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Laura Robson - Petra Kvitová Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomL Robson2611--
Czech RepublicP Kvitová639--

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  1. - - And we'll finish with this little factoid for you. With Robson's win this is the first time since 1987 that Britain have had two women in the third round of the Australian Open and that was Jo Durie and Anne Hobbs.

  2. - - So in successive Grand Slams Robson has beaten three former Grand Slam champions as she continues her impressive development

  3. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 11-9 - GAME, SET & MATCH! A solid enough first serve followed by a backhand from Robson is enough to see her through to the third round when Kvitova sends a backhand just wide across court

  4. - - And Laura Robson is through to the third round after an epic clash under the lights on Rod Laver Arena

  5. - - An ace is the perfect start for Robson in the game. And it's followed by another free point when her body serve is returned into the net from Kvitova. The third goes long from the Czech, a forehand long, and its THREE MATCH POINTS FOR ROBSON ...

  6. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 10-9 - BREAK! Great vision from Robson to spot which way Kvitova is running and put her forehand the opposite direction to take the opening point of the game. And a double fault (Kvitova is has 18 now) also hands her the second. But a huge forehand wide across court and a backhand just wide down the line allow Kvitova back into it. But Kvitova hits long to hand Robson a break point. AND SHE TAKES IT. A forehand winner down the line from Robson and she will serve for the match

  7. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 9-9 - A quick and easy service game for Robson, the only blip being a double fault on the second point, ends when she puts a forehand approach shot deep and low leading Kvitova to put her reply deep into the net

  8. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 8-9 - Three aces in the game, 10 in the set in general, from Kvitova and she holds to 30 to sneak out in front once again. It's the Czech's serving that is keeping her in this set and the match. Robson will have to serve to stay in it once again - how long can she keep this up?

  9. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 8-8 - Again three first serves and three points see Robson leading 40-0 but a forehand winner from Kvitova and a forehand error from Robson see the Czech peg her back to 40-30. A gutsy second serve from Robson, however, sees her go on to hold after Kvitova sends a forehand wide down the line

  10. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 7-8 - Kvitova saves the break point with a big first serve and off-forehand winner across court off a shorter ball. She goes on to earn herself a game point with an fantastic, low cross court forehand that Robson can only return into the net. And one game point is all she needs another huge first serve doing the damage. Robson will serve to keep the match alive once again after the change of ends

  11. - - An opportunity once again for Robson after a great forehand winner and a double fault from Kvitova leave her 0-30 up against the Czech's serve. Kvitova gets the first point back with a much better first serve and then levels up with a forehand winner. Kvitova is furious after Robson challenges a serve incorrectly but gets to face two serves anyway (the umpire says it was an instant challenge so she didn't even play the ball). Kvitova promptly misses a forehand and it's break point Robson ...

  12. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 7-7 - A solid first serve that Kvitova can only return long and an ace hand Robson the first two points of the game. And she follows that with another serve that the Czech can't get back in play. Mind you that is followed by a double fault so it's not all plain sailing for Robson in this game. A off-forehand wide across court lets Kvitova further back into it but Robson slams the door shut with another cracking first serve. All square again.

  13. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 6-7 - Robson lets out an anguished yell when she misses a forehand that hands Kvitova two game points. The first is wasted by the Czech though when she fails to get a forehand half volley up and over the net. But she does hold at the second attempt with an second serve ace

  14. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 6-6 - BREAK! Robson peppers the baseline with a series of forehands and takes the first point of the game when Kvitova eventually hits long. Kvitova takes the second with a neat forehand drop shot - her first of the match - and also the third with a cross court backhand return of serve winner. Robson then finds herself two break back points down when her backhand goes long and slightly wide. And sure enough Kvitova does break when Robson hits a forehand long. We're back on serve

  15. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 6-5 - BREAK! Kvitova is reduced to tears as she sends a backhand into the net hands Robson a break point. A great first serve is just blocked back into play by Robson but her second forehand is deeper and her third is deep enough and cross court that all Kvitova can do is return long. Robson will serve for the match after the change of ends!

