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Caroline Wozniacki - Tamira Paszek Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
AustriaT Paszek576--
DENC Wozniacki764--

Live Comments

  1. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 4-6 Wozniacki still needs to hold serve to stay in the match. She starts by watching a vicious return fly past her though. A massive forehand from Paszek gives her the lead again, but a super second serve brings it back to 30-30. And now game point Wozniacki after she shades the next rally, but a poor mistake and it's deuce. But match point as Wozniacki spins one out! She challenges it... Fail! Match point Paszek, her first - and she takes it with a drive off the line! Women's draw.

  2. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 4-5 BREAK! A fine lob from Paszek to kick this game off, Wozniacki stranded and over her backhand too. A lovely drive into the corner from Wozzer though, and she attacks the net with a volley to level. Hang on, Wozniacki edges ahead with a fine backhand down the line. Could it be Paszek's turn to blow it? And a change of pace from Wozzer gives her two break points! Taken as Paszek freezes, pumping a stupid backhand a yard long! Awful shot!

  3. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 3-5 BREAK! No power from Wozniacki, but plenty from Paszek who takes a break point with a heavy hit away from Wozzer. Now Paszek is serving for the match and, unlike Caro, you fancy her to do it!

  4. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 3-4 A comfortable hold for Paszek, who appears to be getting more powerful as the match goes on.

  5. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 3-3 The shot of this game is a brutal service return from Paszek, but it was the only point against serve as Wozniacki holds pretty speedily.

  6. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 2-3 Extended applause as Paszek whips out a cool ace that dips down the middle to move 40-0 up. If the Austrian could be more consistent with her first serve she'd be some player. She follows that with a mis-hit backhand though, holding to 15 as Wozniacki returns to net.

  7. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 2-2 BREAK! Wozniacki has a total nightmare on serve, falling 0-40 down as she gets everything wrong. But, off second serve, she manages to force an error from Paszek, but is broken as she nets a weak forehand. Level again.

  8. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 2-1 Solid holds for both girls, Wozniacki proving to herself that she can back up breaks, and Paszek off the mark in the final set.

  9. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) 1-0 BREAK! Wozniacki seems to just crumble under pressure, and with none on she starts the third set with a break off deuce, far more adventurous and aggressive all of a sudden.

  10. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-7(5) SET! Set point to Paszek as Wozniacki fluffs it to Paszek's forehand, overhitting it. And it goes to a decider as Wozniacki stumbles at the baseline after a quick change of direction from the Austrian. Paszek saved a handful of match points to take the second set.

  11. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-6 (5-4) First blood to Paszek in the TB as she sinks a forehand down the line. Wozniacki stops the mini-rot though and we're 3-4 with the Dane on serve. Finally she kills a nice drive, 'come on' she yelps, but it's very tense. Off second serve the Dane goes for a cagey baseline rally - which Paszek wins for a mini-break! On serve now and two points from the set!

  12. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-6 She was on the brink, two match points down for the second time this match, but Paszek takes it to a tie-break with another outswinging backhand, that a stretching Wozniacki can only spoon long. Great hold, and now we have a shoot-out for the second set.

  13. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-5 A superb return from Wozniacki, then a Paszek double fault and the Dane is 30-15 up in what could be the final game. Again she is two points from victory - and Paszek seems to pump one wide, but it's called in! Challenged, looked wide to me - well wide. How was that missed? Two match points! A superb rally is won by Paszek, both girls finding the lines and the width too much for Wozzer in the end. And the second saved too as Paszek spins one off the corner! Deuce!

  14. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 6-5 Wozniacki is angry for not being able to break when she probably should have; but she controls it with a fine service game, holding to 15, although the best shot was a Paszek winner out wide. Paszek again serving to stay in the tournament.

  15. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 5-5 Frustration for Wozniacki as Paszek finally holds, the Dane's spinning return flying just wide. Almost a great shot.

  16. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 5-4 As this is a key game, you'll get extended commentary. After struggling in those rallies, Paszek regains her mojo with a solid serve to move to game point. Almost a double fault but the second serve is a let. Nervy! And Wozzer sinks the return, a 'come on' for the benefit of the Anglophone audience and it's deuce again. Great movement from both girls follows and Paszek wins it with a backhand volley. An ace, and a hold. Oh hang on, Wozniacki challenges... Great call, was wide.

  17. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 5-4 Paszek could be in trouble here as Wozniacki gets a couple of good returns in, with one such shot leading to another panicky shot by the Austrian that lands wide. 15-30... Should have been two match points but a lovely angled trick backhand lands out - Wozzer challenges but it was an inch wide. A gruelling rally up next, which Paszek shades by virtue of her power. Superb rally now and Wozzer shades it as Paszek goes just long! Superb width from the Dane. Deuce.

