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Gilles Simon - Jerzy Janowicz Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandJ Janowicz67---
FranceG Simon45---

Live Comments

  1. - - Next up for Janowicz will be the winner between David Ferrer and Michael Llodra, who will be on court in about 45 minutes time

  2. - - What a great match from Janowicz! Truly brilliant performance which was impressive just as much for his lack of nerves than anything else

  3. - Janowicz is on his knees in the middle of the court and in tears as he becomes the first qualifier to make the final of a Masters tournament since Andrei Pavel in 2003

  4. - - SIMON 4-6 5-7 - GAME, SET & MATCH! The first chance goes begging for Janowicz as Simon lands a backhand winner right on the baseline but JANOWICZ DOES WIN AT THE SECOND ATTEMPT, the drop shot again proving the trick, as Simon cannot get to it before the double bounce

  5. - - SIMON 4-6 5-6 15-40 - Janowicz lets out a sigh of relief as Simon's attempted passing shot catches the top of the net and fails to come over. The Pole was there or thereabouts so it probably would not have gone for a winner anyway. And a mis-timed backhand return of serve from Simon hands Janowicz a couple of match points ...

  6. - - SIMON 4-6 5-6 - BREAK! Simon quickly finds himself 0-30 down and then three break points down when Janowicz finds an off-forehand winner across court off a shorter ball. The first break point goes begging, the Pole sending his backhand return wide across court. And another hacked forehand sliced drop shot, that Simon cannot get up before the second bounce and Janowicz will be serving for a place in the final after the change of ends

  7. - - SIMON 4-6 5-5 - Janowicz plays a half-volley on the baseline before racing up to the net and finding a forehand volley winner down the line to seal another comfortable hold. Tie-break, anyone?

  8. - - SIMON 4-6 5-4 - Simon has been very impressive in this set, just quietly going about his business and keeping the pressure on Janowicz. The trouble is, he has only got to deuce once so far this match against the Pole's serve. But Janowicz will have to serve to stay in this set next

  9. - - SIMON 4-6 4-4 - A forehand slapped into the top of the net is the only blip in an otherwise perfect game from Janowicz as he holds for the loss of just that one point

  10. - - SIMON 4-6 4-3 - Simon is looks rattled, hitting consecutive ground-strokes into the net to allow Janowicz a look at a break from 0-30 up. But Simon quickly picks up his level, posting three straight points of his own before holding when Janowicz sends a backhand return of serve long of the baseline

  11. - - SIMON 4-6 3-3 - An eighth ace from Janowicz brings up two points for another hold but once again he only needs the one as Simon sends his forehand return just marginally long of the baseline

  12. - - SIMON 4-6 3-2 - Janowicz rattles another forehand winner down the line to put Simon under some pressure only to slice an attempted forehand drop shot into the net to let the Frenchman off the hook. Simon solid from the baseline in that game, though, and is quietly keeping the pressure on the Pole

  13. - - SIMON 4-6 2-2 - Janowicz misses a forehand to allow Simon back into the game, before the Frenchman finds a backhand winner down the line to get himself to deuce. But Janowicz quickly slams the door shut with another couple of huge serves as he holds to level up

  14. - - SIMON 4-6 2-1 - Another quick and easy service hold from Simon as he produces an ace to seal it (much to the delight of the crowd). That's a great start to the set from the Frenchman as he looks to put some kind of pressure on Janoewicz and force his way into this match

  15. - - SIMON 4-6 1-1 - After a nice baseline rally, Janowicz hacks at a backhand drop shot. It's a good enough effort though as the spin takes it away from the approaching Simon enough that the Frenchman can only hit into the net. And Janowicz goes on to hold with a much more technical-looking forehand drop shot winner

  16. - - SIMON 4-6 1-0 - Simon bounces back to the chair after a solid hold to open the second set, Janowicz sending a forehand just long down the centre of the court to help the Frenchman on his way

  17. - - SIMON 4-6 - SET! Janowicz backs away from a ball and whips an off-forehand winner across court to bring up two set points. He only needs the one though as he finds yet another forehand winner, this time straight down the line. No real show of excitement from the Pole either, just like he expected that to go in for a winner! Great stuff from Janowicz

  18. - - SIMON 4-5 - A brief slip in the middle of the game, when Simon allows Janowicz back to 30-30, is not enough for the Pole to take advantage as the Frenchman recovers in time to hold and provide the first real test for his opponent. Can Janowicz withstand the pressure and serve out for the first set?

  19. - - SIMON 3-5 - Another love service hold from Janowicz, sealed emphatically with an ace, and he is potentially just one game away from taking this opening set. Simon will have to serve to stay in it next ...

  20. - - SIMON 3-4 - Simon is forced to come back from 15-30 down but manages to prevent Janowicz from earning himself another break point and goes on to hold when the Pole slams a forehand return into the centre of the net

  21. - - SIMON 2-4 - Janowicz quickly races through another service hold as he continues to hammer down the unreturnables. So far he has a 93 per cent first serve rate. And the crowd seem a little confused as to who to support. Obviously they want to support their own man but they also seem to really like the plucky Polish qualifier!

