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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova467--
ChinaN Li646--

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Na Li

Nationality CHN
Date of Birth 26/02/1982
Height 1.72 m
Weight 65 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Chas Lindstrohm, I prefer women not stick insects

    From Bad_Girl, on Mon 21 May 8:33
  2. love u maria....

    From Mohd naim Ahmad, on Mon 21 May 7:11
  3. Dean, you have no testosterone if you don't think­ Sharapova is beautiful.

    From Kelly Perrin, on Mon 21 May 6:34
  4. Shmuhel, you is sick in the head if you think sharapova­ is beautifull.

    From Bad_Girl, on Sun 20 May 22:47
  5. Congrats to Maria, easily the most beautiful female­ tennis player in that sports history ,very graceful, a­ true natural lady , not like a certain african-american­ school yard bully...

    From Shmuhel, on Sun 20 May 20:57
  6. I like Maria and her playing style and her fashion)))­ but I am no racist! I also admire Serena`s tennis­ skills, Vinus is great too, they are phenomenal, no­ doubt. But we all have our favorites to cheer for. I­ like Novak & Maria`s videos, they are so funny,­ Maria `s a sweetheart, and yes she attracts attention­ from people who are not "all about tennis",­ like myself. Racism is rediculous. Also a huge Federer­ fan!)

    From , on Sun 20 May 18:36
  7. Congrats, Maria!!! Tough match, actually never doubted­ Maria would win. She`s the one with the champion`s­ character after all. When she`s in good form, she can­ beat anyone with her determination. Li Na is okay, she­ does not have an impressive tennis record though except­ for her RG 2011. But this is just my opinion. I have­ not watched any of Li Na`s other games. C`mon Maria for­ RG!

    From , on Sun 20 May 18:29
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    if only sharapova was not such an idol for the BNP and­ nazis but she is and most not all mbut most of her­ supporters are racists

    From Bad_Girl, on Sun 20 May 18:28
  9. Well done maria!!! Sorry there was a loser good game!!!

    From Margaret, on Sun 20 May 18:27
  10. Hurray Msha!

    From Kelly Perrin, on Sun 20 May 18:18
  11. Well dont to Maria. this will definately make Li work­ harder and look at where she should improve making the­ whole womens tennis more interesting and competitive

    From Olayinka, on Sun 20 May 18:12
  12. @ Lesley u r ryt in that sense. At least the women­ don't swear when they play. Andy needs a serious­ talking to about his attitude on court.

    From Olayinka, on Sun 20 May 18:11
  13. It is over now. Maria well played!

    From Bobby Dazzler, on Sun 20 May 18:05
  14. oh well sharapova won it. over to the french starting­ on sunday ...

    From Bad_Girl, on Sun 20 May 18:05
  15. Well looks like its Sharapovazzzzz......

    From Olayinka, on Sun 20 May 18:04
  16. That is true but it also shows that she loses­ concentration. If she wins it will b difficult 4 her to­ learn to improve as a positive still came out of it and­ if sharapova wins it shows she can always bounce back n­ make Li wana improve more. Honestly who ever wins­ deserves it.

    From Olayinka, on Sun 20 May 18:03
  17. Folks.. Can we see the names of users who have given­ thumbs up and down for our comments?? Is it possible­ here ?? facebook lets us see the users who like our­ comments :)

    From Anantharam, on Sun 20 May 18:01
  18. Olayinka, but Li Na also had to fight back to 5 - 5

    From Bad_Girl, on Sun 20 May 18:00
  19. where is it being shown?

    From Bad_Girl, on Sun 20 May 17:59
  20. I really wish Li wins this .. C'mon Li!!!

    From Anantharam, on Sun 20 May 17:59
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