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Russian FederationM Sharapova66---
GERA Kerber34---

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Angelique Kerber

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 18/01/1988
Height 1.73 m
Weight 68 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Na Li beat sharapova in last years semis at the french­ open i see no reason why she wont do it again

    From DEAN, on Sun 20 May 10:13
  2. the thing is once Serena pulled out of the turnament it­ became lass important hence the no showing.

    From DEAN, on Sun 20 May 10:11
  3. One Eurosport trailer at the end of the late­ transmission of the Sharapova v. Kerber match said that­ they will be showing the Final at 20:00 CET tomorrow. ­ OH dear! I hope not.

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 20:54
  4. The match has now appeared on Eurosport1 and Eurosport­ HD in the UK (07:15pm). No explanation - started at­ 2-1 to Sharapova. Original commentary says­ "it's live",. Can't say I'm­ impressed by Eurosport, they certainly don't give­ impression that they are a well-run and well-organised­ TV company. Just hope that we do get the Final on­ tomorrow midday LIVE!

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 19:21
  5. Should have said in previous message "couldn't­ find it anywhere"

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 15:05
  6. Brajan Can you give details of your 'Eurosport 2­ International'. Which country are you receiving­ from which satellite is your feed from. Is it PPV? ­ I have Astra 1, Hotbird and Eurobird and could find it­ anywhere there (free-to-air).

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 15:03
  7. Great job for Maria. I think Maria and Serena are the 2­ best players at the moment. Hopefully they will be on­ opposite sides of the draw at the French Open.

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 19 May 14:38
  8. Hope it is a good final and that the nerves of Li Na­ do not get the better of her. Best wishes to both­ girls in the final. Both girls have played consistently­ well all week. Would love Li Na to win to boost her­ confidence ahead of the French, but Maria will be a­ fierce competitor.

    From Ckare, on Sat 19 May 14:26
  9. I've watched it live on Eurosport 2 International.­ :) It was great macth, Sharapova had 27 winners. Hope­ to see her winning this tournament, again.

    From Brajan, on Sat 19 May 14:15
  10. Second set and match to Maria. Would have liked to­ have seen it live though. Giro de Italia not really my­ cup of tea - bit repetitive. Will probably watch the­ replay and hope that someone at Eurosport insists that­ the final is shown LIVE!

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 14:15
  11. I haven't seen Na Li this tournament at all and it­ looks like she will play against Sharapova in the­ final. I hope Na Li plays well and takes the title

    From Julian, on Sat 19 May 14:07
  12. Sorry to report Barbara, but isn't isn't on­ live anywhere. We might get a replay at 20:30 this­ evening (when we know the result!). Any bets as to­ whether Eurosport will show the final live? It's­ advertised as being so - but so were today's­ semi-finals! Fingers crossed.

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 13:51
  13. NO live commentary and NO live coverage for this­ match... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH EUROSPORT!!!!

    From Rash, on Sat 19 May 13:49
  14. Guys, which channel is this game live on?

    From , on Sat 19 May 13:37
  15. Eurosport are so so poor. No tennis to watch at all due­ to ridiculAus scheduling and Serena pulling out. Who­ runs it? Sack him!

    From Paul and Susie, on Sat 19 May 13:36
  16. Mike i strongly agree with you - :)

    From ADAM, on Sat 19 May 13:31
  17. So first set to Maria. We didn't see the first­ semi-final because Serena pulled out, and now we­ aren't seeing the second semi-final. Less than­ impressed of the Eurosport coverage. We've had­ good cover for the past three days, but now we come to­ the really important matches it all goes to pot. Heads­ should roll!

    From Mike, on Sat 19 May 13:26
  18. Whatever... Kerber will win second set :)

    From ede45e195, on Sat 19 May 13:25
  19. blame the rome tournament organizers. serena-li was­ scheduled to play first and eurosport was going to­ cover that. alas because there was a withdrawal­ eurosport had to move on. they had planned to only show­ a recording of the kerber match because of the clash­ with the cycling. the rome tourneys could have brought­ the kerber match forward to fill the serena slot but­ that would be unfair on the players.

    From SANCHEZ, on Sat 19 May 13:15
  20. Supposed to be watching WTA got giro de Italia, one­ peed off fella Time eurosport got a red button to­ choose which I want to watch.

    From Peter, on Sat 19 May 13:06
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