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SwitzerlandR Federer46676
FranceJ Benneteau67261

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  1. - - So Federer survives and books his place in the fourth round with a five-set epic against Benneteau. That sets up a clash against Xavier Malisse on Monday. Full men's drawsheet

  2. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-3 7-6(6) 6-1 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Federer wraps things up with a hold to love with an off-forehand across court that Benneteau can only return in to the net!

  3. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-3 7-6(6) 5-1 - BREAK - Another quick massage later and Benneteau can still not hold on to his serve as Federer works him around the court and fires a forehand winner to secure the double break and also leave him serving for the match

  4. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-3 7-6(6) 4-1 - Federer races through a service hold to consolidate the break and Benneteau looks exhausted now

  5. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-3 7-6(6) 3-1 - BREAK - Benneteau has the trainer out on court during the change of ends for what Barry Davies describes as "total upper leg massage" before coming out and dropping his serve when Federer moves him around the court with ease

  6. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-3 7-6(6) 2-1 - Federer holds to 30 despite a double fault and a forehand into the net. He sneaks ahead again in this fifth set

  7. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-3 7-6(6) 1-1 - There are some worried looks around as Benneteau seems to be having trouble with his knee and calls for the trainer for the next change of ends. He holds on from 30-30 though with an ace and then a forehand winner before doing a bit of stretching and bouncing around, just to let Federer know he's not done just yet

  8. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 7-6(6) 1-0 - Federer needs two attempts to put away a smash winner but does manage it at the second attempt and holds to open the fifth set

  9. - - Commentators telling us that Benneteau has won his last four five-set matches. Yes, but Roger Federer was not on the other side of the net on any of those occasions so it doesn't really count on today's clash!

  10. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 7-6(6) - SET - It's two sets all! The crowd thinks Federer has sealed the set with an ace but the ball was clearly wide and he has to go again. But he does get it behind his second serve as Benneteau sends a forehand into the net. This is going to a decisive fifth set

  11. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 6-6 (7-6) TIE-BREAK - The set point is on Benneteau's serve though and the French does enough with his approach shot to force the error from Fed and level up for a second change of ends. He promptly hits long off the backhand wing though and it is a second set point to Fed, this time on his own serve ...

  12. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 6-6(6-5) TIE-BREAK - Federer wastes a golden opportunity to earn himself two set points when he sends a backhand volley wide across court. He challenges unsuccessfully but goes on to earn himself a next point with a solid serve on the next point ...

  13. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 6-6(3-3) - TIE-BREAK - Federer gets the first mini-break as he works his way up to the net to find a forehand volley winner before being pegged back by a great backhand passing shot from Benneteau that just has enough on it to stop Fed from getting it back over the net. Nothing to separate these two at the change of ends

  14. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 6-6 - Benneteau finds himself just two points from victory as he first produces a forehand winner to go 15-30 up and then stops to (successfully) challenge a call on the baseline and level at deuce. But Federer is firm on both points and holds to force the tie-break. Benneteau has already won one in this match, can he win another and win the match?

  15. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 5-6 - Benneteau does hold without any trouble to force at the very least the tie-break. Federer will need to serve to stay in the match for a second time after the change of ends

  16. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 5-5 - Federer holds to love to level up once again and put pressure on the Benneteau serve. Can the Frenchman hold again and at least force the tie-break in this fourth set?

  17. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 4-5 - Benneteau races through a service hold that leaves him potentially just one game away from the win. Federer will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends

  18. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 4-4 - Benneteau denies Federer a love service hold by riffling a backhand return of serve winner down the line but the world number three goes on to hold to level up once again

  19. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 3-4 - A much more comfortable service hold this time around for Benneteau as he cruises through to 15 with a forehand drop shot winner, a forehand ground-stroke winner and an ace down the centre of the court

  20. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 3-3 - Benneteau produces a blistering cross court forehand return of serve to put some pressure on the Fed serve at 30-15. But Federer has been slowly but surely raised his game and goes on to hold (after the Frenchman has nearly taken out the umpire with a forehand return) and level up once again

