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Victoria Azarenka - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
BelarusV Azarenka366--
Russian FederationM Sharapova624--

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  1. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 6-4 - GAME, SET & MATCH - A first match point goes begging for Azarenka as her change-of-direction forehand down the line drifts just wide. But she gets a second chance and this time THE PLACE IN THE US OPEN FINAL IS AZARENKA'S as Sharapova sends a cross court forehand long

  2. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 5-4 - Azarenka now just a game away from the US Open final for the first time in her career as she once again dominates on serve. Can Sharapova hold to stay in it?

  3. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 4-4 - Sharapova levels up again, finding her eighth ace (and third of the set) at just the right time to hold and keep the pressure on Azarenka

  4. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 4-3 - Azarenka finally posts a more comfortable service hold to sneak in front once again. It's just a case of who blinks first at this stage. Azarenka leads, albeit on serve, and is potentially just two games away from her first US Open final

  5. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 3-3 - Sharapova's turn to throw away a comfortable lead in a service game as back-to-back-to-back backhands into the net, off admittedly tricky shots from Azarenka, see the Belarusian level at deuce. And Sharapova throws away another three game points, one with a double fault, before going on to hold after nearly 10 minutes again

  6. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 3-2 - Sensational tennis from Azarenka as she moves up the court before finding an off-forehand winner on the angle to hold from deuce. She had looked like cruising through another service hold at 40-0 up before back-to-back forehand drive volley winners from Sharapova followed by an error from Azarenka put the pressure on the Belarusian

  7. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 2-2 - A tough. 10 plus minute service game for Sharapova as Azarenka pushes her all the way to deuce before the Russian can hold, at the third attempt when her opponent sends a forehand return of serve into the net

  8. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 2-1 - Azarenka is firmly in control of her service games now, not like the first set, and she slings all the pressure back over the net at Sharapova as she holds once again with no trouble

  9. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 1-1 - Sharapova eases through a relatively straight forward service hold to level up early in this third set

  10. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 1-0 - A great bit of defence from Sharapova sees her get a point on the board against the Azarenka serve but the Belarusian holds without too much trouble to get this final set underway

  11. - - Sharapova is now back with Azarenka raring to go. It's a one-set shoot-out. Who will reach the US Open final?

  12. - - The players have taken pretty much the full 10 minutes they are entitled to but they are now. Azarenka is back on the court and hitting a few practice balls but Sharapova is taking a few more minutes, using the the full 10 minutes for all they are worth

  13. - - It looked like there would be a break for the heat in between that seocnd and the final set. But then the umpire was caught on the microphone talking to Azarenka and it sounded like Sharapova is just leaving the court for a comfort break or to change her dress. Maybe it will not be the full 10 minutes. Azarenka then followed Sharapova off the court though

  14. - - AZARENKA 3-6 6-2 - SET - A stunning forehand winner down the line sees Azarenka grab her first point of the game, and consecutive double faults from Sharapova see the Belarusian level at deuce before a Sharapova error on the drive volley hands the world number one a set point. Sharapova saves it with a stunning point and some great baseline hitting but Azarenka gets a second chance with a change of direction forehand winner, before wrapping it up with a forehand drive volley winner

  15. - - AZARENKA 3-6 5-2 - Azarenka beginning to lose her discipline a little again now as she lets out a squeal after slapping a forehand into the net to concede a break point. She saves it with a cracking forehand winner down the line but another great point from Sharapova brings up a second chance. But again Azarenka saves it, this time with a backhand winner, before going on to hold with a backhand stop volley winner. Sharapova will have to serve to stay in this second set next

  16. - - AZARENKA 3-6 4-2 - Sharapova finally stops the rot with a hold to 30 when she finds a forehand winner, a backhand just wide across court squandering the first chance she had

  17. - - AZARENKA 3-6 4-1 - Azarenka is really beginning to run away with this second set now as she posts another easy service hold to consolidate the break and leave herself potentially just two games away from levelling this match

  18. - - AZARENKA 3-6 3-1 - BREAK - Azarenka plays almost the perfect point, pushing Sharapova wider and wider until the Russian is so out of position that Azarenka can switch directions for the cross court backhand winner. That brings up a a break point for the world number one and a double fault from Sharapova concedes the game

  19. - - AZARENKA 3-6 2-1 - A speedy service hold from Azarenka sees her take the lead for the first time in this match, albeit only in this set. A double fault is the only blip in the game, but coming at 40-0 up, it was not too costly

  20. - - AZARENKA 3-6 1-1 - BREAK - Sharapova misses a chance to take the game when she sends an off-forehand just wide into the tramlines. And Azarenka earns herself a break point when she catches Sharapova in no mans land with a blistering forehand at her opponents feet. And Azarenka does break back, forcing the error from Sharapova with another cracking return

