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Novak Djokovic - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic76---
FranceJ Tsonga51---

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  1. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 6-1 MATCH ... A match point that is taken as Tsonga spoons a return well long. Nole in the semis for the fourth time as he seeks to defend his crown. Up next for him is the winner of Federer v Seppi, the evening match. Rome Masters drawsheet

  2. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 5-1 Tsonga makes a fist of this as he wins a couple of points to keep Nole honest, although the Serb drops in intensity and isn't helping himself. And break point as Tsonga returns with interest before pinging it off the line and beyond the stretching Serb! But to deuce as Nole rams one too powerful for Tsonga, whose next return is long. Match point...

  3. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 5-1 Tsonga is serving to stay in Rome and he starts with a good wide serve that Nole can only lay up for the volley. Nole's next return is to net, the next one wide, and Tsonga stops the rot with a love hold as Nole again goes long.

  4. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 5-0 Nole is romping through this set now, holding to love with an ace as the neutrals whistle.

  5. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 4-0 BREAK Tsonga is having what is known in the trade as a 'nightmare', blundering his way 30-0 down before spinning a backhand well wide. Three break points to Djokovic - who to be fair hasn't made any mistakes in this set - but an ace brings it back to 15-40. Then he hacks one long after Nole somehow digs out a zippy forehand on the run, and it's 4-0.

  6. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 3-0 An expletive-ridden self-curse from Tsonga as he falls 30-0 behind thanks to a cute two-hander. 40-0 now as Tsonga goes long and a love hold for Djokovic as Tsonga nets a backhand drive, half-heartedly.

  7. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 2-0 BREAK The game starts of with a teasing rally that Tsonga shades as Nole hits long. But Nole edges ahead as Tsonga fails to work off his returns, JW pulling one back to 30-30. But a massive return practically winds Tsonga and it's break point! And ANOTHER double fault lets him break! Deary me.

  8. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 1-0 Easy hold for Djokovic, who will be looking to exploit what must have been a crushing blow for Tsonga to throw away the set like that. Let's see how he responds on serve.

  9. - - DJOKOVIC 7-5 SET (and break) First serve is wide so the second allows Nole to control the point, moving into set point as Tsonga can't make his short drive! Can he take it this time, his fourth of the game? First serve is a let; then into the net - and he double faults! Oh dear. What a time for your first DF.

  10. - - DJOKOVIC 6-5 Tsonga serving to stay in the first set. Nole loves these fatal opportunities - and he goes 30-0 up as he controls the baseline rallies to Tsonga's frustration. And what a shot to bring up three set points! Tsonga had done well at the net but a diving Nole flicked a volley across the net and beyond the Frenchman! Tsonga pumps in an ACE! Two break points now... And just the one after a wondrous pair of volleys at the net, the winner a spinning backhand! And deuce with a super serve!

  11. - - DJOKOVIC 6-5 And break point for Tsonga as his returns get even more aggressive, Nole unable to keep with that! He could have taken it but, after a smart serve-crosscourt combi sees Tsonga double-hand it wide. And Djokovic watches as Tsonga misses twice in a row to let the Serb hold.

  12. - - DJOKOVIC 5-5 Nole bosses the first two points, getting his angles right on serve and playing perfect second shots. But Tsonga levels with some fine movement and weight, the second shot a wonderful retrieve flying into the corner to flick it down the line! Nole responds with a serve wide and forehand into the corner; but it's deuce as Tsonga shows a mixture of power and guile to drop it just over the net with Nole stranded. Chapeau!

  13. - - DJOKOVIC 5-5 Tsonga starts this vital service game with a weak backhand to net from a flat Djokovic return; then a cagey rally follows but an error from Nole to slump it to net. 15-15. Nole nets again but this time Tsonga was giving him the runaround with some perfectly weighted groundstrokes. 30-30 now and Nole will look to exploit this - his next return is long though, and another too, poor backhanding from Djoko and it's level again.

  14. - - DJOKOVIC 5-4 Second ace of the match goes to Nole to start this game off. Another ace to go 40-15 up and he holds with a superb forehand that Tsonga can only clip into the air. Tsonga serving to stay in the first set.