  18. - WOZNIACKI 7-5 5-4 The Dane is a lucky girl - her outright inability to generate power on smashes should have been punished but her positioning is good, moving to net as she realised her error and drawing a panicky shot from Paszek. Wozniacki goes on to hold to 15 with a more aggressive backhand drive. Paszek serving to stay in the match.

  19. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 4-4 Two break points for Wozniacki at this crucial stage, Paszek letting her concentration slip... After a let, the Austrian whips out a vicious serve that Wozzer completely mistimes with her return. Still one break point - which is saved as Paszek is again able to draw a weak return from the Dane, which lands in but allows the server to run the point. A rally from the corners follows and Paszek kills a disguised forehand off the line. Superb. And she holds with an angled drive.

  20. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 4-3 Both girls hold with relative comfort after that spate of breaks. Still no action elsewhere, just on the roof-aided Centre Court.

  21. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 3-2 BREAK BACK! Wozniacki needs to hold on to this break but she slips 15-30 down. However, a booming forehand brings her level, only for Paszek to respond with a fine cross-court approach shot that deceives the Dane. Break point! Taken as Paszek uses her superior power to dominate the next point, Wozniacki floundering at the baseline and eventually going wide.

  22. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 3-1 BREAK! Break point Wozniacki as Paszek first nets poorly, but a fine crosscourter leaves the Dane only able to overhit it long. Decue no.5 this game... A very long rally now, won by Wozzer as Paszek tries a change of direction to win it - into the net it goes! Break point again... Taken as Paszek meets the Dane's return with a shocker, long and slow. Crucial game.

  23. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 2-1 At break point Paszek challenges the call that she sent one wide, having caught Wozniacki out - and she is right to do so as the ball clips the line, just the merest brush! Deuce. Another challenge from the Austrian as she feels Wozniacki went wide - poor call, and unnecessary as the point was playable! Break point Wozzer... Saved as the Dane spins one in the air and long. Phew. It's deuce o'clock now as neither girl is able to kill it off...

  24. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 2-1 BREAK BACK! Ah the old Wozzer rears her head as she fluffs a succession of forehands to let the Austrian cancel out that break.

  25. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 2-0 BREAK! A missed forehand across court gives Wozniacki a break early in the second set. The Dane looks composed and in charge now.

  26. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 1-0 Wozniacki kicks off set two with a love hold. The still conditions afforded by the use of the roof have helped both players: Paszek has been able to pull out some aces, while Wozniacki's moonballs have been less, um, moony, as her lack of relative power is overridden by her accuracy. Wozniacki has reaped the benefits by holding her nerve, Paszek appeared flustered when she had those set points.

  27. - - WOZNIACKI 7-5 SET! Having been on the brink of losing this set, Wozniacki has moved to two set points after holding with ease and pounding some tasty returns at Paszek. One is eaten back as the Austrian finds a change of pace on her forehand, now deuce as she buries a backhand having looked set for a forehand, confusing Wozzer. But the Dane scuttles about the baseline and set point again as Paszek nets weakly - taken as Paszek pumps a shocking forehand drive long and wide!!

  28. - - WOZNIACKI 5-5 BREAK! (Paszek loses four set points) Still on this game, back at deuce. ACE! Set point Paszek again, her third, but with Wozzer prone she fails to take it, netting what should have been a crisp forehand drive. Another set point as, after a fine serve down the middle, Paszek bosses the rally and Wozniacki nets a weak backhand. And lost again as she goes long with a baseline dig. And an identical error gives Wozzer break point, and the chance is taken by the Dane first time.

  29. - - WOZNIACKI 4-5 An aggressive return from Wozzer doesn't pay off and she then pumps a straightforward groundstroke well past the baseline. 30-0. Off second serve, the Austrian ends up giving the Dane a route back into the game with a weak backhand slice to net. But a wicked first serve, an ace, and it's two set points Paszek... The first is saved with a fine forehand pass from Wozniacki, and the second with a super retrieve into a running backhand after a short forehand volley. Deuce.

  30. - - The roof has been drawn, finally, and this match - and only this match on Centre Court - can resume. Paszek serving for the first set...

  31. - - To alleviate the rain-induced tedium, have a gander at this shot of Wozzer straining to reach a forehand in this match. Caroline Wozniacki

  32. - - WOZNIACKI 4-5 The rain is tumbling down now, so all play is stopped apart from Wozniaki v Paszek on Centre Court. Well it is stopped temporarily as they wait to see if it's worth bringing the roof over...

  33. - - WOZNIACKI 2-2 This match only just got started last night before they were ushered off court because of the light and damp. They were none too pleased. It restarts with Wozzer on serve.

