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Ivan Dodig - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
CROI Dodig737--
FranceJ Tsonga666--

Live Comments

  1. - - Next up for Dodig will be American Sam Querrey. Full drawsheet

  2. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 6-7(5) - GAME, SET & MATCH - Second seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga becomes the latest big name to crash out of the tournament as Dodig holds on to beat him, the Frenchman sending a mis-hit inside-out forehand wide across court

  3. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 6-6(5-6) - TIE-BREAK - Lovely touch on a drop volley from Dodig does enough to set up the easy volley winner as the Croat levels at 5-5 and then he earns himself a match point with a change-of-direction forehand volley winner

  4. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 6-6(3-3) - TIE-BREAK - Dodig is furious and pounds the ground in frustration when he slips twice in quick succession on the baseline, allowing Tsonga to slice a backhand winner into the open court. And a moment of madness costs him even further as he sends a cross court backhand (after a net cord) well wide across court as Tsonga slips up at the net. Another net cord on the very next point almost costs him again but the ball dribbles over

  5. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 6-6 - A second love service game in a row from Dodig, sealed with a forehand volley into the open court, means this match will be decided by a tie-break

  6. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 6-5 - Tsonga gets perhaps a little lucky when Dodig pulls a running forehand wide across court to allow the Frenchman the chance to go 40-30 up. But Tsonga slices a backhand drop shot into the net to allow Dodig to level at deuce before a cross court backhand wide hands the Croat a break point. Tsonga saves it with a forehand and goes on to hold when Dodig hits long

  7. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 5-5 - A great backhand stop volley from Dodig goes for the perfect drop shot and brings up three game points for the Croat, who goes on to hold on the very next point when Tsonga sends a sliced backhand return into the bottom of the net. Very solid hold from the Croat under the pressure of serving to extend this match

  8. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 5-4 - A monster forehand from the Frenchman helps him on his way to another hold, the second seed holding with a cracking sliced forehand volley that he lands right on the line. Dodig will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends ...

  9. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 4-4 - Much better from Dodig this time around as he holds for the loss of just the one point. He did well to recover from that previous service game where he was forced to save three break points

  10. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 4-3 - Another love service hold goes the way of Tsonga, who has dropped just the one point on serve so far in this set. It quickly puts all the pressure back on Dodig on the other side of the net.

  11. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 3-3 - Tsonga appears to be a bit of discomfort after another slip on the baseline. Every other time the French has fallen over he has dropped the racquet before he has hit the ground. But not this time and he appears to have hurt his hand a little. It is also enough for Dodig to lose concentration. He saves a first break point with some great length and then again a second time before going on to hold on

  12. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 3-2 - Neither man wanting to hang around now as Tsonga also adds another love game to his tally. These two must be aware of the likelihood of rain in the near future and will want to get things wrapped up before then

  13. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 2-2 - Ace number four from Dodig brings up three game points for the Croat. But he only needs the one as he quickly levels up once again. Credit to Dodig as he has failed to be disheatened by droppin that second set

  14. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 2-1 - Tsonga opens the game by sending a smash wide but he recovers and holds without the loss of any more points, sealing the game with another deft. sliced backhand drop shot that Dodig can only put back in the very bottom of the net

  15. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 1-1 - Tsonga sends a mis-timed backhand return of serve well wide across court to help Dodig hold to 15 and level up in the early stages of this final set. That was an important hold for the Croat

  16. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 1-0 - Tsonga is rattling through the games now as holds to love for the opening game of the third set. It looks as though he may've broken the back of this match now and is much more animated around the court

  17. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 6-3 - SET - Dodig saves a first break set point but can do nothing about the second as Tsonga steps up inside the baseline and drills a ferocious two-handed backhand across court, the Croat only succeeding in putting his return back into the bottom of the net. That's the set to Tsonga as this match is headed for the decider

  18. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 5-3 - Another battling hold from Tsonga but he someone manages to grab the game from deuce to consolidate the break. And Dodig will have to serve to stay in this second set, next ...