  15. - - DJOKOVIC 4-4 Nole responds to that blow with a superb point to nose ahead. He returns long though. But Nole senses an opportunity as Tsonga looks a bit erratic, spanking one wide of the Frenchman. Tsonga bites back by attacking the net to volley cutely wide of Nole. And an ace, first of the match, brings up 40-30, Tsonga holding with a serve that Nole can only skip long.

  16. - - DJOKOVIC 4-3 BREAK Tsonga with a sniff now after crushing a forehand down the line after getting Nole out of position. 15-30. But Tsonga clips one inches wide. He challenges and rightly so, it was in. Point replayed, Nole wins it. But break point as Tsonga shows some superb power from the baseline to double-hand one past a statuesque Nole! And he takes it as a flying Nole can only clip it wide!

  17. - - DJOKOVIC 4-2 BREAK Tsonga drops the first point on his attempt to even things out, and the second too as his forehand clips the net before dropping long. Oops. And two break points as Tsonga again overcooks a forehand, well long. Deary me. That was on first serve too. Tsonga pulls one back after a remarkable rally from both men, who ended up trading volleys at net, but Nole takes the second break point as Tsonga nets following a dynamic baseline rally.

  18. - - DJOKOVIC 3-2 BREAK Hello. Tsonga takes a point against serve after a cunning return and Nole nets the next serve; on second serve Tsonga batters one deep but his next effort is weak into the net after what looked like a slip. That was a chance. But he has another as a break point comes up on the board after some deep baseline returns from the Frenchman! And Nole goes long after a deep return and Tsonga has broken back!

  19. - - DJOKOVIC 3-1 Good first serve to kick it off for Tsonga but he goes long after a crisp return and it's 15-15. They trade blows before Tsonga edges ahead on 40-30 with a serve Nole can't work with, and the Frenchman holds to stop the mini-rot as Nole nets his next return.

  20. - - DJOKOVIC 3-0 Nole gives Tsonga the eyes before passing him out wide. Nole is keeping it very low on these rallies, but he gets the length wrong on one and it's 15-15. Lovely opened forehand again, and Nole completes the pass. 30-30 though as Nole makes an uncharacteristic error by netting with Tsonga on the run. Then Tsonga repays in kind by netting poorly from deep after controlling the rally. The Serb finally holds with a cool serve down the middle, Tsonga netting low.

  21. - - DJOKOVIC 2-0 BREAK Nole also makes Tsonga work hard on serve as he pushes it back to 30-30. And a break point as Tsonga goes long, and he does so again with an attempt at a two-hander! Nole ahead.

  22. - - DJOKOVIC 1-0 Nole starts on serve and cruises into a 40-0 lead as Tsonga hits long. Good zippy second serve there. Love hold as Nole serve volleys. Crisp start.

  23. - - HEAD TO HEAD: This is an odd one in that Tsonga, the world number five, leads the tete-a-tete with Nole, 5-4 to the Frenchman. That does include a walkover though, at the 2011 Paris Masters. So it is really level pegging.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.87 m
Weight 90 kg

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  1. SAMantha: I do not guarantee anyone who will play Nadal­ in the final. I am not even sure that Nadal will make­ the final although that is very likely to happen ­ considering he is the King of Clay. He is the favorite­ to win Rome and the FO. It does not necessarily mean if­ you are the favorite you are going to win but most­ favorites usually win and I hope Nadal does. I am­ hoping for a Djoko vs Fed semi-final . Fed will­ probably demolish Seppi in 2 sets.

