ it was a 5 setter now....

    From Olayinka, on Sun 3 Jun 14:01
  17. Congrats to Cibulková . Another plastic number one­ bites the dust !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sun 3 Jun 14:01
  18. If they are world number 1 then they should be able­ to...but i gt the feeling than 1 of them may be­ disapointed

    From Olayinka, on Sun 3 Jun 13:50
  19. Dominka, don't give up! Kick her out of this­ tournament

    From Jola, on Sun 3 Jun 13:46
  20. Do you think both leaders of rankings will dump out­ today ? I think both will fight back :)

    From CarbonBased, on Sun 3 Jun 13:45
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