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Tomáš Berdych - Nicolás Almagro Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicT Berdych63666
SpainN Almagro36373

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  1. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH BERDYCH 6-3 - A serve and forehand from deep gives Berdych a 15-0 lead. He punches away a volley to make it 30-0 seconds later. Almagro whips a backhand across court to close to 30-15 behind. A big serve from Berdych brings up two match points for the world number six. Almagro knocks a return wide seconds later. It is finally over. 1-1 now in the match.

  2. - - BREAK BERDYCH 5-3 - Almagro forced to face two more break points. Saves one with an ace out wide before Berdych sees a backhand hit the net as the score reaches deuce. Almagro with the chance to level at 4-4, but some more inspired hitting from Berdych drags the score back to deuce. Almagro knocks a forehand into the net to fall advantage down. Berdych wins a throbbing rally with a cross court winner on the backhand side. Brilliant shot. Chance to win the match here.

  3. - - BREAK ALMAGRO 4-3 - The Spanish player with the perfect retort as he hits back immediately. Berdych looks furious with himself as he lifts a forehand long from deep. Suddenly this match back on serve. What a chance Berdych has let slip there.

  4. - - BREAK BERDYCH 4-2 - The Czech player makes the push to break for the first time in this set. and that could be the key point of this match. Two break point chances, but he needs only one of them.

  5. - - BERDYCH 3-2 - And on it goes with Berdych producing the goods on serve. No sign of a break point coming in that game as the big Czech player shows his power to muscle ahead by the odd game in five. Just those two break points to show for Almagro in the opening game in the set. But no breaks as yet.

  6. - - 2-2 - Almagro produces the form that won him the second and fourth sets with a competent service game. He levels at 2-2. Spanish crowd giving some vocal support to their man.

  7. - - BERDYCH 2-1 - Much more comfortable for Berdych on serve in that game. Nothing to split these two figures with Almagro up to 53 winners in the match compared to 45 from Berdych. Berdych with 126 points in the match, Almagro with 124.

  8. - - 1-1 - Going for three hours and 22 minutes now in this match as Almagro restores parity in the fifth set. Berdych coming back out to serve for a 2-1 lead. Almagro swinging well at these loose balls.

  9. - - BERDYCH 1-0 - A tough game for Berdych as he is forced to survive a break point with a serve to the body of Almagro to hold serve. Another big serve saves the day for Berdych on break point moments later as the game goes beyond eight minutes. A real sweat, but Berdych scrambles over the line to move 1-0 ahead in the final set. Phew! That was a big ask.

  10. - - SET ALMAGRO 7-6 (7-5) - Berdych misfiring badly in the key moments as a poor backhand is bundled into the net after he earlier misses a line with the forehand. A 4-0 lead becomes 5-0 after an Almagro ace. Berdych pulls out his own ace to close to 5-1 before an Almagro return is bundled into the net. 5-2 now. The next two points are shared with Berdych bundling a backhand long from the net. Awful miss. 6-3 to Almagro. Berdych claims the next two points, but an Almagro ace forces the fifth set.

  11. - - 6-6 - We are off to the breaker then as Berdych holds to 30. Home crowd going wild to greet that hold, but their man will need a big effort here to get over the winning line.

  12. - - ALMAGRO 6-5 - These games just flying by as Almargo ensures he will at least reach the tie-break with another comfortable hold, this time to love. Almagro with 12 aces in the match compared to 11 from Berdych. Little to split these men.

  13. - - 5-5 - Berdych snuffs out the prospect of a break from Almagro that would forced the fifth set with a love game. The home fans respond to their man with some serious noise. Looks like this set might well be heading for a tie-break.

  14. - - ALMAGRO 5-4 - Almagro moves ahead by the odd game in nine with another hold. Sturdy stuff from the Spanish player in this game.

  15. - - 4-4 - The tension almost palpable in this arena as Berdych again responds with some superb stuff. Lovely volley there to see out the game. Difficult to predict how this set and indeed match is going to turn out.

  16. - - ALMAGRO 4-3 - Almagro recovers from trailing 30-0 to move ahead by the odd game in seven. Stunning stuff from Almagro with that flowing backhand. Pressure suddenly swings back to Berdych after he appeared set to complete the win.

  17. - - BREAK ALMAGRO 3-3 - What a change in the mood of this match as Almagro comes fighting back with a love game. Finishes that one off with a trademark backhand winner before raising his fist in the air. Stunning response this. Games back on serve now.

  18. - - BERDYCH 3-2 - Another break point chance for Berdych, but he dumps the ball into the net on the backhand side. Almagro somehow holds on to trail 3-2. Still only the one break. Could easily have been the double break. A 3-2 lead then for Berdych.