    From EDDIE, on Fri 18 May 20:50
  2. Sam, people can see right through you. you will­ never change.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 18 May 17:51
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Great Eddie as a rafa fan u should cheer for rafa­ winning more slams! U have that right but to insult and­ use offensive language that offends other people who­ are fans of federer or Novak is not right! U should­ cheer for nadal to win more slams as he has a lot of­ catching up to do! As a federer fan I would like my­ hero to win so many more slams that no one ever comes­ close to him! Let's see at the end of their careers­ who has more slams!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 17:13
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Great Eddie finally talking sense! Great to hear that!­ At the end 25 years from now the only thing people will­ remember is how many slams one has won! Jimmy lost to­ Lendl so many times but both r remembered for the­ number of slams they have won same with Sampras and­ Agassi and stephan

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 17:00
  5. He may be very good but he needs to start being more­ ruthless and his serve is well suspect. Fed will take­ him easily if he doesn't wake up soon

    From goran, on Fri 18 May 16:59
  6. Novak v Fed semi should be good. Disappointing fold by­ Tsonga. He hasn't got it mentally.

    From webbski, on Fri 18 May 16:56
  7. Novak is very good. Only Rafa, Roger or Ferrer can­ challenge him on clay. Maybe Berdych on his best day.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 18 May 16:53
  8. Eddie the snake wrong again it will be either fed or­ Novak in the finals against let's see nadal or­ ferrer! Vamos Novak

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:52
  9. Sam, that is correct that Dave leads the Head to Head­ with Nadal. Rafa also has an advantage over Roger in­ head to head. So what. Things change.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 18 May 16:51
  10. Awesome Novak tspnga will fold!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:46
  11. I think there are two sams on this website. People.can­ like two or three different players, I like Rafa and­ fed. The top 3 all have a great chance to win remaining­ grandslams, we cannot guarantee who will win it. We can­ only support our favourites.

    From , on Fri 18 May 16:30
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Firoz davydanko has a superior head to head against­ nadal and that's a fact wether u like it or not­ that's a fact!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:23
  13. getting interesting.... tsonga is back.

    From Nora, on Fri 18 May 16:22
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Mr firoz head to head wins don't guarantee winning­ grand slams! As proven last year! And no nadal will not­ be number one again unless if fed retired and Novak­ gets hurt and that's not going to happen! And never­ forget numbers don't lie! Fed has 16 slams and­ nadal has 10 slams big difference!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:22
  15. Why is Sam blowing hot and cold at the same time when­ it is about Nadal. Why doesnt he concentrate on his­ idol Federer ? Nadal isnt bothered about rankings,all­ he wants is to win all the tournaments that he plays.­ He will regain the no. 1 ranking this year. Rafa doesnt­ fear playing anybody and has a superior head to ahead­ against the top 6. And thats a fact whether one likes­ it or not.

    From Firoz, on Fri 18 May 16:13
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    ALCMEHIST::: u need to tell eddie about the guarantees­ he guaranteed that seppi will play nadal in the finals!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:11
  17. @sam no one can guarantee a result before the match has­ been played because anything can happen,if you make ten­ guarantees then you are bound to get some right.

    From alchemist, on Fri 18 May 16:08
  18. @sam, oh please you change your mind week by week. You­ disliked Rafa last week, now you like him. You keep­ telling people to get off djoko and federer forums but­ you are on Rafa's POST everyday. I already told­ you that this is djoko's POST not forum, a forum is­ a website for discussions. This one thread is a post. ­ Stop telling people to get off federer and djoko posts­ when they are complimenting or supporting the player.­ Eddie likes various different players. At least­ he's not being malicious.I

    From , on Fri 18 May 16:04
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    EDDIE if rafa is the king of clay and right now we all­ agree that he is fit and playing his best....then why­ dont u put ur money where ur mouth is? guarantee that­ rafa will win the french!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:02
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    fEDDIE deep inside u hate federer and novak as fed­ beat ur hero and destroyed him at indian wells, now he­ takes and snatches away his #2 ranking...and novak took­ away everything from nadal last u hate him­ too...u want people to like u here so u say that fed­ and novak are ur favs...but i know u....u r a snake­ ....and snakes cannot be trusted....u and webski are­ probably the same far as great eddie goes he is­ a die hard nadal fan....he already got a lesson last­ year and this year as nadal has lost three straight­ slams to novak a record of his own as no player in the­ history of atp has lost 3 slam finals to the same guy!­ and its not over.......

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 16:00
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