  16. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 5-5 - Robson comes up with a dipping backhand right into the corner, Kvitova returning it in to the very bottom of the net, to hand the Brit a game point from 30-30. And another low backhand error from Kvitova helps Robson seal the battling hold. Really gritty stuff from the 18-year-old

  17. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 4-5 - Two quality points back to back from Robson, including some length hitting that Kvitova similar cannot cope with, hand the Brit a break point. But she can't quite get the ball back in play after a huge first serve from the Czech. Robson denies Kvitova on a couple of game points though, including a short forehand winner right into the corner but an unreturnable serve and an ace and Kvitova holds on to lead. Robson will have to serve to stay in the match after the change

  18. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 4-4 - A forehand approach shot from Robson does enough to allow her to sneak ahead at 40-30 when Kvitova sends her response long. And she comes up with an ace just when it is need to seal the hold and get things firmly back on level terms late in this third set

  19. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 3-4 - BREAK! A double from Kvitova to open the game, followed by a frustrated forehand return of serve winner straight down the line from Robson hands the Brit a quick 0-30 lead against her opponents serve. And it is quickly 0-40 after a forehand long from the Czech. Another cracking return of serve from Robson sets up the break to love when Kvitova pulls her cross court forehand wide

  20. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 2-4 - BREAK! After all that hard work to get back into this match, Robson promptly hands Kvitova two immediate break back points with a double fault. And she lets up an anguished squeal after failing to find the court with a forehand and conceding her serve once again

  21. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 2-3 - BREAK! Robson levels at 30-30 with a flailing forehand return that actually turns out brilliantly and lands on the line across court drawing the error from Kvitova. And then she is allowed to level at deuce, not once but twice, after another couple of double faults from her opponent before also being handed a break back point on a double fault. And Robson does break back with a forehand return across court that Kvitova can only return wide. This final set is back on serve!

  22. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 1-3 - Much better from Robson as she holds for a must-win game with another great body serve. She really has had success on that serve today as she follows it with a forehand winner to get off the mark in this final set

  23. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 0-3 - Kvitova holds to love to consolidate the break, easily getting up to a poor drop shot from Robson and doing enough with the return that the Brit can only lob long to end her interest in the game

  24. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 0-2 - BREAK! Robson saves a first break point with a good first serve that Kvitova can only return long and she saves the second when the Czech eighth seed sends a backhand long down the centre of the court but she can do nothing about the third as Kvitova pushes her deep behind the baseline, drawing the error - an attempted forehand passing shot into the net

  25. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 0-1 - An absolutely huge forehand return of serve down the line from Robson denies Kvitova and sees the Brit level at deuce and then again after another great forehand return of serve followed by a backhand winner down the line but Kvitova goes on to hold at the fourth attempt by pushing Robson wide and drawing the error - a low backhand into the net

  26. - - ROBSON 2-6 6-3 - SET! Robson finds herself 0-15 down after a poor opening point but she quickly recovers and two first serves in a row, both of which Kvitova returns wide, and Robson has taken the second set. This match will go to a decider and you get the feeling that if Robson can string together the points like she did in the middle of that second set, this match could be hers. Kvitova is also playing far from her best tonight

  27. - - KVITOVA 2-6 5-3 - Kvitova eases through a love service hold to put some real pressure on Robson as she attempts to serve out the set for a second time, this time with the new balls

  28. - - ROBSON 2-6 5-2 - BREAK! Robson saves a break point with some smart play - serving into the body of Kvitova before giving her now angles to work off in the rally and eventually drawing the error (a forehand wide down the line). A double fault gives the Czech player a second chance and this time she does concede the break back with yet another double. Robson still has the one break though and Kvitova will have to serve to stay in the set after the change of ends

  29. - - ROBSON 2-6 5-1 - BREAK! Kvitova's serve down the centre of the court really sits up into Robson's wheelhouse and the Brit hammers her return - an inside out cross court forehand winner - to bring up another break point. And she does get the double break, Kvitova going just wide with a forehand down the line after a lengthy rally. Robson will serve for the second set

