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SwitzerlandR Federer66---
J Tipsarevic23---

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  1. - - 67 minutes - that's all it took for Federer to sweep aside Tipsarevic. A really dominant display, and he'll now take on Tomas Berdych in the final, which takes place tomorrow.

  2. - - FEDERER 6-2 6-3 - WINNER! Tipsarevic fires a backhand to win the first point, but Federer responds with a service winner. A double fault from Federer gives Tipsarevic a chink of light, but an ace from the Swiss returns us to 30-30. Another super serve brings up match point, but Tipsy denies him that after a compelling rally. Federer will not be denied, though - he takes the next two points and cruises into the final!

  3. - - FEDERER 6-2 5-3 - Tipsarevic nudges ahead at 30-15, only to peg himself back with his first double fault of the match. But he digs deep and grabs the next two points to hold. If Federer is going to wrap this up, he will have to do so behind his own serve.

  4. - - FEDERER 6-2 5-2 - A mighty serve from Fed gives him advantage, but Tipsarevic is hanging on for all he's worth. Does he sense that this is his chance? Perhaps - but when a valiant running forehand fails to catch the line, Tipsarevic concedes the game and Federer is just one away from victory.

  5. - - FEDERER 6-2 4-2 - Tipsy starts the next game with a very good return and he moves 30-0 up against serve with a cute forehand opened out across court. He gets stranded at the baseline though and Fed smashes one away. Federer brings it back to parity with another smash. But a break point as Tipsarevic makes the net after being sent all over the place, and he passes it wide of Fed! He should break now but just sends a backhand pass long! Deuce.

  6. - - FEDERER 6-2 4-2 - Crucial hold from Tipsarevic as Federer was threatening to run away with it.

  7. - - FEDERER 6-2 4-1 - No let-up from Federer, who moves to within two games of the match. I hope for his sake that final opponent Tomas Berdych isn't watching this performance.

  8. - - FEDERER 6-2 3-1 - BREAK! There's just no stopping Federer here - having played patiently to bring up two break points at 15-40, he takes the first of them with a vicious forehand return across the court.

  9. - - FEDERER 6-2 2-1 - The Swiss doesn't look like giving anything away on his own serve. Another comfortable hold. He had to work really hard to beat Milos Raonic earlier in the week, but since then he's been the form player.

  10. - - FEDERER 6-2 1-1 - Good response from Tipsarevic - a hold to love. Much-needed from the Serb, who's showed such good form all week.

  11. - - FEDERER 6-2 1-0 - If Tipsarevic is to fight his way back into the contest, you sense he'll need to strike early. No sign of that so far - when the pair get to 30-30, Federer steps up a gear with an ace down the middle and then stepping in to midcourt and drop-shotting.

  12. - - FEDERER 6-2 - SET! Just delightful work from Federer, who eases to two set points on the Tipsarevic serve with a backhand ripped down the line to leave the Serb stranded. Tipsarevic saves the first, but he cannot prevent the second. That was clinical.

  13. - - FEDERER 5-2 - Not this time - Federer looks irrepressible be hind the serve - and he's not afraid to step into the net and volley either. 64 seconds is all he needs to move 5-2 in front, finishing with the kind of approach and backhand volley that wouldn't look out of place on the grass at Wimbledon. Terrific play.

  14. - - FEDERER 4-2 - The first straightforward hold of the match for Tipsarevic, who reels off four points on the spin. But he's got to break Federer in the next two service games or face going one set down to the veteran.

  15. - - FEDERER 4-1 - Tipsarevic has a little hope as he grabs the first two points of the game, only for the Swiss to hit back. He just has so much time to run around on to his forehand and crash shots to either side. A crosscourt winner brings up game point, a volley at the net seals the game.

  16. - - FEDERER 3-1 - BREAK! It's proving mighty hard work for Tipsarevic to stay with Federer in these early exchanges. Is the Serb tired from winning a crunch clash with Djokovic, or from the challenging weather conditions? Either way after three deuces Federer drills forehands until he brings up a break point, and pounces to take the first break of the contest.

  17. - - FEDERER 2-1 - Serene progress from Federer on his own serve. The closest Tipsarevic gets to arresting his progress is when he stops to get something out of his eyeline when Federer is about to serve at 40-0. When the action resumes, Federer swings a forehand down the line to wrap up the game.

  18. - - FEDERER 1-1 - There's a bit of wind blowing across the court in Madrid - Federer seems to have settled much better in these tricky conditions. He played a convincing match against Nadal in something similar early this year, and a drop shot to move 15-30 up is a sign that the Swiss is in control, but he misses a couple of forehands, allowing Tipsarevic to squeak through.

  19. - - FEDERER 1-0 - He leads 3-0 in the head-to-heads, and Federer begins like a man who has the measure of his opponents. Four comfortable points, a hold to love, and he nudges in front.

  20. - - HEAD TO HEAD: These two have met three times on the tour - Federer has won the lot. That includes one meeting on clay at the French Open, which Federer won 6-1 6-4 6-3 last year.

  21. - - Earlier Tomas Berdych won through to the final by beating Juan Martin del Potro in two tight sets. Story

  22. - - It's semi-final time, and it's Janko Tipsarevic, who ousted Novak Djokovic, in action against the world number three Roger Federer.

  23. - - Good evening everyone and welcome to live text commentary from the Madrid Masters.

Janko Tipsarevic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/06/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 80 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. @ Eddie . Berdych has played well, no doubt but really­ only tough oppo was Delpo who in form coming off­ Estoril! Verdasco left it all n court v Nadal, and­ Monfils??? Come on! Fed has been unreal and just hope­ he can maintain it in final. Wld really put ome­ pressure onto DJoko and Nadal. My only worry is that­ Fed has to maintain this form for nearly 3 months with­ barely a break! Tough ask!

