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Petra Kvitová - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova66---
Czech RepublicP Kvitová33---

Live Comments

  1. 3-6 - GAME, SET AND MATCH SHARAPOVA! Sharapova throws down a huge ace to seal the deal. An utterly dominant performance in claiming the victory. She will face Sara Errani in the final, but she is back to number one in the rankings. Sharapova on the verge of a career Grand Slam.

  2. 3-5 - BREAK SHARAPOVA! The break comes for the Russian. A couple of wretched shots from Kvitova at the wrong time opens the door for her opponent to reach the final. Sharapova back from 30-0 in that game, and on the cusp of winning this match.

  3. 3-4 - A solid hold for Sharapova as she moves two games short of the final. A big forehand down the line is good enough for a 4-3 lead. Kvitova unhappy with a dubious line call on the game point.

  4. 3-3 - Sharapova can't stop her opponent drawing level at 3-3. The wind has not been Kvitova's friend today, but at least she has stopped the rot. For the moment at least. Life in this match yet then. Kvitova now with nine winners compared to 16 by her opponent.

  5. 2-3 - BREAK KVITOVA! First break in the match for the Czech player and a vital break for the fourth seed. She could not afford to fall 4-1 behind. Back on serve in the second set, and at least she is posing questions of Sharapova. A couple of booming forehands do the trick.

  6. 1-3 - BREAK SHARAPOVA! A second double fault from Kvitova hands Sharapova a 3-1 lead in this second set with the break. The Czech player saved two from trailing 0-40, but this semi-final is starting to look like it could be fading from sight.

  7. 1-2 - A rare chance for Kvitova to break, but she cannot get herself over the winning line as Sharapova continues to repel her opponent with a lovely forehand enough to complete the hold.

  8. 1-1 - Kvitova steadies the ship by holding serve in the second game of the second set. Kvitova has to find a way to unseat Sharapova or else this match is going to be over before she knows it. Sharapova making Kvitova look slightly clumsy on the clay.

  9. 0-1 - Sharapova bidding for a career Grand Slam here. This would be a fourth title on different surfaces. Another ace bounds beyond Kvitova. Only one point for the Czech women in that game, who is firmly on the back foot here.

  10. 3-6 - SET SHARAPOVA! A first double fault leaves Kvitova staring at a 0-30 deficit. Sharapova drills a forehand away from her opponent after a volley jumps off the clay. Three set points for Sharapova. She needs only one as Kvitova miss a forehand. A solid set from Sharapova in just 40 minutes. She needs one more to progress.

  11. 3-5 - Sharapova well in control of this match so far. Came up with a gorgeous lob in that game. The first serve is working a treat. Kvitova hitting the ball hard, but Sharapova is not lacking belief on this ground strokes.

  12. 3-4 - Kvitova forced to work hard from 30-30 to make sure she doesn't drop for a second time. Sharapova knocks a forehand long from the back of the court. Sharapova winning over 80 percent of points when hee first serve drops in. Has to get a read on the Russian's serve soon.

  13. 2-4 - Sharapova cements the break with some ease. Kvitova trying to unleash a few bombs in typical fashion, but yet to batter her opponent into submission. Wind continues to blow. And Sharapova looks to be handing the issues better so far. Big game this for Kvitova.

  14. 2-3 - BREAK SHARAPOVA! Kvitova begins to bleed errors at the wrong time in this encounter and is broken to love with the ball flying long off the forehand side. Loses control of the forehand, and losing control of this first set. Sharapova leads 3-2 with the break.

  15. 2-2 - Chance for Kvitova to break leading 40-30 only for Sharapova to save the day aided by a big booming first serve. Sharapova hits the line in the next point before seeing out the game to hold and level at 2-2. Both women looking slightly better on serve than the Stosur-Errani match we witnessed earlier on.

  16. 2-1 - Sharapova going after Kvitova on her backhand side. Her opponent responds with a timely volley. Some fine defensive stuff by the Czech player with Sharapova missing on the backhand and forehand sides as the break fails to materialise. A 2-1 lead for Kvitova.

  17. 1-1 - A break point for Kvitova, but she bundles a backhand into the net from deep. Chance gone. Sharapova taking her time in the wind, but gets the job done to hold serve. Kvitova with a slightly wayward forehand while Sharapova comes up with two aces.