  19. - - BERDYCH 3-1 - A love game from Berdych to ease the tension among the crowd. Almagro can't lay a glove on the world number six there. Berdych looks like he may well be on his way to victory here.

  20. - - BERDYCH 2-1 - Almagro opens up his shoulders and lets his shots do the talking. Seemed to be in a real spot of bother, but has gathered himself with a love game. Couple of nice forehand drives. Will need more of the same to break Berdych.

  21. - - BERDYCH 2-0 - Berdych quick to cement the break with another timely hold. A couple of winners - one on the forehand side - has the Prague crowd bouncing. Almagro needs to get his act together quickly out there or he is done for.

  22. - - BREAK BERDYCH 1-0 - Suddenly looking very good for Berdych as he breaks Almagro to love. Three forced errors and one unforced error from Almagro. A 1-0 lead then for Berdych with the break. Seemingly holding all the cards in this match now.

  23. - - SET BERDYCH 6-3 - Almagro forced to come into the net, a place he doesn't like to be. Can't convert the winning volley. A love game from Berdych. He leads 2-1 in this match. But there is plenty of life left in this contest. Almagro takes a comfort break.

  24. - - BERDYCH 5-3 - Almagro with a resounding service game to love to keep Berdych honest. The world number six will serve for a 2-1 lead in this match. Berdych won't blow this chance surely.

  25. - - BERDYCH 5-2 - A huge hold from the Czech player as he is forced to deuce again, but manages to squeeze through, seemingly with the help of this home crowd. Needs one more game now. Almagro beat Berdych 6-4 6-0 on a hard court in Indian Wells earlier this year so he knows how to unsettle the world number six.

  26. - - BERDYCH 4-2 - Almagro with 34 winners compared to 27 winners from Berdych in this match. All very tight as Almagro recovers to trail by two games. Almagro with 35 unforced errors, Berdych with 25. Small margins seem to be deciding this contest.

  27. - - BERDYCH 4-1 - Berdych comes up with an ace down the tee to move to advantage after Almagro had come battling back from 40-15 behind. Almagro drills a forehand into the net from deep. And that is a big hold for Berdych. Two games short of a 2-1 lead in the match as Almagro munches on a banana.

  28. - - BERDYCH 3-1 - Almagro comes roaring back with a love game of his own to get himself on the board in this second set. He is likely to benefit more if he can get the ball on his backhand side more. That shot really troubling Berdych.

  29. - - BERDYCH 3-0 - Berdych cements the break for a 3-0 lead with a love game. The Czech player suddenly well in control of this contest. Almagro has to dig deep with this big Czech crowd right behind their man in Prague.

  30. - - BREAK BERDYCH 2-0 - Berdych with real momentum in racing out to 40-0 clear on the Almagro serve before he dumps a backhand into the net from deep. Berdych's backhand again lets him down seconds later as he tickles the tape. But Almagro does the job for the Czech player with a double fault. Berdych breaks. Almagro unhappy with the umpire about something or other. And is letting him know all about his frustration.

  31. - - BERDYCH 1-0 - Berdych really running into problems out there on the Almagro service game. Another break point comes up for Almagro, but he just misses a backhand going for the line. A real scare for Berdych, but he escapes holding serve as a forehand winner touches the back line. Forced to replay the point, but scrambles over the line to lead 1-0. Vital hold for Berdych.

  32. - - SET ALMAGRO 6-3 - Almagro races out to 40-0 clear before Berdych is long from deep in the court. And suddenly Almagro has levelled this match at 1-1. Spain would be huge favourites for this Davis Cup if they can move 2-0 clear in this final. Almagro applying some real heat here.

  33. - - ALMAGRO 5-3 - That Almagro backhand is an item of real substance. He is really savaging those groundstrokes as he closes to 30-30 on the Czech player's serve. Berdych knocks a forehand into the net seconds later to hand Almagro a set point. Almagro for once knocks a backhand long as the score reaches deuce. Berdych holds his nerve to see out the game. But Almagro will serve for this second set to level at 1-1.

  34. - - ALMAGRO 5-2 - Berdych battling hard as he comes up with a lovely drop shot at the net to close to 30-15 behind. Almagro brings up a couple of game points to stay alive in the contest. He does enough on the second one with a finely placed serve that Berdych knocks into the net. Stirring recovery here from Almagro.

  35. - - BREAK ALMAGRO 4-2 - Almagro just unloads that stirring backhand across court on his way to establishing a 30-15 lead. Pressure on Berdych and Almagro comes up with a winning forehand to bring up his first break points of the match. Berdych saves the first one by going out wide on the serve. But he can nothing to stave off that blistering backhand from Almagro. Spain right back in this set.

