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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceJ Chardy66---
United KingdomA Murray44---

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  1. - MURRAY 4-6, 4-6 CHARDY: GAME SET MATCH CHARDY! A big first serve gets Chardy underway but Murray responds with some athletic net play. Another Chardy ace gets him ahead again but a Murray chip charge restores parity at 30-30. Another ace brings up match point and Murray slices wide to concede the match.

  2. - MURRAY 4-6, 4-5 CHARDY: Murray’s quickest serve of the day brings up game point but he nets yet another backhand to put himself under more pressure. A forehand winner gives the Scot another break point and an ace gives him a crucial hold. He must now break.

  3. - MURRAY 4-6, 3-5 CHARDY: Murray gets to 30-30 and looks like forcing a break point before a lucky net cord gets Chardy a point he looked like losing. He gets to within a game with another big forehand and volley. He must hold to stay in the match.

  4. - MURRAY 4-6, 3-4 CHARDY: Murray drags successive forehands wide to go 0-30 down before digging deep to pull it back to deuce. A netted backhand gives Chardy a virtual match point but Murray finds a couple of good first serves for a gutsy hold.

  5. - MURRAY 4-6, 2-4 CHARDY: Chardy comes through a tough deuce game to hold with a big serve and forehand.

  6. - MURRAY 4-6, 2-3 CHARDY: BREAK CHARDY! Murray really struggling on his first serve, allowing Chardy into rallies. The Frenchman goes 0-30 ahead before unleashing a huge forehand to give him three break points. Murray finally finds a first serve and big backhand but nets to give Chardy yet another break.

  7. - MURRAY 4-6, 2-2 CHARDY: BREAK! A good return from Murray gives the Scot the opening point and Chardy for once hits two forehands long to give the Scot three break points. Chardy saves the first and two Murray backhand errors gets it back to deuce. A chip and charge of a good approach earns Murray a fourth break point and he breaks as Chardy double faults. Fourth break of the set!

  8. - MURRAY 4-6, 1-2 CHARDY: BREAK CHARDY! Chardy again having success with following his big forehands into the net and a sloppy backhand pulls the Frenchman to deuce. Murray pulls a forehand wide to give Chardy another chance to break and a first double fault gives the game away.

  9. - MURRAY 4-6, 1-1 CHARDY: BREAK MURRAY! Murray at last finds his range with a whipped angled forehand winner and Chardy slices long to give Murray an immediate chance to break back. Chardy can’t get back a low slice and Murray breaks back.

  10. - MURRAY 4-6, 0-1 CHARDY: BREAK CHARDY! A worrying start for Murray as he mishits another forehand and nets a backhand to surrender the first two points on his serve. A blistering forehand winner give the Frenchman two more break points. He saves the first with an ace but another unforced error gives Chardy the immediate break.

  11. - MURRAY 4-6 CHARDY: SET CHARDY! The chip return is not working for Murray and he is struggling against the Chardy forehand. Murray hits a forehand winner of his own and a netted smash gives the Scot life at 30-30. Two big serves and netted returns give the Frenchman a surprise first set.

  12. - MURRAY 4-5 CHARDY: A comfortable hold to 15 as Chardy hits long but the Frenchman will now serve for the opening set.

  13. - MURRAY 3-4 CHARDY: BREAK CHARDY! Some uncharacteristic Murray errors and good retrieving from Chardy forces two break points and the Frenchman gets the crucial breakthrough as Murray hits wide.

  14. - MURRAY 3-3 CHARDY: Murray begins with a couple of rare unforced errors and is visibly frustrated. Chardy hits three balls long to concede a break point. Great defence earns Murray a second break point but Chardy does well to hold on as Murray hits long.

  15. - MURRAY 3-2 CHARDY: Murray opens with his fourth ace and a big forehand winner. Chardy hits long before a fifth ace rounds off another love game.

  16. - MURRAY 2-2 CHARDY: great retrieving from Murray on the opening point as Chardy charges the net but a nice backhand pass restores parity as the Frenchman again chips and charges. Murray nets tamely and a big serve and volley gets Chardy to game point and Murray hits long to give the Frenchman the game.

