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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
A Ivanovic13---

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Ana Ivanovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 06/11/1987
Height 1.85 m
Weight 69 kg

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

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  1. I'm so miffed to have missed the match! As usual­ the ardent fans are out to show and voice their­ appreciation of sheer brilliance at work...fantastic! ­ For the critics this comment is likely to­ draw......please leave ME be; that includes reference­ to dress, hair, drugs and another innane garbage -­ I'm sooooooo over it! Onward Lady Serena, your­ crown awaits. Yay!!

    From Rodian, on Thu 6 Sep 19:04
  2. Sam P., You have been predicting that Serena will­ lose since round 1, Then you said round 2, then 3, the­ 4th round, then the quarterfinals, now the semifinals,­ if she wins, you will say the finals, if she wins the­ US Opens, then the year end championships, the the­ Aussie Open, if not the French Open, If not that­ tourney then wimbledon, etc. Sam you have been­ wrong more times the right. I guess being right one­ out of 10 times isn't bad. Hang in there and­ you'll get it right eventually.

    From Eddie, on Thu 6 Sep 18:54
  3. I'm sorry for Ana, but Serena demolishes by her­ force and tennis skill. I'm not sure if someone can­ stop her at US Open now.

    From Mirjana, on Thu 6 Sep 14:21
  4. Do I really have to expose your ignorance on this­ thread? For everyone's attention. At long last, we­ can reset the out-of-competition test clock for Serena­ (and Venus) Williams. The USADA's test history for­ the second quarter of 2012 is out, and Venus and Serena­ were tested. More than two years had elapsed since­ their last out-of-competition tests by either the ITF­ or USADA. Previous to the 2012 test, Serena's last­ out-of-competition test was May 16, 2009 (ITF test).­ For Venus, it was 2008 Q4 (USADA test). There is­ more to it.When the ITF tried to test Serena out of­ competition in October 2011, she fled to her panic­ room. It was reported that the doping control officer­ had been mistaken for an "intruder." And, as­ the statistics noted above indicate, she did not give a­ sample after leaving the panic room.Let me leave you­ with this thought: What would the media reaction have­ been if Serena was a cyclist rather than a tennis­ player?

    From Marlon, on Thu 6 Sep 9:36
  5. @33..,You've got the problem mate. The fact of life­ is that American sportsmen cheat. In their pursuit of­ glory they totally ruined the sport with PED. Marion­ Jones, Carl Lewis, Lance Armstrong and many others­ unsung 'heroes'. Grow up.

    From Marlon, on Thu 6 Sep 9:05
  6. All the players say that serena has the best serve in­ the game it is almost inpossble to say which way she­ is going to serve. which other player can do over 30­ aces in one game when the williams sisters do retire­ there is no one who will step up and be a great­ champion.

    From Jim, on Thu 6 Sep 7:58
  7. @ Sam parikh SHAME ON YOU SERENA WIN AGAIN, so u can go­ drink urself to death or eat ur poo, no reasonable­ human on this forum wil giv a #$%$ cos you dont deserv­ it.... You hate good things so good things will never­ visit your doorstep. in sport, someone must win and­ another wil loss, if serena didnt play well she will­ loss but as long as she is fighting very hard and­ working very hard, she will continue to win and all the­ Haters will keep on being frustrated and maybe end up­ in the mental institute. I wonder if you are in this­ planet earth or your the gran son of lucifar, whatever­ you are, you must give honour to whom honour is due and­ respect them because they deserve and earned it, the­ WILLIAMS deserve and earn to be respected as great­ sportwomen..............keep it up girls

    From Princess Don, on Thu 6 Sep 7:58
  8. Chas Lindstrohn, if your not a swine, what better­ adjective should I have used! With all apologies to­ swines. You rank lower than then, from all angles­ considered! #$%$ fools riding is free, ride on. ­ Congrats, to the queen, Ms Williams, its not yet done.­ Even though it look and seems like that. The whole of­ America is behind you, do us proud once more. My­ chappies and I are popping champange on ice already, in­ celebration of the victory come saturday. Good luck.

    From WillsnWays, on Thu 6 Sep 7:26
  9. I thought I read on this same site Sam pr***k, or­ whatever its name is, saying he would never post­ another comment about Serena if she a Grand Slam again.­ That was before Wimbledon. Now he/she is back with­ venom, spitting hate. Sam something can't even keep­ his/her own word. What a person!

    From CircemEt, on Thu 6 Sep 7:04
  10. Stefan -"Serena isn't that good....",yeah­ that's why she has more GS titles than all other­ girls on the tour COMBINED (if you don't count her­ sister)!

    From Honey, on Thu 6 Sep 6:51
  11. I still dont get it, the only reason why ana lost so­ hard is bcuz she looked so scared and terrified on the­ court, especialy on the beggining of the match.. Srsly,­ girls just have to stop thinking about serena as a­ undefeatable monster on the court, they are losing hope­ already in looker room. Serena isnt that good and she­ is beatable, just come on, fight her!!! I hope vica and­ masha will realize that, if erani doesnt, even tho sara­ isnt good enough to defeat her...

    From RALE, on Thu 6 Sep 6:48
  12. What can Errani do? If Serena remains in the­ 'zone' then there can only be one­ winner...Awesome Serena.

    From Linet, on Thu 6 Sep 1:30
  13. I am sorry for including UKSOUL in my list of Nadal/­ Serena haters as clearly it is a mistake. I apologise

    From Firoz, on Thu 6 Sep 1:29
  14. Good job Serena. Great play, just watching­ 'highlights' on Eurosport, clearly not live as­ the caption suggests; lol. A dominant performance.­ Favourite still. Go Serena go.

    From Linet, on Thu 6 Sep 1:24
  15. I suspect Sam Parikh, SOULUK, and serial Serena and­ Nadal haters are on PED's as otherwise how do you­ account for their endless energy and rancour in their­ numerous and BORING hate postings ?

    From Firoz, on Thu 6 Sep 1:24
  16. It is beyond belief that people don't see the­ obvious. Without PED Serena would be just an average­ player. I hope she gets caught and stipped of her­ honours the same way American cyclist was. Cheats.

    From Marlon, on Thu 6 Sep 1:08
  17. All medal winners were drug-tested during/after­ Olympics.WTA conducts drug test for all female­ players.Grand slams are no exception.Hence,the Williams­ sisters are worthy of their titles. The truth is­ Serena Williams commands a military display anytime she­ steps on the court.She possesses one factor other WTA­ players can NEVER match,her POWER not to mention her­ skills,techniques,pace,confidence,intelligence...just­ name it.

    From Ken, on Thu 6 Sep 1:08
  18. Serena Go for it ! You are in the court to do what you­ do best and for the sport you love Go Serena .

    From Chanda, on Thu 6 Sep 1:04
  19. Ugh Ivanovic and all these pretenders should just got­ home, send Serena to the final already

    From RFederer-N-Pats*Fan*Grl, on Thu 6 Sep 0:56
  20. great serena.. almost whitewash for the first set... u­ can do again in the second..

    From sam, on Thu 6 Sep 0:53
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