  21. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 2-3 - Benneteau looks to be down and out as he finds himself on the wrong end of three break points. But he saves all three of them before going on to hold with a great first serve that Federer can only return wide off the backhand wing

  22. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 2-2 - Federer also races through a service hold to 15 with a solid serve that Benneteau can only return into the net

  23. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 1-2 - Benneteau is looking a little tired now but he rattles a cross court forehand winner right onto the sideline on his way to a hold to 15 to sneak out in front again in this fourth set

  24. - - FEDERER 4-6 7-6(3) 6-2 1-1 - Federer also holds without too much trouble, an inch-perfect drop shot proving too much for Benneteau as he fails to get up for it in time

  25. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 0-1 - Benneteau gets the fourth set off to a much more successful start as he holds to 30 with a solid serve that Fed can only return into the bottom of the net. That was an important hold for the Frenchman, who probably needs to wrap it up this set. That said, everyone thought that about Rosol against Nadal last night too but he managed to more than hold on for the fifth

  26. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 6-2 - SET - Federer gets one of the sets back as Benneteau sends a series of returns long to help the world number three hold to love. Can Benneteau recover some composure or will Federer romp through the remaining two sets now. You have to feel that the longer this match goes on, the more it will favour Federer

  27. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 5-2 - Great work from the Frenchman as he holds to force Federer to serve it out and it will at least mean Benneteau serves first in the fourth set

  28. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 5-1 - Federer holds again without too much trouble to leave Benneteau serving to stay in this third set

  29. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 4-1 - Much better from Benneteau behind his serve as he holds to 15 with a serve Federer is unable to return in play. The Frenchman has at least avoided the ignominy of a bagel set

  30. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 4-0 - Federer holds to 30 when a forehand goes long from Benneteau. This set is surely gone for the Frenchman now. He needs to conserve his energy for the fourth because if Federer pushes it to a fifth, you would have to back him to come out on top

  31. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 3-0 - BREAK - Ouch! Federer is really beginning to pull away with this set now as he breaks for a second successive time to open, Benneteau sending a slightly tired-looking forehand into the net

  32. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 2-0 - Just like the second set, Federer easily holds to consolidate the early break in this third set. He went 2-0 up in the second though before Benneteau bounced back to level

  33. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) 1-0 - BREAK - Fed grabs the first game of this third set when Benneteau sends a forehand into the net after failing to recover from his service motion in time to deal with Fed's return. Could that be the start of a comeback?

  34. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-7(3) - SET - Fed saves the first when Benneteau sends a forehand into the net but the Frenchman does take a two sets to love lead with a forehand down the line that Fed can only return into the net

  35. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-6(2-5) - TIE-BREAK - Another ace from Benneteau, once again challenged by Fed unsuccessfully, followed by a forehand winner brings up four set points

  36. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-6(2-3) - TIE-BREAK - Benneteau races through the opening three points to grab the mini-break with a couple of forehand winners and an ace. Federer bounces back with a couple of points behind his own serve but Benneteau retains the mini-break lead at the change of ends with a serve that Fed can only return long

  37. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-6 - Benneteau squanders a first game point with a forehand wide down the line and a second with a double fault, allowing Fed to level at deuce. And Fed goes on to enjoy a set point after Benneteau dumps a smash into the net. He saves it with an incredibly risky forehand right into the corner. A second double from Benneteau wastes another game point. He saves a second set point and does eventually hold with a dripping backhand across court. It's tie-break time ...