  21. - - AZARENKA 3-6 0-1 - BREAK - Azarenka squanders a game point with yet another double fault before Sharapova sets up a break point with a blistering cross court backhand winner right on to the sideline. And a forehand into the net from the Belarusian hands Sharapova the break that leaves Azarenka on the brink

  22. - - AZARENKA 3-6 - SET - Sharapova's fifth double hands Azarenka another two break points. She saves them both though with some cracking ground-strokes that Azarenka cannot deal with. The crowd is clearly behind Sharapova, audibly groaning when she hits into the net before errupting into the biggest cheer of the afternoon so far when the Russian makes a stunning get to bring up a set point. And a wicked forehand winner seals the set for Sharapova at the second time of asking

  23. - - AZARENKA 3-5 - Much, much better from Azarenka as she holds for the loss of just one point, coming up with a cracking first serve that Sharapova can only send long, to hold. The Russian will still have a second chance to serve out the set though

  24. - - AZARENKA 2-5 - BREAK - The world number one races out to a 0-30 lead against the Sharapova serve as the Russian seems to get a little tight. She bounces back to level at 30-30 before Azarenka earns herself a break point, and Sharapova concedes her serve with a double fault of her own. Azarenka will still have to serve to stay in the set though, after the change of ends

  25. - - AZARENKA 1-5 - BREAK - Wow! Sharapova is hitting the cover off the ball, bringing up three more break points with a vicious forehand drive volley winner across court. And a double fault from Azarenka (that's one every game from the Belarusian) hands Sharapova a second break. And also the chance to serve for the first set

  26. - - AZARENKA 1-4 - A love service hold from Sharapova, which she concludes with a backhand lob down the centre of the court, sees her maintain her break lead. Azarenka is just not coping with the pace of the Russian at the moment

  27. - - AZARENKA 1-3 - The former US Open junior champion finally gets on the board as she comes through a tough hold from deuce, launching herself at a forehand drive volley and burying it in the open court for a winner

  28. - - AZARENKA 0-3 - Sharapova gets herself out of a spot of bother at 30-30 with a forehand winner rattled down the line after Azarenka fails to find enough depth on her forehand return of serve. The world number three then pushes Azarenka around the baseline enough to force the error, an off-forehand wide across court, to hold and consolidate the break

  29. - - AZARENKA 0-2 - BREAK - Ouch! The pressure is on for Azarenka and she has not quite made the start she would have wanted right now, following a forehand error with a double fault to have Sharapova an early break

  30. - - AZARENKA 0-1 - Not too bad a start from Sharapova as she holds to 15 to get the scoreboard ticking over. Sharapova's coming out firing on all cylinders, attacking with a couple of forehand winners

  31. - - Here we go then. The players are ready and so is the crowsd. It will be Sharapova to get the match underway by serving first ...

  32. - - Just heard that the extreme heat policy is in effect today, meaning that should this match go to three sets there can be a 10 minute break before the start of the final set should either player request it

  33. - - So, what do you think? Will the rankings and previous hard court meetings tell in this match? Will Azarenka triumph and become the first Belarusian to reach the US Open final? Or will Sharapova remain on course to repeat her triumph of six years ago? Get in touch on twitter

  34. - - Sharapova has had a slightly tougher route to this stage; she started with straight sets wins over Melinda Czink, Lourdes Lino Dominguez and Mallory Burdette. But then things got tough, she survived a second set blip against Nadia Petrova in the fourth round to win in three and then she had to come from a set behind to beat Marion Bartoli in the quarter-finals.

  35. - - Azarenka progressed to this stage of the tournament with a series of very impressive performances. The only real test she has faced was against defending champion Sam Stosur in the quarter-finals, when she needed a final set tie-break to get through. She preceeded that with straight sets wins over Alexandra Panova, Kristen Flipkens, Jie Zheng and Anna Tatishvili

  36. - - It is HOT in NYC today. Currently 30 degress with very little wind and not a whisp of cloud in the sky. Great tennis-playing conditions. Unless of course you don't like the heat! Both of these two players are well used to it though, training at least some of the time in the States

  37. - - On top of that, Azarenka and Sharapova have already been announced as the first two qualifiers for the eight-woman singles field at this year's season-ending Tour Championships in Istanbul

  38. - - Outside of facing each other, they are both on pretty good form; Sharapova won the silver medal at the Olympics (beaten by Serena Williams in the final), while Azarenka took bronze