  18. 1-0 - Kvitova serves in the opening game of the match. And holds in the opening game of the match. Plenty of grunting already from Sharapova. Kvitova having to deal with the wind in her service game.

  19. 13.10 - All a bit frustrating, but the rain is tumbling down in Paris. No play for the foreseeable future in this match. Will keep you posted if there is any change.

  20. 13.00 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of the second semi-final at the French Open between Maria Sharapova and Petra Kvitova.

Petra Kvitova

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 08/03/1990
Height 1.83 m
Weight 70 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Nice performance Masha go on like that.

    From djolebo, on Fri 8 Jun 8:40
  2. bad girl ur too bad!....why ur wishing sharavopa to­ lose in the finals? if ur frustration to win the match­ maria vs petra came out the very disappointing, u­ should blame petra why she didnt make it good in thier­ match...what a bad gurl u are ..go hell bady gurl !

    From Athletic, on Fri 8 Jun 7:30
  3. i agree with u liki, Kvitova should enter in the Czeck­ army troops, she looks like terrorist hehehe !

    From Athletic, on Fri 8 Jun 7:27
  4. bad girl huy v rot.

    From djolebo, on Fri 8 Jun 7:19
  5. what a idiot is bad girl or gay boy.

    From djolebo, on Fri 8 Jun 7:17
  6. Poor John, your idol Kvitova is too weak for Sharapova.­ This Kvitova should play in ITF challenger tournament,­ not in grand slam. Too uncompetent......

    From Liki Bintono, on Fri 8 Jun 1:25
  7. i am so happy that maria won this match. On to the­ final, maria. you are a very tough tennis player, both­ physically and mentally. play your best and take the­ title. despite the negative comments from your haters,­ there is no denying that you have the most followers­ among all the women tennis players. i hope your­ birthday becomes more memorable because you will win­ this year's the French Open.

    From emerita, on Fri 8 Jun 0:16
  8. Who God has blessed no man can curse, God has blessed­ Sharapova and crown her the champion even before the­ tournament starts, therefore, no one can stop her, not­ at her present form and consistency. wish her all the­ best.

    From Hollywood M, on Thu 7 Jun 18:44
  9. I dont really care... in the way we pronounce it

    From Taufik H, on Thu 7 Jun 18:42
  10. I said it from the on-set, nothing is gonna stop you­ dear Maria, the tounament is all but yours. God is with­ you from the beginning and nothing can stop you at this­ point from winning the trophy, Ride on, just one tricky­ hurdle to cross and i trust you will handle perfectly.­ Kvitova has always been my fear, but you have­ discharged her with a class. please maintain the tempo­ and play the best of you tennis. This is the only slam­ missing from you cabinet don't forget that. wishing­ you all da best come saturday.

    From Hollywood M, on Thu 7 Jun 18:40
  11. Another horrendous and pathetic performance from the­ Kvitova, Talk about a heffer on ice! This gal had no­ back up plan! No plan B! Next time try slowing it down­ and stop trying to hit winners from all over the court!­ Her coach should get the axe for this! Too bad Serena­ wasn't in the house to take down Maria!

    From Dr Garbonzo, on Thu 7 Jun 18:36
  12. Dodgy ecision on line call - going on reputation

    From Catherine, on Thu 7 Jun 18:28
  13. Well done Sharapova, dissapointing performance from­ Kvitova

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 7 Jun 18:25
  14. Congratulations Maria, ur always the best and u really­ deserve to win because u have a great smile, wish u all­ the best for the next coming days mmwwaaaahhhhh

    From Roger, on Thu 7 Jun 18:25
  15. and by the way russian is my native language and­ maria's last name should be pronounced sharApova­ and definitely not sharapOva :) sorry

    From Beata, on Thu 7 Jun 18:22
  16. maria will make it and take the title! go girl!­ brilliant job! good bye kvitova ;)

    From Beata, on Thu 7 Jun 18:16
  17. she is ingredimble!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From ???????, on Thu 7 Jun 18:16
  18. no excuses now maria needs to win this thing

    From Morty, on Thu 7 Jun 18:14
  19. BRAVO, Maria! Congrats for being number 1 again! Go and­ complete your grand slam collections.

    From Gil, on Thu 7 Jun 18:12
  20. Ohhh Kvitova :(

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 7 Jun 18:10
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