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United StatesS Williams66---
Russian FederationM Sharapova13---

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Oh come on serena I am soppon to Serena and let do it­ yeah thank you

    From Lisa, on Sat 27 Oct 19:36
  2. Wrong again Serena Won 2010 Australian Open and­ /wimbledon 2010 wouldn't that be two GS in two­ years?

    From Rose M, on Fri 11 May 19:51
  3. serena is a power and hard hitter with brain, meanwhile­ is a power and hard hitter with no brain...

    From ahmad i, on Fri 11 May 15:12
  4. Why there is no headline news on Williams and Sharapova­ match. Is it because Williams demolish Sharapova. What­ if it was vice versa? Sue

    From surindar, on Fri 11 May 14:58
  5. eh sharapova only beat an injured Victoria today she­ played against a healthy Serena an she lost however by­ sharapova's standards it was not a bad loss this­ time, as she won more than 3 games. This shows­ sharapova's level of play has improved. therefore­ based on this assesment i think sharapova will be in a­ position to win a game against serena in another 5 or 6­ years.

    From Blow, on Fri 11 May 14:02
  6. Congrats, Serena Williams.

    From NWURE, on Fri 11 May 14:01
  7. How many times has Sam been wrong on this week alone? ­ He keeps making such ridiculous predictions. Please­ grow up Sam. Maybe you are a lonely teenager that needs­ attention? It's never too late to turn your life­ around and be a good guy.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 11 May 13:56
  8. I didn´t expect this result, I thought Maria S. will­ make it a close fight with Serena, specially she just­ beat Azarenka last weekend. Contrary to Wosniacki who­ made Serena worked a little bit harder yesterday. I­ think Caroline figure her out already, she is just­ short of muscle and strength against Serena. It´s about­ time Caroline should hire a new trainer, but it seems­ her father is not ready to let her go.

    From Linda, on Fri 11 May 13:54
  9. ...Sharapova needs to know that ''fashion­ parade'' does not win titles! I must admit­ that Sharapova does fight...and does her best in­ competition. In my opinion, she is overrated... She­ belongs up there but some other players are clearly­ better... Her style of play is ...''go for­ broke''. No finesse!!

    From Dayo, on Fri 11 May 13:54
  10. Congrats to Serena on a job well done! Better luck next­ time to Maria.

    From Great Eddie, on Fri 11 May 13:53
  11. I'd like to be as "fat and ugly" as­ Serena is and keep winning tennis matches against Caro,­ Masa and the other dolls. I'd like to achieve ony­ half as much, no a quarter, as Serena has achieved. ­ Love her when she plays well.

    From CircemEt, on Fri 11 May 13:52
  12. sharapova its time to hang up your racket and retire go­ get married and have little popovas. oh and get a­ cure for your anorexia

    From Blow, on Fri 11 May 13:51
  13. Go girl..." Serena Slaughters Sharapova''­ should be the title of the caption. That was some­ battering Sharapova had in the hands of Serena­ Williams. With all the noise and screeching, Maria­ only had 4 games ...out of luck!!! Hehehe!!! @ Sam­ Parikh calling Serena fat and ugly... What do you look­ like? I am sure you look monstrous because you sound­ like... You should marry Sarah-Jane because you are­ both clueless... Two air-headed people...reasoning­ together...sleeping with their heads at the same­ direction. What predictions do you have for the next­ match? Sarah-Jane - ...did you not say Williams is­ a 'has-been'...? Yet she took all your­ 'kind' of girls out!!! ...You kept on gassing­ up the likes of Vika, Maria, ...what name did you give­ Wozniacki again? Be real, child...

    From Dayo, on Fri 11 May 13:51
  14. why does sam hate serena so much my god

    From will, on Fri 11 May 13:48
  15. Now Sam has gone to stroke that huge poster of Serena­ that he has at the back of his bedroom door and that­ win has turned him on to no end!!!

    From Saru-Lee, on Fri 11 May 13:43
  16. this is like the Joe louis - schmeling the nazi pin­ up girl has been defeated

    From Blow, on Fri 11 May 13:43
  17. Match is over.Serena beats Loserpova

    From Kudakwashe, on Fri 11 May 13:42
  18. there you have it she has won.# in your face big­ sam....

    From Precious, on Fri 11 May 13:42
  19. UKSOUL::: serena is also she is fat and­ ugly.....maybe u two will make a good couple! why dont­ u propose to her...i am sure he will accept!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 11 May 13:38
  20. ok haf off idiot

    From Blow, on Fri 11 May 13:38
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