  39. - - These two have faced each other nine times over the course of the past six years, with Azarenka narrowly leading the head-to-heads with five wins to four. Sharapova won their most recent meeting on the clay in Stuttgart, but Azarenka triumphed on the hard courts at the Australian Open and Indian Wells earlier in the year

  40. - - Sharapova has won the title before of course, back in 2006, while this year is already Azarenka’s best performance at Flushing Meadows. Her previous best was a fourth round appearance, eons ago in 2007 when she was just 18 and making her second appearance in the main draw in New York

  41. - - Hello and welcome to live coverage from the first of the two semi-finals between world number one Victoria Azarenka and world number three Maria Sharapova, the highest two seeds left in the women’s draw

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.8 m
Weight 60 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Honey:::: the beast Serena is playing her best right­ now so after she loses to vica no excuses will be­ accepted!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 7 Sep 22:55
  2. Sam Porridge, go and cry yourself to sleep, loser.­ Vikaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    From Non, on Fri 7 Sep 22:49
  3. sharapova just the one gear,murder the ball and­ scream,they have to do something about the womans­ screaming,that was like watching a kids tea party..

    From craig d, on Fri 7 Sep 22:45
  4. Serena hasn't beaten Errani and Azarenka just­ yet.She has to play and win those two matches before­ lifting the title. She can't think about it before.­ People were so sure she would win last year and she­ didn't play well and Stosur played the best match­ of her life. If Serena plays anywhere near her best she­ is too good for anyone including Errani and Azarenka­ but she has to go out on the court and do it.

    From Honey, on Fri 7 Sep 22:44
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Conon vica destroy the beast Serena true beast is out­ of shape! This is not London! It's hot and humid­ and the best is too out of shape and fat as she is­ pigging out on those cheese burgers at times square­ mcdonalds so destroy her in the finals and get ur­ revenge!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 7 Sep 22:41
  6. Thankl goodness the shrieker is out...........good­ player but so ruins the game!!

    From Dee G, on Fri 7 Sep 22:41
  7. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The slightly worse shrieker disappeared, leaving Aza to­ experience the humiliation of being soundly defeated by­ the female duplicate of Superman, I mean Godzilla. But­ first poor Errani will be gobbled up, swallowed and­ digested!

    From HsSimon, on Fri 7 Sep 22:40
  8. Yes yes yes vica congrats now go and destroy the beast ­ Serena in the finals! Break her down and demoralize the­ beast!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 7 Sep 22:39
  9. the match just ended--with azarenka as the victor.­ i'm sorry for maria,; she had a very good chance­ against azarenka but things didn't go her way. ­ it's okay, maria. on a positive note, your finish­ in this year's u.s. open is your best in many­ years.

    From emerita, on Fri 7 Sep 22:35
  10. Lets go Vika!! Whooooooo!!!!

    From Non, on Fri 7 Sep 22:29
  11. Serena must already be kissing the trophy!!

    From Britinbrazil, on Fri 7 Sep 22:29
  12. If this match extends up to 6-6, Sharapova will win, so­ Azarenka must grab it before that time.

    From Romeo, on Fri 7 Sep 22:22
  13. Just watched a horror movie instead of the horror­ tennis. Indeed, there is more shrieking and screaming­ in this match than in the movie I watched(but the­ actors were better, especially Christopher Lee, my­ favourite old man)!

    From HsSimon, on Fri 7 Sep 22:18
  14. Davaj Maria! You can win, but not without a fight!

    From Second Opinion, on Fri 7 Sep 22:16
  15. @Marlon, you belong in the zoo and should be taken­ there ASAP cos you so sound Like an animal, so leave­ this forum and go to chart with other animals like­ yourself and am sure they will enjoy your­ conversation...., However, I also advise all the haters­ of other humans to discontinue as this attitude is­ unsportsmanlike. Simple!!!

    From Kingsley, on Fri 7 Sep 22:02
  16. cmon maria

    From Alan, on Fri 7 Sep 21:57
  17. Go Vika!

    From chika listic, on Fri 7 Sep 21:35
  18. is it me or does shazza spot a touche??

    From mo, on Fri 7 Sep 21:27
  19. marlon you must be some kind of a nutter putting out­ the same libellous garbage out there for the upteenth­ time. i suppose you are suffering from some grand­ delusion of superiority like the prickhead, con, tong­ tong of this world. wouldn't be easier on your soul­ if you just jump of the bridge already and let the rest­ of us try to get along with each other.

    From SANCHEZ, on Fri 7 Sep 21:26
  20. @Marlon i think your name should be moronic­ instead,what nonsense and garbage comes from you!!!!!!

    From mo, on Fri 7 Sep 21:26
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