  38. - - FEDERER 4-6 6-5 - Benneteau denies Fed a love hold with a forehand drive volley winner but the world number three holds at the second attempt when the Frenchman's forehand goes wide. He will have to serve to stay in this second set once again

  39. - - FEDERER 4-6 5-5 - Benneteau comes up with a Federer-esque running forehand passing shot winner down the lin eto bring up two game points before going on to hold with a solid serve that Fed can only send into the net

  40. - - FEDERER 4-6 5-4 - Benneteau earns himself another break point ... but can't take advantage as he ihts a forehand wide down the line. He denies Federer a game point when he finds a forehand volley followed by a forehand drop shot but the world number three quickly recovers with another chance and this time he does hold when Benneteau sends a forehand return long. The Frenchman will have to serve to stay in this set after the change of ends

  41. - - FEDERER 4-6 4-4 - Federer puts the pressure on Benneteau to level at deuce from 40-15 down but the Frenchman stands his ground and holds with a solid first serve and then a forehand winner

  42. - - FEDERER 4-6 4-3 - A super, super slack forehand volley from Federer goes into the bottom of the net despite the world number three being less than a metre away from it and it hands Benneteau another break point. This time Fed saves it with a solid serve and goes on to hold with another couple of unreturnable serves

  43. - - FEDERER 4-6 3-3 - Benneteau wraps up another service hold to 30 with a solid serve down the centre of the court that Fed can only return into the net

  44. - - FEDERER 4-6 3-2 - Talking of Federer and Benneteau, another service hold apeice has occurred on Centre Court between those two so we remain on serve in this second set

  45. - - FEDERER 4-6 2-1 - BREAK - Benneteau fails to take advantage of a first break point when he hits long and a second when he hits into the net but he gets a third chance when Fed sends a straight-forward drive volley about two metres beyond the baseline. And this time Benneteau does break back, Fed putting a backhand into the net

  46. - - FEDERER 4-6 2-0 - BREAK - Federer earns himself an early break point with a change-of-direction forehand down the line but a sliced backhand into the very bottom of the net sees him squander the chance and allow Benneteau level at deuce. And the Frenchman also saves a second with a cracking forehand drop shot and forehand volley winner combo. But a slip on the baseline on the third sees Fed get the break and leaves Benneteau moving gingerly

  47. - - FEDERER 4-6 1-0 - Federer holds for the opening game of the second set but the crowd are loving Benneteau's style on Centre today as he bounces around the baseline and makes Federer play about three more shots than he would normally like to (in the opening point) before missing the easiest shot - a forehand down the line

  48. - - FEDERER 4-6 - SET - Federer denies Benneteau on a first set point with a forehand winner before the Frenchman hits into the net on a second. But he does wrap up the set at the third attempt, the Frenchman finding a forehand winner much to the delight of the crowd who want to see a real classic here

  49. - - FEDERER 4-5 - BREAK - Well, well, well! Are we going to have a repeat of the Djokovic match earlier? Possibly as Benneteau breaks at the first attempt when Federer hits a forehand into the net. The Frenchman will serve for the opening set after the change of ends

  50. - - FEDERER 4-4 - Federer puts pressure on the Benneteau serve at 30-30 as he looks to strike for the break. But the Frenchman holds firm and goes on to wrap up the game a couple of poimts later with a forehand winner

  51. - - FEDERER 4-3 - Another couple of comfortable service holds apeice as this set trickles quietly towards the business end of the opening set

  52. - - FEDERER 3-2 - Federer squanders the chance to hold to love when he pulls his cross court backhand well wide into the tramlines. But he does go on to hold at the second attempt and sneak out in front once again

  53. - - FEDERER 2-2 - Much more comfortable that his opening service game as Benneteau holds for a second time, this game being wrapped up to 15 by the Frenchman as he finds an ace

  54. - - FEDERER 2-1 - Another quick and easy service hold for Fed as he races through to 15 for the second time this afternoon. The match definately has a subdued feel to it at the moment as much of the crowd continues to be absent. Fed would probably be unused to that these days, although he looks far too focused to notice!

