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Maria Sharapova - Tsvetana Pironkova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova766--
BULT Pironkova670--

Live Comments

  1. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7 6-0 GAME SET AND MATCH! Pironkova shows some spirit to battle back to 30-30 but, with match point and a final-set bagel in her sights, Maria wins it with a stone-cold cross-court backhand with the Bulgarian going the other way. She's in the third round and will face either Su-Wei Hseih or Stephanie Gacon. Women's draw.

  2. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7 5-0 BREAK! Pironkova's serve has been neutralised somewhat but she battles back to par from 0-30 down. However, some booming backhands from Sharapova give her break point, saved with a backhand drive down the line. But Sharapova breaks and is serving for a bagel - and the match.

  3. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7 4-0 Sharapova holds to 15 as Pironkova simply cannot touch her serve. The match is drifting away from the Bulgarian as quickly as it returned to her grasp.

  4. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7 3-0 BREAK! Well where was this a few minutes ago? Sharapova has pressed the "alert" button and blasts all manner of returns past the dazed Bulgarian, who is broken to 15.

  5. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7 2-0 A huge roar of 'come on' from Sharapova as she holds with a big serve. She let her guard down in the second set and has that look in her eye - the look of the hunter, as Boris Becker would no doubt say.

  6. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7 1-0 BREAK! The first game of this second set is twice brought back to deuce by Sharapova, with the serving Pironkova then panicking a bit as she goes break point down - but then Masha overhits a forehand and it's deuce once more. Then Pironkova overhits one and it's another break point - and it's taken as a rally is won by a fine cross-court backhand that Pironkova reaches but only nets.

  7. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-7(3) SET! Sharapova nets after a decent return from the Bulgarian, who then sends one wide as they trade mini-breaks. And a double-fault from Sharapova puts Pironkova 3-1 up! And she gets another mini-break with a super return and it's 5-1, two points from the set and she's serving - big delivery, five set points!! Masha brings back two on serve, but still three set points... TAKEN as Maria goes long on a rally she had dominated!!

  8. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 6-6 A fantastic opening to this last game proper of the second set as the girls exchange slices and drop shots with Pironkova volleying clear at net. Extended applause. I like Pironkova on grass. She holds with relative comfort, and we have a tie-break!

  9. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 5-5 Pironkova blasts her way into a 40-0 lead but a mighty forehand brings one point back for Sharapova. Another sees it chopped to 40-30.... The Bulgarian keeps her nerve and serves it out though.

  10. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 5-4 Masha kicks off her next service game with a couple of aces that kiss the lines as Pironkova watches on. Love hold as Pironkova returns the final serve, but sends it long and wide. The Bulgarian serving to stay in the match.

  11. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 4-4 One of Pironkova's serves was 110mph, flat and accurate too, but Maria wins a couple of points off second serve and it's 40-30. She then digs a backhand long though and it's a hold.

  12. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 4-3 Some great width by Sharapova on her groundstrokes and she holds to 15 after netting one winner but following that up with a flat first serve that the Bulgarian can only net.

  13. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 3-3 After a mid-game wobble, Pironkova blasts in a pair of tasty first serves to hold to 30, backing up her break back. She started well yesterday too, but Sharapova showed her fighting qualities to save several break points.

  14. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 3-2 BREAK! A mini-scare in the opening game as Sharapova overhits a swinging volley that she should have smashed away, break point Pironkova... and a double fault! An immediate break back, remember Maria had broken at the last yesterday.

  15. - - SHARAPOVA 7-6 3-1 This match was halted due to bad light last night, with Sharapova saving set points in two separate games before winning the tie-break. She is also a break up in the second. They're out hitting now, should start soonish on Court One.

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

Tsvetana Pironkova

Nationality BUL
Date of Birth 13/09/1987
Height 1.8 m
Weight 65 kg

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  2. when the going gets tough ...

    From Geoffrey, on Thu 28 Jun 17:32
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    From shinthant, on Thu 28 Jun 15:15
  4. LMAO... You are a bad girl! :-p

    From Scott, on Thu 28 Jun 15:02
  5. And i think Taufik H, as well is more­­ un-feminine­ than sharapova but only just !!

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 28 Jun 14:58
  6. @Who_me?, yes you and probably only you !!

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 28 Jun 14:57
  7. no way they let her get away with it again !!

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 28 Jun 14:55
  8. The Bbeauty vs The Beast. Is there anything more­­ un-feminine than sharapova?

    From Blow, on Thu 28 Jun 14:46
  9. Good win! Tsvetana sometimes can really show a very­ good tennis, and it was predictable that it­ wouldn't be an easy walk for Masha, so i'm glad­ for high concentration and great job in the 3d set!

    From Alena, on Thu 28 Jun 14:44
  10. there is no such thing as lucky in tennis... if you did­ work had, you prevailed

    From Taufik H, on Thu 28 Jun 14:40
  11. Hmmm, me thinks bad_girl and Who_me? are the same­ person, trying to scrounge up Sharapova taunting by­ making multiple avatars, cause no one else wants­ to/can't be bothered. The conclusion is obvious.­ Sharapova used to beat this person up in school and­ steal his/her lunch money.

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  12. haters always came up with the same point

    From Taufik H, on Thu 28 Jun 14:35
  13. 6-0 is lucky? lol.

    From emerita, on Thu 28 Jun 14:30
  14. unbelievable third set. but that's maria! i hope­ that in her next matches, there will be very few, if­ not none at all, double faults. congratulations, maria.

    From emerita, on Thu 28 Jun 14:28
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  18. Bravo mariaaaaaa!! You are the best :)) fu*king great­ third set, 6-0 :d

    From Dejan, on Thu 28 Jun 14:23
  19. that's maria for you! what say you, maria's­ detractors?

    From emerita, on Thu 28 Jun 14:15
  20. LOL Bad_Girl.... Doesn't look like it's going­ to happen i'm afraid.

    From Scott, on Thu 28 Jun 14:11
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