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Flavio Cipolla - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray66---
ItalyF Cipolla13---

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Flavio Cipolla

Nationality ITA
Date of Birth 20/10/1983
Height 1.73 m
Weight 74 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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  1. John we shall see if Murray can banish this choker tag.­ I just wouldn't get carried away with him, how many­ times have you thought he'd have a slam before now­ I reckon. He has a habit of building yous up to then­ let you down. I love how you's are now classing­ Murray with the top 3 for me he's still got a lot­ to prove. Just cos he won 1 big event which isn't­ that important in the tennis calendar. I think­ expectations shouldn't be too high

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 23:22
  2. to all the haters, no choking from murray now , simply­ a matter of time for a slam, never seen federer­ destroyed like that, especially as olympic gold in­ singles only thing he has not won, roll on us open,­ some good ranking points here andy, toughie next v­ raonic, maybe to big occasion for a future top player­ in front of his hometown fansm=, your playing out your­ skin , sensational mental strongness from all the­ finals you lost, now if you win a slam you have­ achieved the lot,just number 1 looking good , perhaps­ rafa will be a stumbling block,you have always had­ close ones v djokovic , but again sensational against­ him and the critic he cant beat both ,well thats done­ too now

    From john, on Wed 8 Aug 22:16
  3. Well done AM but you looked really tired!! Long flight­ after Wimbledon! Your such a good sport for going­ there.

    From Dee G, on Wed 8 Aug 21:38
  4. Good Andy has won. Good luck for the rest of the­ tournement.

    From Jon, on Wed 8 Aug 21:33
  5. And Jon olympics is no where neither as important as a­ slam, c'mon!! 2000 points for a slam which is over­ 2 weeks best of 5 sets. Where as Olympics just a week­ best of 3 sets till the final which is best of 5. Yes­ it's a great achievement but believe me, Murray­ will tell you how that no where neither is as hard or­ intense then a two week slam to win :)

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 21:32
  6. @jon umm let me think, us open final 2008 straight sets­ loss to fed, 2010 aussi open straight sets loss to fed,­ 2011 aussi open final straight sets loss to Novak,­ wimby he did better but once fed got that 2nd set he­ melted mentally fed in 4 set, the facts are there 4­ finals only 1 set achieved, he works hard to get there­ then he becomes the choker or nerves get better of him.­ The aussi open 2012 against Novak again he was 2 sets­ to 1 up then he chokes, Novak showed why he more of a­ champion and pulled through. Countless matches with­ nadal in semi finals where starts well then when the­ pressure comes on ar crucial moments he flops, with­ nadal fighting through, he had time on his side to­ change this but as it stands he's still jock flop­ until he breaks his slam duck, he tends to go down and­ it's not cos of lack of ability it's his mental­ state. We will have to see what this gold medal impact­ has in him, he may get the eye of the tiger. If he­ can't win one from this high moment in his career­ he wont ever win, this is best chance, he may get one­ to shut me up and the rest of the critics lol :)

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 21:27
  7. It's great that Andy has now proved their is no gap­ between him and the 3 above him. Personally i think­ that an Olympic gold is just as important as a GS. ­ He always has had even more tennis talent than the­ other players but has been slow to mature. He now is­ putting it all together and the best is yet to come.

    From Jon, on Wed 8 Aug 21:24
  8. Some nitwit called Mark states that AM has choked in GS­ finals. Please tell us where? Just because you lose­ a match doesn't mean to say you choked.. It's­ just an impression of AM you want to create but it­ doesn't stick.

    From Jon, on Wed 8 Aug 21:10
  9. Novak is the most fun to watch, cos he's crazy­ moments when pumps himself up to fight back in matches.­ I admire nadals never say die attitude. I admire Fed­ how he stays cool under pressure when he on brink of­ defeat. For me them 3 still show why they separate from­ the rest with their champion abilities. As for Murray I­ have to say he's improving but still not in the 3­ kings league yet. Until he wins a few slams I'm­ afraid

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 21:04
  10. @ bobby, It's his attitude on court, when things­ start to go wrong in the final stages of slams. When­ the going gets tough andy bottles it. He tends to fold­ against nadal, djoko or fed. Even though he won that­ gold beating fed and djoko which was impressive it­ doesn't convince me yet he can do it in a slam.­ Things all went his way in the Olympics he had no­ problems to deal with like going a break down or going­ a set down. That wont happen at us open. In interviews­ he sounds boring not much character about him, I'd­ much rather listen to the other top 3. I know have no­ tennis titles this id not about me but I'm allowed­ an opinion on tennis players and although I'm­ British I just can't support Murray. How is fed­ boring after all his amazing success year on year, Andy­ can only dream of that. The Olympic gold medal does­ make him stronger and look better but still in my­ opinion he stay 4th favourite in slams still, just my­ opinion on the guy, he may prove me wrong and I maybe­ eating my words, we will see :)

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 20:59
  11. I agree Fed is boring to watch and Andy is great fun to­ follow. I was so pleased that he won against Federer­ on Sunday. I know hat Fed will probably never win an­ Olympic gold singles medal now. He has won everything­ else so it is time for others to take over. Nadal and­ Nole are also fun to watch and have previously had more­ sucess than Andy. Dot

    From Bob, on Wed 8 Aug 20:43
  12. @Mark; how you can write that AM is boring? Fed is­ boring to watch, AM is certainly not. How many Olympic­ medals and/or GS titles do you have? Fool.

    From bobby, on Wed 8 Aug 20:31
  13. You guessed right lol I was happy for him when he won­ Britain the gold and the relief he felt but I don't­ enjoy watching him and find him boring

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 17:32
  14. I guess your not an Andy fan, therefor this will be my­ last response to you! Goooooo Andy!!!

    From Dee G, on Wed 8 Aug 17:06
  15. Question is can Andy can win a slam?,which he keeps­ choking at the crucial moments, if this gold win­ isn't the platform for him to get one then­ he'll never get one, he in the form of his life, so­ he needs to take the opportunity soon, a slam at either­ this us open or in 2013, if he still doesn't have­ one by then I don't think he'll ever get it

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 15:50
  16. As long as Andy wins, I dont really care who is right!!

    From Dee G, on Wed 8 Aug 14:55
  17. I dont think mixed doubles would have taken a lot out­ of him, plus novak did play sunday too, but i admit it­ was a shorter match and not as intense. Fair enough I­ respect your view, indeed it will be interesting to see­ who is right :)

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 13:57
  18. You seem to forget that Novak was knocked early. Andy,­ on the other hand played til the final in singles and­ doubles!!Anyway, you stick to your opinion and ill­ stick to mine and we will see who is right!!

    From Dee G, on Wed 8 Aug 13:49
  19. And plus your wrong again, the us open is not the­ following week, cincinatti masters is next week then­ there is a week off then the us open starts Monday 29th­ August so get your facts right :)these master 1000­ events are important you will notice that the top­ players attend must of them every year anyway, it's­ the first time fed has pulled out of this event shows­ they are bothered about winning them

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 11:58
  20. For your information, only fed and nadal have pulled­ out, djoko is playing in this event so it's you who­ doesn't know what's happening, and the reason­ Andy shouldn't pull it out is he can add a lot of­ points to his ranking, he can get used to playing on­ hard courts again leading up to us open and he should­ keep the momentum from winning Olympics going as he in­ great form, plus nadal is out cos of injury and fed­ retired yes due to the body but he 6 years older than­ Murray so needs the rest more :)

    From Mark, on Wed 8 Aug 11:46
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