  36. - - ALMAGRO 3-2 - Almagro shows off his powers of serve as a fifth ace followed by a lovely drop volley at the net sees the Spaniard player complete a hold to love. Highly impressive stuff from the clay court specialist.

  37. - - 2-2 - A superb thumping backhand winner from deep sees Almagro level at 30-30, but Berdych comes up with the next point before an overhead smash is banged over by the Czech player to level at 2-2. Plenty of short, sharp points in this match. Almagro hanging in there well.

  38. - - ALMAGRO 2-1 - Almagro bounds into his chair holding an advantage in this second set. Might be the underdog, but not showing any signs of feeling bad in the face of the obvious power of Berdych. Comfortable hold again.

  39. - - 1-1 - Berdych showing his considerable skills as he launches into a forehand that fairly spits off the ground to leave Almagro trailing. Another clubbing forehand brings up two game points for Berdych. Almagro tucks backhand into the net seconds later. We are level at 1-1.

  40. - - ALMAGRO 1-0 - Normal service is resumed after the drama of the Spaniard's last service game of the first set. Almagro knocks a forehand long to lead 40-15. But Berdych can only palm a return long seconds later. The Spanish player keeps his focus to move ahead in this second set.

  41. - - SET BERDYCH 6-3 - Almagro sees a forehand miss a line. Wasn't miles away. But suddenly the Czechs have a set point. And two of them. Almagro saves one with a quickfire return. But an ace down the tee finishes off the job in Berdych's favour. Berdych trousers the first set in 36 minutes.

  42. - - BREAK BERDYCH 5-3 - First blood to the Czech player on his first break point as Almagro fails to convert a volley enabling his opponent to race alongside the baseline before sending a forehand crashing across court. What a shot! The home fans going wild out there. And suddenly Berdych will serve for thie first set in this contest.

  43. - - BERDYCH 4-3 - Berdych encounters a bit of heat as a backhand is dumped into the net, but he comes up with a thumping serve down the tee to move 40-30 to the good. 212 km/ph serve there. Not many rallies so far, but Almagro whips one long from the back of the court. Berdych leads by the odd game in seven now.

  44. - - 3-3 - Can see why the Czechs have opted to have this final played on a fast court. Clay would suit Almagro's baseline game, but he is holding firm so far. Berdych misses a winner down the line trailing 15-30 before Almagro hammers the ball across court. No way Berdych was going to reach that ball. 3-3 now.

  45. - - BERDYCH 3-2 - Almagro returns a first serve with interest, but that is the only point Berdych will drop on serve as another game drifts by with the big Czech holding serve with some much ease.

  46. - - 2-2 - The Spaniards have a fair travelling support in with them this evening. Berdych unloads a big forehand to move to 40-30 behind on the Almagro service game. Almagro then sees out the game with an ace. All level at 2-2 now.

  47. - - BERDYCH 2-1 - Both men settling into this final with some ease as Berdych slaps down another couple of well-placed serves to move ahead by the odd game in three. No sniff of a break point as yet. Points all moving along fairly rapidly.

  48. - - 1-1 - Almagro sporting a snazzy pair of pink runners to go with his pink top. Is in the pink as he opens his shoulders before thrashing a winner across court that bounds beyond Berdych. Classic stuff from the Spanish player. We are on serve here early on.

  49. - - BERDYCH 1-0 - A solid start to this match by Berdych. Starts as a strong favourite to win this match against the clay court specialist. Drops only one point in the opening game of the final on serve. The Czech fans getting right behind the towering Berdych.

  50. - - 0-0 - Berdych to serve in the opening game of the match.

  51. 18:39 - Berdych with an 8-3 lead over Almagro in the head-to-heads between these men.

  52. 18:30 - Almost ready to go in this second match of the day. Radek Stepanek battled hard, but fell to a 6-3 6-4 6-4 loss to David Ferrer earlier on. Tomas Berdych will try to level up matters at 1-1 with a win over Nicolas Almagro in this contest. Vital the Czech Republic win this match.

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Nicolás Almagro

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 21/08/1985
Height 1.83 m
Weight 84 kg

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  1. Congrats Tomas!

    From Paulina, on Fri 16 Nov 22:43
  2. Strange situation. I love Tomas but I more love Rafa­ and Spain. Whatever, today - good luck Tomas!

    From Paulina, on Fri 16 Nov 21:01
  3. Vamos chico...A por la historia!!

    From Enrique, on Fri 16 Nov 20:08
  4. venga nico!!

    From Brucie, on Fri 16 Nov 19:27
  5. As of now Spain leads 1-0. Later Berdych will make it­ 1-1.......Watch and see!.

    From EDDIE, on Fri 16 Nov 18:17
  6. Berdych victory!

    From John, on Fri 16 Nov 11:12
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