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Maria Sharapova - Hsieh Su-Wei Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova66---
TPES Hsieh14---

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  1. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 6-4 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Hsieh saves a first break point by pushing Sharapova wide and forcing the error from the Russian. And also saves a second with a great serve. But the world number one earns herself a third chance and this time she does wrap up the win, Hsieh running wide and firing her attempted forehand down the line slightly long

  2. - - SHARARPOVA 6-1 5-4 - Sharapova holds with trouble once again but she holds nonetheless and Hsieh will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends

  3. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 4-4 - BREAK - Sharapova gets herself back on track, breaking back with a cracking forehand winner as she steps up the power once again. Was the Hsieh's only chance?

  4. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-4 - Brilliant from Hsieh as she holds to 15 to consolidate the break this time. The Tawainese player is causing Sharapova all kinds of problems in this second set, although her serve is also causing her some trouble

  5. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-3 - BREAK - Wow! A shockingly poor serve from Sharapova, it bounces on her side of the net before going over and bouncing on the other side as well, completes a double fault that gifts Hsieh a break lead in this second set for the second time. Can she take advantage of it this time though?

  6. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-2 - Great serving from Hsieh as she holds from deuce with a solid ball down the centre of the court that jams Sharapova up, the Russian's return landing in the very bottom of the net

  7. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-1 - No such issues for Sharapova this time around on serve as she holds without any drama to sneak out in front in this set for the first time

  8. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 1-1 - BREAK - Yep! Just a slight lapse in concentration from the Russian as she ups both the power and the decibel levels on her shrieking and batters a couple of brutal returns of serve that Hsieh simply cannot deal with

  9. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 0-1 - BREAK - Well, well, well! Despite opening with a cracking backhand down the line and landed right in the corner, Sharapova struggles with the swirling wind a little on serve. And Hsieh breaks with another brilliant return of serve winner across court. A slight lapse in concentration from Sharapova or something more?

  10. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 - SET - Sharapova levels at deuce with a forehand drive volley winner across court before grabbing a set point. And sure enough one set point is all Sharapova needs, the Russian coming up with a blistering off-forehand winner across court to seal an impressive opening set

  11. - - SHARAPOVA 5-1 - Once again Hsieh fails to deal with the power of Sharapova as the Russian races through a love service hold, sealing it when Hsieh sends a backhand return into the net. The Taiwanese player will have to serve to stay in this opening set next

  12. - - SHARAPOVA 4-1 - BREAK - The world number one is all business today as she grabs a double break from deuce by overpowering Hsieh with the superior strength of her ground-strokes

  13. - - SHARAPOVA 3-1 - Hsieh sends a stunning double-handed backhand return of serve across court and into the corner for a winner to earn herself an immediate break back back. But a great first serve from Sharapova saves it and she goes on to hold and consolidate the break when Hsieh finds herself stranded in the mid-court and unable to get to a forehand volley from the Russian

  14. - - SHARAPOVA 2-1 - BREAK - Sharapova gets down very low to a forehand out wide and somehow produces a winner across court before going on to break with another thumping cross court forehand that Hsieh can only return into the net

  15. - - SHARAPOVA 1-1 - A love opening service hold from the world number one, despite the breezy conditions meaning she abandons her ball toss at least once, and she gets her side of the scoreboard ticking over

  16. - - SHARAPOVA 0-1 - Hsieh holds for the opening game of the match after Sharapova sends a ground-stroke just long. The Russian challenges but the call is proved to be correct and we are underway on Court One

  17. - - About to go out on to Court One is world number one Maria Sharapova. She is taking on Hsieh Su-Wei of Chinese Taipei and we will of course keep you updated with all the action from that one once the warm-up is complete

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

Su-Wei Hsieh

Nationality TPE
Date of Birth 04/01/1986
Height 1.69 m
Weight 57 kg

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  1. SHUT UP.................. so upset

    From shinthant, on Sat 30 Jun 14:46
  2. Cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Sat 30 Jun 11:07
  3. Cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Sat 30 Jun 11:07
  4. Cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Sat 30 Jun 11:07
  5. fake fake fake what fake??????????????? who are you?­ bad girl? are you girl or woman? LOOK YOUR FACE IN THE­ MIRROR. classless woman or ugly woman

    From shinthant, on Sat 30 Jun 7:06
  6. carnak: your explanation of grunting and screaming is­ probably right. but then, the examples of women tennis­ players who do not make noise while they play--agnieska­ radswanka and maria kirilenko--are not known to hit­ powerful volleys, unlike sharapova, azarenka,­ schiavone, and even errani.

    From emerita, on Sat 30 Jun 2:22
  7. bad girl and who_me are the same person, Isn't that­ called "fake"

    From Taufik H, on Fri 29 Jun 18:54
  8. JaCa Bre, she is only best at screaming and nothing­ else.

    From Blow, on Fri 29 Jun 18:00

    From Taufik H, on Fri 29 Jun 16:14
  10. you're so ignorant.I don't really care if­ she's screaming or not she's the BEST,she­ succeded in her life,while you probably can't say­ the same for yourselves. :D

    From , on Fri 29 Jun 15:58
  11. Oink - oink !!!

    From John, on Fri 29 Jun 15:43
  12. Wrong Carnak. Listen, she screeches from the MOUTH not­ the grunt from the NOSE !! She has got louder and­ louder throughout the years as she now knows it­ actually annoys her opponants as well as she can get­ away with it....

    From John, on Fri 29 Jun 15:42
  13. Andrew #3 - you are totally wrong.The grunting is a­ weak form of exhaling and not being able to control the­ vocal and stomach muscles. Most professional tennis­ players do it correctly, but the grunters are simply­ using nasal cavities incorrectly and that resuts in the­ were-pigs that include Sharapova, Avarenka, Schiovane,­ etc. It CAN be stopped and/or controlled. They just­ do't know how to do it. Watch Agnieska, Kirilenko,­ Rus....They don't have to be noisy specimens to win­ a match.

    From Carnak, on Fri 29 Jun 15:26
  14. Go,go,Maria,direcho.

    From Clemente Jr.B, on Fri 29 Jun 15:17
  15. Why do i have to lower my volume? Its my tv and i­ decide how to watch and listen. I want to watch with­ volume up, to listen all the comments, but i just­ cannot do this because their grunyting is too loud ! ­ I really hate these high notes ! Screaming notes !

    From tudorcioiu, on Fri 29 Jun 14:50
  16. When are people going to stop whining about the­ grunters/shriekers (both male and female)? We got it 20­ years ago. I"m no fan of grunters or shriekers­ (actually male grunters are more annoying to me then­ the women), so I just lower the volume, or turn it off­ completely. People who say that grunting is part of a­ technique to distract other players don't know what­ they are talking about. First of all, other players­ don't complain, it's on behalf of the fans that­ this is being looked into. Secondly, it's part of a­ breathing technique whether you like it or not. Banning­ people like sharapova, williams or azarenka would be­ forcing them to play below their standards. Now you may­ consider this to be good sport, but I don't want to­ watch any sports event where one of the opponents is­ forced to play at a disadvantage. Either lower your­ volume, or don't watch at all, just please, please­ stop whining, it's now as annoying as the grunting­ itself.

    From Andrew, on Fri 29 Jun 14:03
  17. when are they gonna stop the likes of sharapova making­ so much noise while playing.the sooner the better

    From andrew w, on Fri 29 Jun 13:46
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