  17. - MURRAY 2-1 CHARDY: Murray races to 40-0 with two winners and an ace and closes out a quick service game to love with another ace down the middle.

  18. - - CHARDY 1-1 - Murray's reward for attacking the Chardy second serve is getting to deuce. The Frenchman closes down well at the net to see out his first service game, however.

  19. - - MURRAY 0-0 - an uncertain start from Murray, but he still wins all four points on his serve to open the match with a game to love.

  20. - - Defending champion Andy Murray has beaten world number 38 Chardy on each of their previous four meetings, all of them on hardcourt and only one with a set dropped. That was when they last met here in 2010.

  21. - - The two players are warming up on Grandstand court now. The winner will play Juan Martin del Potro in the quarter-finals. Drawsheet

Jérémy Chardy

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 12/02/1987
Height 1.87 m
Weight 75 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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  1. Federer won a silver.. GO FEDERER!!

    From Linet, on Fri 17 Aug 10:15
  2. Ah yes, that Olympic spirit didn't last long did it­ guys ? Andy is our hero when he's winning and a­ choker when he's not? I'd like to see you lot­ out there doing better your all such experts !!! And­ talk about supporting Fed, you would probably only­ support the no 1 in any sport just to be on the winning­ side ...... All Man U supporters ? Proud to say that no­ matter if he wins or doesn't , I'm a Murray fan­ and I'm sure even Fed has his off days ....... Like­ never winning an Olympic singles medal of any colour !

    From Bitzy, on Thu 16 Aug 20:25
  3. Bad luck Andy! Not all of us here are bad sportman like­ some on here! Yobs!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 16 Aug 20:18
  4. @ Ckare Both. Chardy is taking it to Murray's­ he's more aggressive and is serving well. Murray­ isn't at his best but he's still be outplayed­ and is doing his usual, muttering and complaining to­ himself, looking up at his camp with every point he­ loses or shot he misses. He bashed his racquet a couple­ times too. Chardy stayed calm, didn't get too high­ or too low. Well done him.

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 16 Aug 20:16
  5. Hahahahahaha! The Olympic champion dethroned by chardy­ lololol :) told yous not to get carried away with your­ hero, now you know what I mean, see his body language,­ when the going gets tough Andy gets going. Well normal­ service resumed mr choker again :) Tsk Tsk he can't­ keep his cool under pressure

    From Mark, on Thu 16 Aug 20:16
  6. Murray proving that straight sets win over Fed was­ nothing but a gift from Fed to his UK fans LOL!

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 16 Aug 20:14
  7. I think Murray should lose and give himself a break

    From Ivor, on Thu 16 Aug 20:11
  8. Is Chardy playing well or is Murray jaded from his­ Olympic exploits ????????????????? Cannot see the­ match to see the truth.

    From Ckare, on Thu 16 Aug 20:10
  9. the haters crawlng out of the woodwork over 1 loss!!­ Pathetic!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 16 Aug 20:07
  10. Haha mr choker losing his cool, poor net, go chardy! :)

    From Mark, on Thu 16 Aug 20:04
  11. now the idiot has just told Chardy, " you can­ challenge if you want" talk about grandstanding,­ what a prat.

    From Condor club, on Thu 16 Aug 20:01
  12. Wow if Chardy gets this break it's def over LOL!

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 16 Aug 19:53
  13. wish this umpire would shut up during play

    From Condor club, on Thu 16 Aug 19:53
  14. Go Chardy!!

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 16 Aug 19:51
  15. Come on is our Olympic champion going out so early in­ this tournament.

    From Tomic, on Thu 16 Aug 19:43
  16. Murray please for my fantasy tennis' sake?..

    From phurlabby, on Thu 16 Aug 19:26
  17. They say around 6ish

    From Dee G, on Thu 16 Aug 17:58
  18. Any ideas when this is likely to start GMT?

    From Tim, on Thu 16 Aug 17:24
  19. Go Andy!

    From M, on Thu 16 Aug 17:22
  20. Best of luck as always Andy!!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 16 Aug 12:51
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