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 60 kg

Tamira Paszek

Nationality AUT
Date of Birth 06/12/1990
Height 1.65 m
Weight 60 kg

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  1. Its sad that some of you are just being rude.­ Crtiticizing or commenting how Carolines tennis played­ nowadays is acceptable, but her personal life is not of­ your concern. Reminding some of u that Venus Williams­ left Wimbledon after the first game too, considering­ she won 5 wimbledon championship more than Serena,­ aside from 21 grand slam credited to her name. She was­ interviewed b4 the game stating shes very fit to­ compete. Nadal went out early too and Federer was­ nearly upset by a frenchman as well. Wimbledon is­ everybodys game, everyone has a chance specially Tamira­ Paszek just won in Eastborn and truly have lots of­ confidence. Caroline almost won but meantally shes not­ that strong. Its also a matter of luck. Caroline is­ just 21 years old and already has been in no.# 1­ position for more than 2 years compare to Azarenka who­ lasted only in a matter of 5 mos. Carolines tennis is­ going slow, but now she is trying to change it with a­ new trainer. But it takes time to see the result of­ changing. Even idiot can figure that out.

    From Linda, on Sat 30 Jun 11:33
  2. Where is the halfwit CON when you need it?

    From bobby, on Wed 27 Jun 20:00
  3. badgirl, I guess it's not time yet.

    From Great Eddie, on Wed 27 Jun 19:19
  4. Ever since Caroline starting hanging out with McElroy,­ her play hasn't been the same. She will be out of­ the top 10 very soon unless she get her act together.

    From Great Eddie, on Wed 27 Jun 19:17
  5. now matter who wins..i'm happy...boring wozzy­ is kicked out of the tournament, big time, 1st round­ loss...for former world # 1 and her obnoxious­ pappi...and ugly bf rory...wozniacki now should just­ sell her underwears

    From ester oh la la, on Wed 27 Jun 19:05
  6. Im going to give Woz a break...she hired a coach...she­ is trying to better herself, a work in progress ,,,You­ have to take one step back in order to go forward...

    From Y M, on Wed 27 Jun 18:54
  7. she was never a no;1 player,only a beauty queen.Bring­ on proper tennis players.

    From Norma, on Wed 27 Jun 18:42
  8. Tennis can be so cruel! Will Carolina bounce back? This­ match makes me appreciate Aggy RADWANSKAS effort in­ being stable for quite some time now. Losing in Tennis­ really kills winning spirit in players and today just­ asserts to me this fact. We the FANS should continue to­ support and respect all players, its clear now how hard­ for Federer, Nadal and Nole to stay on the top three­ for a number of years now, special respect to them and­ I wish like wise effort in competitiveness from WTA top­ ranks. Congrats to Tamira she is calm mentally than she­ used to be.

    From ogweno, on Wed 27 Jun 18:37
  9. The better player won. Tamira on lawn is as good or­ better then Errani on clay court.

    From Ingo, on Wed 27 Jun 18:26
  10. seems like the Turkish food has destroyed Caroline.Very­ spoiled girl with bad behavior

    From Lubomir, on Wed 27 Jun 18:22
  11. i think caroline needs to go to school

    From Pearless J, on Wed 27 Jun 18:21
  12. Again the commentators here are soooooooooooo biased.­ Absolutely disgusting!!!!

    From *~*Kennedy*~*, on Wed 27 Jun 18:00
  13. this way caroline gets to spend a couple of weeks lying­ in with rory. so that's his chance blown away in­ the open. he may score a hole in one but i bet he then­ misses the cut.

    From Joe, on Wed 27 Jun 17:54
  14. Empty Blond Football Head, Chin! Chin!.

    From Ra.Planet of The Apes, on Wed 27 Jun 17:48
  15. Is there a Rain Delay at Wimbledon? I don't see any­ other matches going on at the moment.

    From Great Eddie, on Wed 27 Jun 17:04
  16. bad_girl: Caro was never No.1 material. Sorry about­ that. I was flabbergasted how she was able to stay No.1­ for 2 years without winning a single Slam. Serena and­ Maria at their best would eat her for breakfast­ (figuratively speaking, of course ;-) )

    From Ryan M, on Wed 27 Jun 15:31
  17. tamira looked good at eastbourne, so this could be very­ interesting. good luck girls.

    From Joe, on Tue 26 Jun 13:41
  18. Caroline plays very bad right now and Tamira just won a­ tournament, so I think that Tamira will be the winner!

    From Tamara, on Tue 26 Jun 13:00
  19. C'mon Karolina! Do something finally! Start play!

    From Krzysztof, on Fri 22 Jun 14:51
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