  55. - - FEDERER 1-1 - Benneteau eventually takes his fifth attempt to seal his opening service game as the world number three slices a backhand long of the baseline. Two double faults in that game from the Frenchman is not a great sign

  56. - - FEDERER 1-0 - Fed opens with a low key but effective hold to 15 as some of the crowd continue to sneak out for refreshments after the end of that Watson match

  57. - - Just about to get underway on Centre Court now, still under the roof, is six-times former champion Roger Federer taking on Frenchman Julien Benneteau

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Julien Benneteau

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 20/12/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 79 kg

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  1. Sorry I have gone back on my word ! One more post to­ you Johnny. You keep going on about grass, grass and­ grass. Tell me what do u believe to be the main­ differences between grass and hard court that will­ change the complexion of federer defeats ( 6 of last 7)­ to Novak. Grass is only slightly slower than hard court­ but speed will not be a factor as the ball on a hard­ court and grass bounce in much the same way. You may­ argue that fed is a 6 time wimbledon champ which he is,­ but that will have no baring upon the match since­ federer once the majority of his Wimbledon titltes when­ Novak and rafa were starting out. Also most of the top­ guys don't really play serve and volley anymore so­ it will be a battle of the baseline which is the same­ in hard courts. So please gave me an In depth­ analysis of how Federers fortunes will be any different­ on grass in 2012? PleAse answer my question in a­ sensible fashion with proper in depth analysis

    From Frank, on Sat 30 Jun 1:40
  2. Johnny this is my last post tonight. All I'm going­ to say is that Novak will back up my previous­ comments-of that I am sure.. That's all I'm­ going to say. Goodnight

    From Frank, on Sat 30 Jun 1:25
  3. Johnny you make very good point, federer and djokovic­ never duelled on grass, which makes it very­ interesting, if fed brings his A game he wins just,­ because in my opinion fed A game beats djoko A game on­ grass, also djoko isn't playing out of this world­ like he was doing in 2011, hes back down to earth, fed­ has proved Wimbledon success year after year, djoko­ still needs to prove he is the best on grass, if he­ beats fed I will hold my hands up, but fed seems­ inspired this time around and will take some stopping,­ plus 30 years old isn't too old, not for the Goat,­ Agassi was still playing at high level at 35, we will­ see:)

    From Mark, on Sat 30 Jun 1:08
  4. I think Benneteau was lucky, not Federer,Roger had many­ chances to finish it in 3 or for sets!

    From IONEL, on Sat 30 Jun 1:06
  5. Nicolas, if you are confusing clay matches with grass­ ones, than maby you should join Nadal: out of this­ sitte for the remainder of this torunament! LOL

    From Johnny D, on Sat 30 Jun 0:51
  6. Well well, Frank, the master was well beaten by Federer­ in RG 2011, wasn't he? And clay is the worst­ possible surface in Federer's agenda! You will see­ what the suiss maestro at almost 31 of age will hold of­ "the 2011 raised game master" who thinks he­ can win on grass just because he beat poor Nadal last­ year, who probably played just as bad if not worse as­ he did yesterday against Rosol! ROFLMAO!

    From Johnny D, on Sat 30 Jun 0:47
  7. Well at least we can all laugh at nadal lol :) down to­ number 3 now too, gonna make it difficult for him to­ win GS now

    From Mark, on Sat 30 Jun 0:13
  8. Nicholas we will see what happens next Friday on the­ semifinals! Let them play it out!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 30 Jun 0:06
  9. I know it's a great chance for someone else to win,­ but the last 28 out 29 majors have been won by fed,­ rafa and djoko, and although someone will make their­ first wimblefon final I reckon the trend will continue,­ be very surprised if neither fed or djoko won it, the­ winner of that semi takes all in my opinion, as they­ will just be too mentally strong for their opponents,­ simply cos theybeen their bought the t shirt lol:)

    From Mark, on Fri 29 Jun 23:48
  10. Common all of you, does anybody think about Murry in­ the finals? I think he is a great player as well.­ Everyone is talking just about first three. I am­ Novak' fan, I hope he will win, but this game is­ for others too. At least we saw it yesterday (Nadal vs­ Rosol). So far we'll see. Good luck Nole!!!!­ Gorjana

    From gorjanar, on Fri 29 Jun 23:43
  11. I will say though djokovic is still number 1 in world,­ he not playing as well as in 2011, where I would agree­ that fed would defo lose, now he's still great but­ so is fed, and with what's on the line for fed,­ this could be his moment, plus nadal out which is huge­ for fed, djoko also needs to serve well against fed,­ which he's capable of doing, djoko is an awesome­ returner but at times a shaky server:)

