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SwitzerlandR Federer67---
United StatesM Fish36---

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  1. - - Federer moves on to a semi-final meeting with Stan Wawrinka. Thanks for joining us today. We'll be back again tomorrow with the semis, see you then.

  2. - - FEDERER 6-3 7-6(4) - GAME, SET & MATCH! Fish is hitting the ball well now. He throws down an ace to lead 2-1 and he looks pumped up at the moment! But Federer seems to step up his game immediately, and at 2-2 his determined move to the net reaps its rewards. Fish goes long on the next point and that miss could prove crucial as Fed gets a mini-break. Indeed it does, as two Federer smashes later, the Swiss seals the match!

  3. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-6 - Lovely start to the game from Fish, and he hits some great, clean balls culminating in a tremendous forehand winner to go 30-15 up. Federer is off target on the next point and Fish then aces to send the second set to a tie-break!

  4. - - FEDERER 6-3 6-5 - Fish is definitely having to work harder on his own serve than Federer. The Swiss wins this one to 15 and once again, Fish finds himself under incredible pressure; this time he needs to hold his serve to stay in the match.

  5. - - FEDERER 6-3 5-5 - And the pressure initially shows on Fish as Roger brings up match point at 30-40. He wastes it and Fish's hope is renewed. He aces and then Fed goes long. That's a huge hold for the American.

  6. - - FEDERER 6-3 5-4 - The crowd are getting into this one now as Fish wins the first point and they sense a chink in Federer's armour. Oh, come on, if there is one, he rarely allows opponents to find it. A glorious backhand cross-court winner brings up game point for the Swiss master and he goes on to hold with another clean winner, this time down the line. The pressure mounts on Fish now.

  7. - - FEDERER 6-3 4-4 - Fish falls to 0-30 and for an instant it doesn't look good for the number 10 seed. But Federer hits one long and the moment of panic passes. Fish goes on to seal the game, the final point a wonderful effort from the American.

  8. - - FEDERER 6-3 4-3 - Fish puts some pressure on Federer's serve as he goes 30-0 up. But Roger doesn't really know the meaning of pressure and he responds with an ace - just his third tonight - before Fish hits the net to level things up. A Federer backhand winner then brings up game point and the world number one doesn't need a second chance to clinch the game.

  9. - - FEDERER 6-3 3-3 - Fish levels again with another competent display of serving. The American now has seven aces to his name tonight, to Fed's two.

  10. - - FEDERER 6-3 3-2 - Federer races to another hold as the sun dips in the Ohio sky. It's a full house here tonight and they're being treated to a lovely evening of tennis. And Kiss-Cam.

  11. - - FEDERER 6-3 2-2 - Federer allows himself a smile at the changeover as Kiss-Cam works its 'magic' on the crowd. Fish doesn't let the antics in the stands put him off his game and the American holds comfortably this time.

  12. - - FEDERER 6-3 2-1 - Fish has been unimpressed by umpire Leyani today, who earlier overruled a call incorrectly. So when he does it again to a Federer forehand, Fish immediately challenges. This time, though, the ball was in by a good few inches. Leyani affords himself the faintest hint of a smile, and Federer meanwhile goes on to hold to 30 in some comfort.

  13. - - FEDERER 6-3 1-1 - Very few easy service games for Fish here - just as he pulls in front, a series of powerful shots from Federer force the American back to deuce. He holds on, but the 10th seed is having to work very hard just to stay in contention.

  14. - - FEDERER 6-3 1-0 - Has Federer come out cold in the second set? Fish up to 0-30 in an instant, but no - that's the point at which Federer kicks into gear, rifling an ace and some forehand winners to wrest control of set two. Fish has to up his game somehow - and he's by no means playing badly.

  15. - - FEDERER 6-3 - BREAK AND SET! Fish serves to stay in the set, and when Federer claws his way back to 30-30, the arena hushes. Fish constructs a brilliant point, nudging in front with a backhand down the line, but Federer pegs the American back to deuce. Federer gets a look at set point, Fish shuts it down with an ace down the middle, but at the second time of asking Federer slams a backhand down the line. 33 minutes of excellent tennis.

  16. - - FEDERER 5-3 - Ace down the middle, service winner and the Swiss races into a 30-0 lead. Fish pulls a point back, but a successful review brings up game point and he seals it with a powerful forehand which Fish can only steer into the net.

  17. - - FEDERER 4-3 - A couple of points for Federer on the Fish serve, but the American looking fairly comfortable behind his own serve now. He'll be reflecting on how different things would look if only he hadn't lost the first game.

  18. - - FEDERER 4-2 - The match moving apace - Federer holds in 50 seconds there, and he had a challengeas well. The final shot, a backhand whipped across court after Fish's approach had caught the net, is a particular delight.

  19. - - FEDERER 3-2 - Good response from Fish, who holds in equally solid fashion. The American is on the comeback trail after some heart issues earlier in the year. This is surely his biggest test of recent times.

  20. - - FEDERER 3-1 - The fans may be looking for a performance from the American hope, but Federer has plenty of support wherever he goes and the crowd are seeing some terrific shots from the Swiss so far. Especially the forehand - that's working to perfection. Simple hold keeps Federer out in front.

  21. - - FEDERER 2-1 - These two actually contested the 2010 final here in Cincinnati - Federer won a close final that day 6-7 7-6 6-4. Fish claims the first two points, but with a burst of classy shots, including a measured backhand volley and putaway, Federer levels up at 30-30. The American not to be denied, however, getting on the scoreboard with his first hold of the day.

  22. - - FEDERER 2-0 - Federer enjoys a 5-1 record in the duo's head to head on tour - and it's hard to bet against the Swiss winning for a sixth time after watching him rattle through his hold of serve. Federer coming out firing.

