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Jelena Jankovic - Agnieszka Radwanska Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandA Radwanska67---
J Jankovic35---

Live Comments

  1. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 5-7 - GAME, SET AND MATCH! Jankovic takes the game to 15-30 by triumphing in a 26-stroke rally, but Radwanska responds, winning two points, the second of them with an ace, to get to match point. On match point the Serb makes all the running and has the chance to put the point away, but drills long instead. Story of the contest, and now it's Vinci v Radwanska in the last 16. Draw

  2. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 5-6 - BREAK! Eight points in a row for Radwanska, and they take her to within four points of the match! Jankovic racks up the errors, and it's going to take something dramatic now, you sense, for the Pole to be denied that match-up against Vinci.

  3. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 5-5 - And an impressive hold in return from Radwanska. Again to love, this time wrapping up the game when the Serb tries to drive a volley too long.

  4. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 5-4 - Big time to hold to love - and that's exactly what Jankovic has done. The pressure now, perhaps for the first time in this match, all on Radwanska, who's looked fragile behind her own serve.

  5. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 4-4 - BREAK! Another game, another break - that's the way of things in this set. Jankovic back on terms with a brilliant backhand down the line.

  6. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 3-4 - BREAK! Jankovic never able to make her breaks stick - and Radwanska responds immediately. She leads by a set and break, and is just holds of serve away from the last 16. No foregone conclusion, given recent efforts, but she's getting closer.

  7. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 3-3 - BREAK! 27 unforced errors to 12 - that is why Jankovic finds herself in this mess. But her ability to hit a winner remains undiminished. Radwanska makes an odd choice with a drop shot, netting to give up a break point, and on the second serve Jankovic drills a winner down the line. Level on serve.

  8. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 2-3 - BREAK! Set and a break advantage to Radwanska now, and things are looking ominous for Jankovic, who had opened a 2-0 lead in this set. She leaves herself a big hole to dig her way out of at 15-40, and having taken control of the point, she volleys off her backhand straight into the net from mid-court. Ugly error.

  9. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 2-2 - Jankovic such a capable strokemaker - some delightful backhands and the corners picked out repeatedly - but there's a error-strewn side to her that undermines it all. Having won the first point in style, Radwanska picks her off to lead at 30-15, before finishing off in style.

  10. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 2-1 - BREAK! Jankovic worked so hard to get the break, only to give it away in five sloppy points. A forehand down the tramlines cancels means we are level on serve once more.

  11. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 2-0 - BREAK! Radwanska crumbles! Jankovic has put in some fierce groundstrokes at times in this match, and having saved two game points, the 30th seed takes an early advantage in the second set. Will it be the decisive one?

  12. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 1-0 - If the Serb has aspirations of winning this third round match, a bright start to the second set was essential, and she's on the board with a hold straightaway. She has to hope that the wear and tear catches up to her Polish opponent.

  13. - - JANKOVIC 3-6 - SET! Radwanska having to work very hard for it, but deserves to be in front. Twice Jankovic denies her set point with brilliantly constructed rallies, finished with vicious winners, but Radwanka just keeps nudging in front.

  14. - - JANKOVIC 3-5 - The Serb had to hold to stay in the game, and despite 13 unforced errors so far in this contest, she does enough to transfer the pressure onto Radwanska to serve it out, finishing with an ace into the corner.

  15. - - JANKOVIC 2-5 - Is Radwanska's strapped-up shoulder affecting her serve? The second seed is being attacked hard on it, and once again finds herself down 15-40. She saves the first of those with a stretching overhead putaway, then the next with a ball that just - JUST - catches the baseline. Another break point comes and goes, as does a game point saved by a 33-shot rally before Radwanska comes through.

  16. - - JANKOVIC 2-4 - BREAK! Sometimes you just have to laugh - Jankovic looks to smash an overhead away, but loses the ball in the sky completely. It lets Radwanska into the game at 15-30, and the Pole doesn't look back.

  17. - - JANKOVIC 2-3 - BREAK! As you were! Having done so much to get ahead, Radwanska throws it all away with a sloppy service game.

  18. - - JANKOVIC 1-3 - BREAK! No great surprise. Jankovic worked around the court, finds herself 15-40 down in no time, and the Wimbledon finalist earlier this year does not waste the chance. Radwanska won 11 games in a row in the second round to get through - she's picked up where she left off.

  19. - - JANKOVIC 1-2 - Radwanska has come out firing. She holds to 15, whipping a double-handed backhand past Jankovic at the net to seal the game. Jankovic will have to step it up or hope for Radwanska's performance to dip.

  20. - - JANKOVIC 1-1 - Jankovic on the board, but she has to work considerably harder than the Pole for her first game. Radwanska fights her every step of the way, forcing a deuce, and only a couple of solid winners from the Serb gets her over the line.

  21. - - JANKOVIC 0-1 - Good start from Radwanska on her own serve. She has had intermittent shoulder problems in recent weeks, but shows no signs of it in a comfortable hold.

  22. - - On Arthur Ashe first, it's 30th seed Jelena Jankovic against second seed Agnieszka Radwanska. Glorious sunshine in New York - and this match could be a classic to match it.

Jelena Jankovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 28/02/1985
Height 1.77 m
Weight 59 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.72 m
Weight 56 kg

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  1. YES! YES! Congrats Radwanska!

    From Stephen, on Sat 1 Sep 17:58
  2. Jelena, ajde get next two sets! You can do it, fight!

    From Second Opinion, on Sat 1 Sep 16:49
  3. come to both girls, may the best wins

    From Kouame, on Sat 1 Sep 16:19
  4. Go Agnieska! it's a my favorituos player women.­ good luck! it's the best!

    From Daniel, on Sat 1 Sep 14:24
  5. Go Agnieszka! Time for third win over Jankovic this­ year

    From Jola, on Sat 1 Sep 9:14
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