    From Mark, on Fri 29 Jun 23:16
  12. Unless I am mistaken Novak ruined RF at the French open­ this year. 3 sets was it not? Does that not scare you?­ How about the 2 set victory in Rome? No? Perhaps this­ is all you got: June 2011. Getting old, isn't it?­ It will be interesting though. Will RF go for­ ''reckless shots'' should he face a­ match point against Novak? :)

    From Nicolas, on Fri 29 Jun 23:09
  13. Sam yes fed has a 14-12 record over Novak. But Novak­ has won 6 of the last 7. That's rather more­ important me thinks. Peace.

    From Frank, on Fri 29 Jun 23:08
  14. A very good point made frank, agreed, if fed can serve­ amazing I think he will edge djoko, as grass is the­ surface for big servers, but I agree djokovic is so­ hard to beat, his baseline rallies when he's zoned­ he wins must points especially long rallies, he has the­ knack to break any opponents serve at will,fed needs­ the first set too, and the only other hope for fed is­ djoko looses his concentration we saw it at french ­ like against seppi and tsonga in French open but­ should be a cracker as hopefully they meet, I like them­ both, but hope fed wins:)

    From Mark, on Fri 29 Jun 23:08
  15. Frank and Nicholas ::::: remember last year French­ open! Fed destroyed Novak! Last year fed has 2 match­ points so ur hero Novak is no superman! And fed has a­ winning record against Novak! Don't worry next­ sundal even ur hero Novak will call the king of kings­ sir mr roger federer! Fed will not only take away the­ wimbeldon along with that the number one ranking so get­ excited and since u wasted ur day watching fed win­ today go hit the bar or pub as u call them in uk!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 29 Jun 23:04
  16. Mark I respect your comment because at least you are­ realistic. If fed is to beat Novak it will take a­ monumental effort from him. I believe the only way for­ fed to beat Novak is for him to be serving at a first­ serve percentage of 85 percent. That way he will­ shorten the points which will be key for him. Howeve if­ his first serve percentage dips below this he then is­ getting into baseline rallies with Novak and we all­ know what will happen there-fed will not match him in­ long rallies. Therefore I believe Federers first serve­ has to be basically perfect for Him to have a chance­ and even then it would be no guarantee if Novak plays a­ blinder as well. But as I said before I have a lot of­ respect for your comment.

    From Frank, on Fri 29 Jun 22:57
  17. Fed can win Wimbledon:) djoko stands in his way but fed­ can beat him, fed has the hunger and desire back, he­ wants to beat the best again, djoko is the favourite­ but I reckon he is feeling the pressure more like­ nadal, fed can take advantage of this, fed and djoko to­ meet in semis and fed will win in five sets:) truly­ awesome times ahead

    From Mark, on Fri 29 Jun 22:48
  18. Secret don't worry u will Fallon lov with fed­ after he wins wimbeldon!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 29 Jun 22:42
  19. I relation to your stupid "grass argument" I­ refer to my point in the previous forum ( djokovic­ match chat forum today) which u never responded to­ surprise surprise. Even fed fans are saying here that­ he will be no match for Novak. And u talk about Novak­ only having one title-well he has only played one­ wimbledon since the start of 2011 when he raised his­ game to an extreme level and became the superman we all­ know and love. Novak pre 2011 was not as good I admit,­ but now he is the Master.

    From Frank, on Fri 29 Jun 22:20
  20. ''I think Feder didnt deserve to go through the­ french­ player played best tennis.'' 8 of you­ idiots managed to vote this comment down, which says a­ lot about the primitive way to communicate by some­ ''fans'' on this forum. She makes a­ decent point: Benneteau played great tennis. You could­ argue they both played great tennis, but at times RF­ was completely out of position. Since you love­ statistics so much, you know that RF rarely is pushed­ that far into the battle, so you might EXCHANGE some­ ideas about tennis instead of voting Lydia down, who­ knows you might learn something tonight?

    From Nicolas, on Fri 29 Jun 22:18
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