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Serena Williams - Yaroslava Shvedova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams627--
KAZY Shvedova165--

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  1. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 7-5 - SERENA WINS THROUGH! Williams closes out the match with a belligerent hold, and her serve has not let her down at all in this encounter as she secures her place in the quarter-final! They kept the players out there for her to finish, and she will be very relieved to have closed it out. She will next take on either defending champion Petra Kvitova or Francesca Schiavone. Drawsheet

  2. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 6-5 - BREAK! Williams breaks in clinical fashion to force her way in front and seize the initiative in her match on Court 2, and play will continue despite the rain as the American looks to quickly serve out for this match!

  3. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 5-5 - Williams levels up once more in the final set with a string of powerful serves helping her cause, and Shvedova cannot find a decent return.

  4. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 4-5 - Shvedova keeps herself in front in this final set as Williams attempts to break with a huge forehand cross court, but two poor returns ensure that she cannot do so.

  5. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 4-4 - Serena holds to level at 4-4 in this deciding set, and she is really having to work hard to keep pace with Shvedova.

  6. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 3-4 - Shvedova continues to keep Williams subdued with some very fine serving, and there is nothing the American can do in response.

  7. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 3-3 - Williams is relying on her first serve at the moment as she hammers two big deliveries down the T and keeps Shvedova stretching behind the baseline.

  8. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 2-3 - Shvedova holds to lead 3-2 in this final set, and Williams cannot force a break of serve despite a flashing forehand down the line and a backhand slice which stuns her opponent.

  9. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 2-2 - Williams is battling exceptionally hard as she holds at 2-2, and the American is being tested by Shvedova, who looked out of this match after a poor opening set.

  10. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 1-2 - Shvedova drives a backhand down the line and is very fired up indeed as she celebrates taking her second service game of the set.

  11. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 1-1 - Williams fires a big serve down the T to keep Shvedova firmly behind the baseline, and she goes on to level at 1-1 as she also gets on the board in the third and deciding set.

  12. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 0-1 - Shvedova shows real composure to hold serve at the start of the third set under real pressure from Williams, and she gets on the board immediately.

  13. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-6 - SET! Shvedova levels up the match with a steely hold from 5-2 to close out the second set, and she has produced quite a resurgence since dropping behind.

  14. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-5 - Shvedova consolidates her break of serve with a solid hold as she finds three big first deliveries, and she is now just a game shy of taking the second set and levelling up this match.

  15. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-4 - BREAK! What a break for Shvedova, who seizes the initiative in the second set with a flurry of brilliant groundstrokes! Williams is left stunned, and must now respond in this second set.

  16. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-3 - Shvedova keeps her nose in front in the second set with a very confident hold, and she clenches her fist and yells with delight as a big forehand down the line sees her close out the game.

  17. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-2 - Williams holds with a flurry of scorching forehands as she even steps in court and picks out the corners with consummate ease. She is thriving in this second set but as yet does not have a break.

  18. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 1-2 - Williams bludgeons a forehand down the line to worry Shvedova, but three big first serves ensure the hold. Shvedova is battling extremely hard to establish herself at the start of this second set.

  19. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 1-1 - Williams obliterates a short forehand from Shvedova down the line in clinical fashion, then drills a forehand cross court as she continues to cruise through her service game. She holds to level at 1-1 in this second set.

  20. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 0-1 - Shvedova shows real courage and conviction to come through her opening service hold, closing it out to 15 as Williams goes long with a rather over-zealous backhand return. It's a much more assured start from Shvedova in this second set.

  21. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 - SET! What a set of tennis from Williams, who wraps it up in hugely convincing fashion, holding serve to close it out. Shvedova looks very fired up and, to her credit, is not despondent after being well and truly outclassed and outgunned.

  22. - - WILLIAMS 5-1 - Shvedova hammers a vicious forehand down the line and comes in court to crash a backhand cross court as she fights fire with fire with some powerful groundstrokes. She holds after deuce to get on the board and avoid the ignominy of a bagel!

  23. - - WILLIAMS 5-0 - It's a much more competitive game as Shvedova takes it to deuce with a series of fine groundstrokes, but Serena still manages to come through with a big second serve outwide and a huge forehand down the centre of the court to hold.

  24. - - WILLIAMS 4-0 - BREAK! What a return from Williams, who hammers a fine serve from Shvedova straight back past her for a clean winner to move to 0-40, and she is utterly dominant as she closes out a second successive break of serve in this opening set!

  25. - - WILLIAMS 3-0 - Williams consolidates her break of serve with a very aggressive hold, and three big serves ensure that Shvedova has no chance of responding to falling behind. Serena is very business-like as she fires a huge serve down the T to close it out.

  26. - - WILLIAMS 2-0 - BREAK! Williams is utterly ruthless as she breaks straight away at the start of this match, and Shvedova is not allowed to settle as she plants a forehand into the net under pressure. Her serve is comfortably broken by the American.

  27. - - WILLIAMS 1-0 - Serena slams a huge serve outwide as Shvedova fails to force a resistance. The American establishes herself at the start of this match in assured fashion, and there is a large crowd on Court 2 to watch it. Can Shvedova settle straight away on serve?

  28. - - Williams leads the pair's head-to-head record 1-0 with a comfortable win at WTA Toronto back in 2009, but Shvedova is in sparkling form at this year's Championship.

  29. - - The first match up on Court 2 will be four-time champion Serena Williams's fourth-round clash with Yaroslava Shvedova, who took a 'golden set' without dropping a point against 10th seed Sara Errani in the previous round. That should be a tough match for the sixth seed.