  23. - - FEDERER 1-0 - BREAK! That's quite some start from the world number one - a ripping return winner - and before Fish knows what's happened the Wimbledon champion is into a 15-40 lead, and converting with a forehand buried right into the corner.

  24. - - Also through to the semis are Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro. They'll meet tomorrow in a rematch of the bronze medal match at the Olympic Games. Reports

  25. - - Awaiting the winner of this match in the semi-final is Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka, who enjoyed a come-from-behind victory against Milos Raonic. Report

  26. - - Hello and welcome to live text commentary as Roger Federer aims for a semi-final place at the Cincinnati Masters - his opponent is home hope and 10th seed Mardy Fish.

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Mardy Fish

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 09/12/1981
Height 1.87 m
Weight 81 kg

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  1. Just shut the fack up Ali aljazeera guy stu pid idio t­ ffs. You say you are so happy that fed will never win a­ olympic gold medal? well im so happy that nadal will­ never win: 5 US Opens, 7 Wimbys, 4 Australian Opens, 6­ Tour Finals, having won 75 tournaments with GS­ including, and of course 1 RG top of the cake ;). Well­ Then we can move on to the records that he holds, we­ both know that we could sit here until tomorrow talking­ about those, so you get my point now. Fed 31 year old­ and rocks, he dances around the court like a 18 year­ old, nadal 26, almost needs a wheelchair nowadays,­ please #$%$ because you dont know #$%$ about tenis.

    From lucas, on Sat 18 Aug 10:21
  2. 25 ,'.. Ali yahya, nadal gaay fan...' ok, who is Ali­ yayah ? he is obviously an Arab . Now we all know that­ Joows love anal sex , in other words they like to #$%$ ­ each other up the ar*se , I dont make this up , its all­ in the ' Holy Joow Book', remember Sodom and Ghomorrah­ ?? Now back to Ali who probably works for some rich­ Joows , washing their cars may be.... And to make some­ bucks on the side , he bends over , to get #$%$ed up­ his anal when his Joow master asks for it ( in the car­ garage ?? ) You know what I mean ?? So he is a bitter­ man , depending on Joows to make a living .Could be he­ actually likes the bending over get #$%$ed up­ his ar*se ...strange guy ...this Ali

    From Fukkthejoows, on Sat 18 Aug 3:51
  3. I think it's been almost 2 years since Nadal won a­ tournment on a non clay surface. Before the U.S open­ 2010 the last hard title he won before that was Indian­ wells 2009? This is during Nadal's prime years? Wow­ talk about embarrassing! What is his ranking now in his­ prime? Truly the luckiest and most overated player in­ history. Has never even won the unofficial 5th slam the­ end of season masters. Every great player in the open­ era has won that except for a certain you know who. Why­ does Nadal scream like a woman when he hits a ball? She­ should be playing on the WTA lol.

    From Corky, on Sat 18 Aug 1:50
  4. Ali Yahya. Is Nadal a 26 year old or a 56 year old?­ Without drugs maybe but looks like he needs wheels.

    From venu, on Sat 18 Aug 1:45
  5. Ali yahra only people with no life and no friends­ actually admit that they troll. You are obviously sad­ and so very lonely. You have my pity that it's­ come to this for you.

    From Corky, on Sat 18 Aug 1:45
  6. Vamos Roger!!!!

    From Cameron B, on Sat 18 Aug 1:44
  7. Ali Yahya. No matter how many drugs Nadal is going to­ take, he can't win another slam :-) :-)

    From venu, on Sat 18 Aug 1:44
  8. Ali yahya, nadal gaay fan, watching federer and­ secretly admiring Fed, wjhahahah lolz

    From Mboy, on Sat 18 Aug 1:42
  9. no matter what federer does i'm so happy that he­ will never get an olympic gold medal, that is unless he­ plays alone in the tournament at the next olympics

    From Ali Yahya, on Sat 18 Aug 1:40
  10. gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooo­ oooooooooo

    From Alireza, on Sat 18 Aug 1:39
  11. Ali Yahya. Just like Nadal, you also seem to be on­ drugs. Having Fun dude.. Cool n-joy.

    From venu, on Sat 18 Aug 1:37
  12. come on guys please keep on fighting me i love your­ stupidity, i mean what's the worst thing you're­ gonna do, caps lock me to death? get a life guys....i­ just like to get on people's nerves and show them­ how stupid they are, just ignore me to show me­ you're mature

    From Ali Yahya, on Sat 18 Aug 1:34
  13. go are the can beat all the­ tennisors in the world.go.go.go.go...

    From Alireza, on Sat 18 Aug 1:33
  14. till now in this season federer has done less than what­ nadal normally does every year...nothing special really

    From Ali Yahya, on Sat 18 Aug 1:31
  15. go roger for cincinati.go legend

    From Alireza, on Sat 18 Aug 1:30
  16. Ali Yahya. What are you doing here? Go and do some­ physio stuff to Nadal. That may help his return to­ tennis quickly.

    From venu, on Sat 18 Aug 1:28
  17. I like the commentator's comment..."Fed doesnt­ know the meaning of pressure" go fed..

    From doug, on Sat 18 Aug 1:21
  18. Go Fed (greatest sportsman of all time)!!!

    From Cameron B, on Sat 18 Aug 1:19
  19. It's ridiculous and disappointing we don't get­ to see this on live TV!

    From Marjorie, on Sat 18 Aug 1:02
  20. note that when federer wins a match, the commentator­ says: his first serve was present through out the­ match,when he loses he says:he missed his first serve a­ lot, conclusion: federer=90% dependence on first serve

    From Ali Yahya, on Sat 18 Aug 0:59
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