  22. - - SIMON 2-3 - BREAK! Janowicz rattles a forehand winner down the line (after running around the ball) only for the ball to be called out. The Pole knew it was a winner from the moment it left his racquet though and successfully challenges. He quickly adds a second forehand winner before earning three break points when Simon hits out. The first goes begging as Simon finds a forehand winner but another forehand winner from Janowicz seals the break!

  23. - - SIMON 2-2 - Oustanding serving once again from Janowicz as he comes through a tougher hold this time around, Simon pushing him to 40-30 after the Pole had sliced a backhand approach shot long

  24. - - SIMON 2-1 - An ace from Simon opens his second service hold before he makes another foray into the net and again produces the winner. That's enough to put him on his way to another hold, this time much easier than the first, as Janowicz sends a forehand return long

  25. - - SIMON 1-1 - What an opening service game from Janowicz as he races through it with three huge serves followed by an ace. Simon barely got a racquet on the ball in that game!

  26. - - SIMON 1-0 - Janowicz pushes Simon to deuce in the Frenchman's first service game but makes the mistake of drawing Simon in to the net on game point, the Frenchman easily getting up to the ball and then playing a delightful forehand volley to seal the hold

  27. - - SIMON 0-0 - Here we go then, the players are just about ready to get going and it will be Simon to serve first ...

  28. - - I will be here to take you through not only this match but also the second semi between David Ferrer against Michael Llodra so why not get in touch on Twitter if you have anything to say - @pippawdavis. FOLLOW ON TWITTER

  29. - - These two have never faced each other before, Janowicz being only in one of his first full ATP tournaments. Simon will obviously have the home crowd support but Janowicz has been having a brilliant week, already putting out Marin Cilic, world number three Andy Murray and Janko Tipsarevic, so assuming he’s not too tired, he should be riding high on confidence

  30. - - Hello and welcome to coverage from the first of the Paris Masters semi-finals between Gilles Simon and Jerzy Janowicz

Gilles Simon

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 27/12/1984
Height 1.83 m
Weight 70 kg

Jerzy Janowicz

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 13/11/1990
Height 2.03 m
Weight 91 kg

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  1. Much as I am impressed with this guy I really hope­ David wins tomorrow, would love to see him take the­ title. He is such a hard worker and runs everything­ down, so come on David you can do it!

    From WV, on Sun 4 Nov 7:50
  2. Well done Jerzy,nice to see a unknown in final.Good­ luck.

    From Norma, on Sat 3 Nov 17:29
  3. Jer could go all the way!

    From EDDIE, on Sat 3 Nov 16:21
  4. Jerzy is sooo enjoyable as a player and likeable as a­ person! Cool on court and so honestly emotional­ afterwards! I wish him all the best all the way!

    From Simon, on Sat 3 Nov 15:14
  5. He got it!!

    From Roman, on Sat 3 Nov 15:10
  6. It would be very good for men's tennis if Janowicz­ can break into the top men's squad. I am impressed­ by his composure which enables him to play with freedom­ and manage his shot selection very well. My best wishes­ for this young man for the final - hopefully the first­ of many major finals

    From sannahan, on Sat 3 Nov 15:09
  7. Come on Jerzy, everyone is watching and supporting­ you!!!! I have to say, you played a great tennis in­ last few days, well done man!

    From Roman, on Sat 3 Nov 14:26
  8. Very interesting watching this Polish guy play - have­ to admit this is the first time I have seen him and so­ far impressed, seems to have a well rounded game, great­ serve and ground strokes. Hope he gets the chance to­ show how good he can be. Made short work of Andy.Great­ to see new talent coming through - good luck in the­ future will be watching with interest.

    From WV, on Sat 3 Nov 14:15
  9. come on JJ.

    From Paulina, on Sat 3 Nov 14:09
  10. Jerzy,it is going to be a tough game... Whatever will­ happen, I wanted to thank you for playing a fantastic­ tenis in Paris...amazing ! Well done and good luck for­ the future. I am a big fan of yours and I am going to­ follow your career. CHEERS !

    From Tomasz, on Sat 3 Nov 12:15
  11. Congrtas Jerzy for last match you destroyed him like­ child! C'mon Jerzy you can do it! Poland is proud­ of you already!

    From Krzysztof, on Sat 3 Nov 10:40
  12. Surprised somewhat Simon beat Berdych, but Berdych has­ great ability but does lack the consistency to be a­ great player. If Janowicz can keep playing the kind of­ tennis he played against Tipsarevic I can't see­ him not going all the way. Janowicz has played­ great tennis and the question is now can he maintain it­ and show that maturity in the big moments that will­ come in the closing stages of the tournament.

    From Mark Bell, on Sat 3 Nov 3:48
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