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Yaroslava Shvedova

Nationality KAZ
Date of Birth 12/09/1987
Height 1.8 m
Weight 68 kg

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  1. Would the last sharapova fan please turn the lights­ off when they leave

    From , on Tue 3 Jul 8:20
  2. I knew that this match was likely to be an extremely­ tough test for Serena. She came through it well:­ displaying her animal character for survival &­ Champion shotmaking when everything was on the line. ­ Immense credit to Shvedova for competing for fiercely­ with her. It was a great shame that she evidently had­ to remove her glasses (because they kept on getting­ fogged up). It's difficult to say to how much of a­ degree this affected her, because she didn't appear­ to make a song & dance about it (Unlike that Drama­ Queen Schiavone when under serious pressure from­ Kvitova!)...again to her enormous credit. Shvedova has­ been one of the surprise stars of the Majors so far­ this year. I can't wait to see Serena up against­ Petra......The winner of that match will surely be the­ one to beat for The Ladies Singles Crown?

    From Roger, on Mon 2 Jul 21:43
  3. @ Sam Prick and the other haters...they must be rolling­ in despair as their Fave Sharapova is out n Serena is­ in....1st they call Serena old n that she will get­ taught a leasson...but Maria who is meant to be younger­ and fit went out in 2 straight sets...and Serena fought­ like the warrior she is and age is nothing but­ a number..its the mentality and maturity. Federer is­ doing well regardless of his age so ppl should sit back­ and enjoy......

    From Olayinka, on Mon 2 Jul 18:13
  4. John, You sound a lot like Sam. It's now four­ matches you have said that about Serena and she is into­ the Quarterfinals. Not bad for a woman that is almost­ 31 years old and is clearly not in the best condition­ of her life, and beating a very good player in her­ prime of 24. Not bad at all. It's sad that you and­ Sam worry more about when Serena or Nadal losing than­ enjoying this great sport of tennis. That say's­ alot about your lives.

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 2 Jul 15:41
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Kvitova will clean Williams' clock.

    From Kelly Perrin, on Mon 2 Jul 15:38
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    .... and Serena isnt Ckare? - 1st round seems to ring a­ bell in the French Open........

    From John, on Mon 2 Jul 15:27
  7. what a fight from such a player. This shows that she is­ the greatest among her contemporaries still playing,­ though not at her best yet. She normally expresses her­ emotion by grunting whenever she wins a point, game,­ set and a match. Different players show such emotion ­ like Nole that dialate his eyeballs when he wins a­ point and beat his chest and roars like a lion whenever­ he wins the match, Federer gingers himself by saying­ "come on" and whenever he win, he dangles one­ of his fingers. Nadal gingers himself by saying­ "vamos" and whenever he wins the match he­ pumps his right hand in the air and the likes of other­ players. No player wants to lose irrespective of the­ opponent and the only way to get into the match is by­ displaying such emotion on the court. I certainly think­ that Serena and Andy Murray will get to the final if­ they play good tennis at a very high level.

    From Emo, on Mon 2 Jul 14:46
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It is amazing what steroids can do......that is the­ only reason Serena wins.

    From Gogo, on Mon 2 Jul 14:43
  9. All u Serena putdowns 're hateful & jealous;­ just because all ur female relatives cant play zut­ tenis,are ugly nobody's u envy her. cheer up­ there's always the after life may be u can­ reincarnate as champion yoyos ok good luck

    From , on Mon 2 Jul 14:31
  10. John, Kvitova is struggling in her match against­ Schiavone. She is not at her best today. Kvitova is­ very inconsistent and has been so all year.

    From Ckare, on Mon 2 Jul 14:27
  11. Y Shvedova played well. For a woman known for her­ doubles success she has really impressed in the last 2­ grand slams. Well done, to Serena. Tough opposition­ ahead.

    From Ckare, on Mon 2 Jul 14:25
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Serena squeezes through another match. She will find­ Kvitova a whole new ball game (mind the pun)

    From John, on Mon 2 Jul 14:23
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Bummer; Serena the Lowland should be banned from tennis­ for threatening bodily harm to 3 court officials!!

    From , on Mon 2 Jul 14:23
  14. Congrats, serena williams. You made my day today,­ thanks.

    From NWURE, on Mon 2 Jul 14:19
  15. Game, set and Match Williams, another sleepless night­ for Sam Parikh and his fellow haters lol, as Sharapova­ struggles on with her serve, imagine if she met Serena­ in the Finals with that dodgy serve? lol

    From Benita, on Mon 2 Jul 14:19
  16. Well done Serena.... Gutsy performance.

    From B&S, on Mon 2 Jul 14:16
  17. bravoooooooooo............serena i will­ take my dinner at the sovereign hotel here in china­ thanks ......for giving me happines today .my idol

    From rodentor l, on Mon 2 Jul 14:16
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    yes yes yes serena is winning ....only to get destroyed­ in the semi finals.....yes yes yes.....vica will­ destroy her!

    From Sam parikh, on Mon 2 Jul 14:15
  19. Schedova what a player?! Very exciting and­ entertaining, same way she played at the French Open.­ Good luck for the future...congrats Serena.

    From Dan, on Mon 2 Jul 14:14
  20. Finally, Serena hit an ace into the mouth of Ms. SAM...­ that keeps her shut-up !! ;))

    From Nelson, on Mon 2 Jul 14:13
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