    From Paul and Susie, on Sun 13 May 6:41
  2. Both players that beat the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds this­ week lost their next match in a decisive manner. Maybe­ they were tired, maybe they had a big letdown after­ beating a player who had dominated them during their­ careers. Verdasco and Tipsarevic were 1-17 against Rafa­ and Novak. It's normal to have a letdown after a­ big win. They are only human afterall. It's a­ process. Maybe next time they'll advance a bit­ farther, maybe not.

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 12 May 23:33
  3. It's anybody's match to win tomorrow. Berdych­ who I am not a fan of seems to like this blue clay.­ He's played like the number 1 player in the world­ this week. He's beaten hard serving Anderson,­ relentless Monfils, Verdasco (who beat Rafa) and then­ beat Delpo in straight sets. Will be an interesting­ final. Then it's off to the red clay of Rome.

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 12 May 23:26
  4. @#53(no ID): Thank you for congratulating me for giving­ an accurate prediction UNLIKE Marshall who attacked me­ saying this a ridiculous comment, etc, here it­ is:...."No doubt Fed will be in the final. Tipsy­ is too tired­ having beaten Djoko and he is celebrating­ his rare win­ against Djoko. Fed will prevail in 2 in a­ little over­ an hour. Vamos Federico!"

    From EDDIE, on Sat 12 May 20:02
  5. Well said sorin

    From goran, on Sat 12 May 19:38
  6. Mboy, I am a Fed fan but gave you a negative vote due­ to your language. You are not worthy being a Fed fan. ­ You are right only if you are one of the many that pay­ the tickets to serbian tournament and got deceived by­ Nole. Sad that Nole did not went to his home country­ tournament. Anyway, congrats to Roger for this game­ and hope he will win the final with Berdich.­ Tipsarevici did not raise to the challenge but he­ achived his best performance until now. About blue­ clay, tournament chairman admit that the clay is too­ hard beneath but also said that it has nothing to do­ with colour. This courts are built from scratch each­ year and that's why is different each year. It was­ a bad coincidence that clay was not so good and blue in­ the same time. Now everyone will associate the bad­ courts with blue colour so it may pass few years until­ they will forget. This ides was nice for the fans to­ watch from inside or outside the courts but a better­ idea would have been to implement it on some courts­ that have good clay each year.

    From Sorin N, on Sat 12 May 19:32
  7. People don't realize how important the draw is. ­ Federer has had to play 2 of the hottest players on­ tour - delPotro and Raonic 6 times this year while­ neither Nadal nor Djokovic had to play them even once­ this year! How lucky is that?! Well, it looks like they­ finally may have to play them next week in Rome. ­ Let's see if Raonic and delPo consistently turn out­ in Rafa's and Novak's sections of the draw in­ the early rounds how they will do.

    From Ivan, on Sat 12 May 19:30
  8. At least get your facts straight Sam, Novak is­ scheduled to meet delpo in the quarters, he is due to­ play Monaco in the 3 rd of the rome masters.

    From goran, on Sat 12 May 19:29
  9. Sam Parik or Samantha you have a nerve to have a go at­ me after all the trolling that you have done against­ rafa . At least I am not a little sneaky creep who­ spends most of his life on the comp. go away little­ boy. You are a joke, a complete and utter two faced­ little toxxxer

    From goran, on Sat 12 May 19:27
  10. #1 EDDIE, congrats for a very accurate prediction ;)

    From , on Sat 12 May 19:25
  11. Roger Federer beat the man who beat the man !!

    From Fat Tony, on Sat 12 May 19:22
  12. This is what I call Tennis. The Djoker may be #1, but­ Federer is phenomenal.

    From CircemEt, on Sat 12 May 19:21
  13. Yup the Magician has neutralized another serbian before­ neutralizing the best of spain Ferrer, now he will beat­ the czech and the haters will kiss rogers feet.

    From Mboy, on Sat 12 May 19:20
  14. Good! Roger is in yet another final. It sounds as­ though he played very well as usual. GOOD LUCK ROGER­ FOR THE FINAL

    From Alan, on Sat 12 May 19:20
  15. yes he has done it again, you are the man Federer

    From Anthony Anadebe, on Sat 12 May 19:19
  16. Fed reached 3rd round last year in Rome, and I bet­ he's gonna do it better this year! More points for­ him and he might be 2nd seed for French Open.

    From Empty, on Sat 12 May 19:19
  17. WV federer will crush and slaughter ur dreams! U swine­ and u will now down to the king of kings roger federer!­ I guarantee that much!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 12 May 19:18
  18. Who was it who used the "veteran"about­ Fed-implying he was too old.Eat your words mate,I can­ see him winning another grand slam this year

    From Denny, on Sat 12 May 19:16
  19. Gorsn talk about Madrid u idiot I guarantee the great­ rafa and Novak hate u as their fan! Ur not a tennis­ fan ur a hater! Go to hell!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 12 May 19:15
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Look guys Roger has had his day at No 1 he will never­ take it from Novak now and I reckon will fall in Rome.­ Be interesting to see how Rafa manages Raonic, the­ future looks good for the Canadian. I tip Novak to come­ right after this tournament, but tip Rafa for F.O. but­ the Olympics is something different and reckon will­ either be Rafa or Novak as they are more patriotic and­ show more pride in their countries, whilst Roger will­ do it for himself, but that what happens when you are­ 50% one country and 50% another. Wonder why he­ doesn't put South Africa on the map that would help­ their tournament - not enough points I suppose - he­ needs all he can get. Cannot see Thomas beating Roger­ in this final though, boring boring so far.But No 1 for­ Fed now no way!

    From WV, on Sat 12 May 19:14
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