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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams166--
DENC Wozniacki632--

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Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 63 kg

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

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  1. John and Sam seem like the same poster, just different­ usernames.

    From Great Eddie, on Thu 10 May 15:25
  2. that is my girl serena keep it up

    From blessing, on Thu 10 May 14:48
  3. Where is Con? Or Sam? One and the same. Serena looked­ pretty impressive, Carooline played well but she has a­ lot of work to do to get to the next level and climb up­ the rankings again

    From Doh, on Thu 10 May 14:23
  4. 32 Willi maybe W---ly pric-k. U just a sad moron!­ BooHahaha!

    From Krzysztof, on Thu 10 May 14:06
  5. Serena is doing very well the last time I checked. 13­ Majors won. I don't think anyone on the tour right­ now is anywhere close do that. You can take that to da­ bank.

    From Great Eddie, on Thu 10 May 14:04
  6. Wozniacki is just not a top 10 player anymore.­ She's a has been that never was.

    From Great Eddie, on Thu 10 May 14:02
  7. She must of learnt from you Great Eddie. Forgotten how­ many times you keep saying Serena will win this, Serena­ will win that! Pot calling kettle if you ask me .....

    From John, on Thu 10 May 14:01
  8. How do you like them apples SAMantha? So you won't­ be posting anymore I guess. I am sure you will keep­ making predictions until you get one right. Been wrong­ 10 straight times.

    From Great Eddie, on Thu 10 May 13:58
  9. ah! poor carolina. it looks like all that waffle in­ polish at the end of the first set has just confused­ the poor girl. time to change the coach i think.

    From SANCHEZ, on Thu 10 May 13:56
  10. Sam b***dy Parikh - ...where are you? Why are you­ silent??? Duhh!!! Serena Williams just won!!!

    From Dayo, on Thu 10 May 13:51
  11. thank you the pain becomes even worst for­ you as u will lose to the better player either maria or­ vica so get ready cant wait for your next­ match....remember i guaranteed u will not win this­ tournament...and i am hardly wrong....i still guarantee­ u will lose and lose u will!

    From Sam parikh, on Thu 10 May 13:50
  12. @ Willi - ...that is not fair... What do you mean­ ...language by third world people? That is a bit­ derogatory!!! ...rather condescending!!! I am not­ Polish but... hmmh...

    From Dayo, on Thu 10 May 13:48
  13. serena gives caroline a wozzer...

    From Sodiq, on Thu 10 May 13:48
  14. @ Adam - ...oh well, Serena Williams, in my own opinion­ is the best tennis player when she is on... Rankings­ do not count! She believes she can win if she needs­ the title... When she is one matters... So the­ commentator is right!!!

    From Dayo, on Thu 10 May 13:46
  15. 25 ADAM, who wants to learn polish ?? it's a­ language spoken by third world people

    From Willi, on Thu 10 May 13:46
  16. Bravo Serena.You have buried Wozi. Rest in peace­ Caroline. Serena Serena ?

    From lloyd, on Thu 10 May 13:45
  17. THE QUEEN IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

    From OJOLA I, on Thu 10 May 13:45
  18. Thank you so much, Serena.

    From NWURE, on Thu 10 May 13:44
  19. @ Adam - ... I am laughing out loud at your comment­ about the Piotr Wozniacki... Nice one mate!!!

    From Dayo, on Thu 10 May 13:44
  20. Caroline served well, played well,.... but Serena is­ just one notch higher !!! Go GO GO Serena.... Go ahead­ and win !

    From Nelson, on Thu 10 May 13:42
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