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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova66---
United StatesV Williams43---

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Venus Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 17/06/1980
Height 1.85 m
Weight 72 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. ike; If it wasnt for White people, you would not be­ using the

    From Lepospso, on Sat 19 May 10:23
  2. no human been is white, if ur a white ur not human,­ sorry....

    From ike, on Sat 19 May 10:00
  3. real human, should not mind peadophilie creature no­ color. kinder fickers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    From ike, on Fri 18 May 19:40

    From Elta, on Fri 18 May 17:57
  5. bravo maria i know you will make it

    From Shanti, on Fri 18 May 17:52
  6. flavia is a good player i saw it in her game­ yesterday,­ but serena is the best, Flavia would have­ quit the game­ before coming to the court, but rather­ she came to the­ court and saw the powerful­ serves/shots coming from­ Serena then she became­ intimidated and got automatic­ wrist injury, Serena is­ best, she has the best powerful­ ace that scares­ others, one of her ace nearly break my­ TV screen the­ other day, powerful serve, Serena you are­ simply the­ best in all court surface

    From Mba E, on Fri 18 May 17:47
  7. 53 Elta , yeah yeah , here we go again,..'hater­ ,racist,anti-semite, nazi , fascist...' the jooz­ taught you well how to use the sledge hammer against­ white people , have a nice day in paradise

    From , on Fri 18 May 17:45
  8. @ NON,you must really hate a GOOD,STRONG,BLACK­ WOMAN,its a pity you can t be one!! Haters gone­ Hate.Thanks for the motivation,am flattered!!!

    From Elta, on Fri 18 May 17:36
  9. One Williams brother one more to go although don't­ think li na has it to best Serena! Serena might again­ win Rome but comes the French! Well well well it's­ a different story!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 May 17:27
  10. 49 guy, Li-s.Williams ???? I reckon Li-Kerber...

    From , on Fri 18 May 17:25
  11. 46 Elta, good to live in your 'sweet paradise'­ as long as you have white men's TV, Car, computer­ and telefon for instance and it helps having been­ educated in white men's­ 'reading-writing-'ritmatic....have a nice day­ 'over there'

    From , on Fri 18 May 17:20
  12. Congrats Sharapova from a williams fan. Though­ Sharapova game is stll way below Serena's level. Li­ vs Serena should have been the finals.

    From guy, on Fri 18 May 17:17
  13. @42 do you think your whole generation equal prize­ money for one GS won by any of the williams sisters?­ muppet.

    From CeeJay, on Fri 18 May 17:13
  14. Good to see Venus play at a high level for portions of­ the match but Sharapova was that bit too good today so­ well done. Thought her serve might break down but it­ was Venus' that broke down in the end. Venus did­ expose Sharapova's weakness when moving out to her­ forehand but just didn't exploit it. Good that­ she's now gotten a spot for the Olympics. ­ Hopefully she'll get a decent draw at the French­ and maybe be in the walking seeded bye's­ Jankovic's section.

    From cormac, on Fri 18 May 17:12
  15. @ Non,excuse me!!,I would NEVER leave my sweet paradise­ for your so called white man countries.And if i could i­ would show you how educated I am,then again what have i­ to prove to a WHITE MAN,when i m busy doing my­ husband!!

    From Elta, on Fri 18 May 17:12
  16. Top form and agile...congrats to Maria. Venus is good,­ very good so Maria had to prove that she is really no.­ 2.

    From ann patricia, on Fri 18 May 17:12
  17. to the likes of sarah-jane and co, i have a piece of­ advice for them: its never too late to commit suicide.

    From CeeJay, on Fri 18 May 17:01
  18. Remember this is only Venus's 4 tournement back­ after illness. Sharapova I believe will win but she has­ been pushed hard. Well done, to both women.

    From Ckare, on Fri 18 May 17:00
  19. 35 @Elta hey, are you one of those "Good Strong­ Black Woman"­ who prefers to live in white­ men's countries instead of dumb black men's­ undeveloped fourth world countries???

    From , on Fri 18 May 17:00
  20. Fans will always have their preferred choice but it­ gives nobody a right to talk down at any player just­ like the silly Sam whatever did. U want Marsha or Venus­ to win no problem, just like Chinyere said, somebody­ has to win! Most pple who say hate things about Venus­ and Serena are just losers bc they knw those ladies are­ real champs and can cause any upset in tennis weda they­ are coming bk from injury or not... @Chinyere...nne­ hapu ndi uchu, they are always threatened by the­ Williams sisters.

    From Amaks, on Fri 18 May 16:52
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