  19. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 4-3 - BREAK - Boom! There it is from Tsonga. It's taken me a set and a half but he has finally found the play that we have come to expect from him as he breaks to love to lead in this set. No disrespect to Dodig, but Tsonga is 64 places above in in the rankings and should be able to put this match away - something he has very much struggled to do today

  20. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 3-3 - "Anything you can do ..." Tsonga also posts a love service hold and he levels up. The wind is really picking up around Queen's Club now as the scheduled rain draws ever closer. So far it's holding off but the clouds are definitely gathering now

  21. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 2-3 - Dodig is showing no signs of letting up as he posts a love service hold with a stunning backhand stop volley winner that comfortably beats Tsonga for pace

  22. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 2-2 - Tsonga races through a service hold to level up once again and keep the pressure on Dodig but it's still very much a battle for the Frenchman

  23. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 1-2 - Tsonga slips on the baseline before doing a couple of push-ups to entertain the crowd. And he goes on to deny Dodig a game point with a deft backhand stop volley winner. But the kicker serve does the damage in the end for the Croat as Tsonga sends a backhand return long

  24. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 1-1 - A love service game from the Frenchman, his first of the match, as he gets things a bit more on track. Still not exactly what you would expect from Tsonga though, he looks bizarrely out of sorts and you get the impression that if Dodig can hold himself together he will win this match

  25. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) 0-1 - That first set suggested Tsonga was just biding his time until he lifted his level but now it's looking like he can't as Dodig holds to 15 to open the second set, the Frenchman sending a forehand return into the net

  26. - - TSONGA 6-7(3) - SET - Tsonga looks like he is struggling for concentration as he races up to the net only to send what should be a pretty easy lob long of the baseline. And it hands Ivan Dodig the first set after 57 minutes

  27. - - TSONGA 6-6(2-4) - TIE-BREAK - Wow! Dodig races out to a 4-0 lead (helped by Tsonga putting consecutive forehands into the net) before a backhand volley marginally wide across court from Dodig helps the Frenchman get off the mark. And a forehand passing shot winner straight down the line from Tsonga sees him get one of the mini-breaks back before the change of ends

  28. - - TSONGA 6-6 - A double fault from Dodig could have cost him as it leaves Tsonga 15-30 up but the Croat does brilliantly well to recover starting with an unreturnable serve and going on to hold with a great forehand that Tsonga can not get back in play. This first set will be decided by a tie-break ...

  29. - - TSONGA 6-5 - A cracking backhand return of serve down the line from Dodig leaves Tsonga scrambling, and hitting into the net, and the Croat goes on to level up at deuce from 40-15 down. And he even goes on to earn himself a break point with a bakchand down the line followed by a forehand volley winner. A timely ace from Tsonga saves it before he goes on to hold once again

  30. - - TSONGA 5-5 - Another very solid display of serving from Dodig as he keeps this first set alive without too much trouble. The Croat's timing in his serve has so far been impeccable today, albeit it with only one ace to his name, compared to six from Tsonga

  31. - - TSONGA 5-4 - The French second seed holds from deuce when Dodig sends an inside-out forehand wide across court. The Croat has equipped himself well so far in this clash but there will be a big test next as he serves to stay in this opening set

  32. - - TSONGA 4-4 - Tsonga is playing very deep behind the baseline today and Dodig eases to another hold to 15 as this opening set reaches crunch point

  33. - - TSONGA 4-3 - The Frenchman eases through another fairly comfortable service hold, when Dodig hits a forehand return into the bottom of the net, taking full advantage of a change of racquet and the new balls

  34. - - TSONGA 3-3 - Another solid service hold from Dodig as these two men continue to feel each other out. They have never faced each other before so the early stages of this clash are bound to be a little cagey

  35. - - TSONGA 2-3 - A slip deep behind the baseline from Dodig helps Tsonga find a forehand winner (unopposed) as the Frenchman holds from 15-30 down to sneak ahead once again. So far, so unremarkable for this match

  36. - - TSONGA 2-2 - A love service hold from Dodig will give him great confidence as he levels up for a second time in the early stages of this set. You get the impression that Tsonga is just taking his time to warm-up though in much the same manner he did yesterday against Jamie Baker

  37. - - TSONGA 2-1 - Dodig has a little slip at the baseline, preventing him from jumping up to a lob properly, and as a result he frames his attempted smash into the tramlines. It helps Tsonga hold but he already had a 40-15 lead in the game

  38. - - TONSGA 1-1 - A lengthy opening service game from Dodig as Tsonga pushes him to deuce but fails to earn himself a break point. And the Croat goes on to hold when Tsonga sends a regulation backhand long of the baseline

  39. - - TSONGA 1-0 - Back-to-back aces from the Frenchman see him hold to 30 for the opening game of the match after winning the toss and thinking long and hard about what to do!

  40. - - Next up on the Centre Court is French second seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga taking on Croat Ivan Dodig ...

Ivan Dodig

Nationality CRO
Date of Birth 02/01/1985
Height 1.83 m
Weight 83 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

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