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Francesca Schiavone - Sloane Stephens Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Stephens66---
ItalyF Schiavone34---

Live Comments

  1. - - SCHIAVONE 3-6 4-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Stephens is serving for the match here, but the pressure seems to get to her initially as she drops to 0-30. An ace digs her out of a hole though as she levels at 30-30. She then attempts a backhand pass that lands just out and it's Schiavone who has a break point. She wastes it and when she goes long again, we have a third match point. This time Stephens takes it and she's into round two in straight sets! Women's draw

  2. - - SCHIAVONE 3-6 4-5 - Stephens brings up two match points... the first one she goes long - but the American challenges, and she wins it! Still double match point... but Stephens can't convert either one as the Italian digs deep. And Schiavone goes on to hold, even though she shows her frustration at one point by volleying the ball away, Alessandro Del Piero-sytle!

  3. - - SCHIAVONE 3-6 3-5 0 - BREAK! Stephens breaks again before confirming that with a hold. And she's now just one game from a famous victory - and a place in the second round!

  4. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 3-3 Another tough hold to 30 for Stephens as Schiavone slices long.

  5. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 3-2 – Stephens piles on more pressure and it out rallying Schiavone from the back of the court. Stephens earns two break points but Schiavone holds firm for a crucial hold.

  6. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 2-2 – BREAK! Stephens hits wide to concede two break points and the resilient Italian draws level when a Stephens backhand drifts out.

  7. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 1-2 – Schiavone moves to 30-0 but Stephens rips another stunning forehand winner from the back of the court. Stephens wins a 24 shot rally to get to deuce but Schiavone leaps to smash a decent lob for a winner before holding serve.

  8. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 0-2 –Stephens on fire as she brings Schiavone in and rips a forehand past her to move to 40-0. A big serve rounds off a love service game. Great stuff from the young American and Schiavone is complaining to the umpire.

  9. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 0-1 – BREAK! More big hitting on the forehand side wins Stephens the opening two points and Schiavone nets to give the American three break points. She slices wide on the first but the Italian nets to concede the early break.

  10. - SCHIAVONE 3-6 – SET! Stephens races to 40-0 and although Schiavone saves the first two, she shanks wide as Stephens takes the set.

  11. - SCHIAVONE 3-5 – BREAK! Stephens earns three break points and an unreturnable forehand gives her the crucial break.

  12. - SCHIAVONE 3-4 – Stephens runs down a drop shot to get to 40-15 and finishes the game with an overhead winner.

  13. - SCHIAVONE 3-3 – The Italian clings on to 30 after another tight game.

  14. - SCHIAVONE 2-3 – Stephens races to 40-15 with the kind of hitting that got her to the fourth round of the French Open and closes it out to 30.

  15. - SCHIAVONE 2-2 – Schiavone battles through another game punctuated with long baseline rallies to hold to 30.

  16. - SCHIAVONE 1-2 – BREAK! Schiavone breaks back after a long deuce game when Stephens hits long.

  17. - SCHIAVONE 0-2 – BREAK! The former French Open champ is broken in her opening service game by the home favourite on Louis Armstrong.

Francesca Schiavone

Nationality ITA
Date of Birth 23/06/1980
Height 1.66 m
Weight 64 kg

Sloane Stephens

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 20/03/1993
Height 1.7 m
Weight 61 kg

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