  30. - - ROBSON 2-6 4-1 - Kvitova denies Robson on a first game point with a huge forehand winner but the Brit gets a little lucky to earn herself a second when her forehand catches the top of the tape and throws Kvitova, who can only hit into the net, despite comfortably getting up to the ball. And Robson goes on to hold and consolidate the break. Much better from the Brit in these last two games

  31. - - ROBSON 2-6 3-1 - BREAK! Finally Robson takes advantage of one of her break points, although not until after wasting another one. On the second attempt though, she finds a huge forehand return and then an even bigger cross court forehand and Kvitova eventually hits long to help Robson get back in this match

  32. - - ROBSON 2-6 2-1 - Robson looks like she is going to cruise towards a comfortable service hold for a change only for a couple of shots to end up in the net and allow Kvitova right back to deuce. Robson gets a third chance to hold only to throw in a fifth double. But she gets another chance and this time she does hold with a big first serve and forehand winner

  33. - - RONSON 2-6 1-1 - Yet another double fault - that's nine now from Kvitova - help Robson on her way to another break point. She can't quite take advantage though and a second also goes begging after an admittedly very low backhand goes into the top of the net and Kvitova escapes again when a Robson forehand ends up in the net

  34. - - ROBSON 2-6 1-0 - Robson does well to stop the run of five games against her with a hold to 30 with a big first serve and forehand winner to follow up

  35. - - ROBSON 2-6 - SET! A sixth break point goes begging for Robson as her looping backhand is judged to have landed just long. The crowd gasps which, you would think, would provoke a challenge from Robson but she doesn't and Kvitova goes on to earn herself another set point. And this time she takes full advantage, firing an ace down the centre of the court

  36. - - Oy! From two set points up Kvitova throws in three doubles in the one game to hand Robson a chance. And that grows even bigger as the Brit hammers an off-forehand return across court followed by a forehand winner down the line. The chance goes begging by another forehand return of serve winner gives her a second go. Again it goes awry as does a third (after another double from Kvitova) and a fourth and even a fifth. Not exactly a classic set, this

  37. - - ROBSON 2-5 - BREAK! Another tough game for Robson as she is unable to take advantage of a game point and instead goes on to concede her serve for a third time to Kvitova, when she fails to land a forehand in the court. The Czech eighth seed will serve for the opening set after the change of ends

  38. - - ROBSON 2-4 - Kvitova comes through a fairly tough service hold, throwing in another double fault in the process. But she holds from 30-30 to consolidate the break. There's been nothing to really draw the crowd into this match yet and as a result the atmosphere is muted to say the least

  39. - - ROBSON 2-3 - BREAK! Robson opens with a great body serve and forehand approach shot winner. But that is the only highlight in an otherwise tough game for the 18-year-old as she finds herself staring at two more break points. And Kvitova takes full advantage of the first, with a huge backhand down the line

  40. - - ROBSON 2-2 - A love service hold from Kvitova gets her back on track behind her serve, Robson going for the big return and sending the ball long.

  41. - - ROBSON 2-1 - Robson is still looking a little nervy out on court as a couple of errors help Kvitova push the Brit to deuce. But consecutive aces should help Robson further settle into this match as she holds for the first time and sneaks out in front

  42. - - ROBSON 1-1 - BREAK! Kvitova opens with a huge first serve but promptly follows it with a double fault to help Robson settle. The Brit follows it up with a backhand winner before being handed a break back point after a second double from the Czech player and sure enough she does break back with a great forehand return down the middle of the court, Kvitova sending her reply back into the net

  43. - - ROBSON 0-1 - BREAK! Not a great start from Robson as she opens with consecutive double faults before following that with a forehand long and a forehand volley into the net. The less said about that opening game the better

  44. - - These two have never met before, are both left-handers but something playing into Laura Robson's hands is that fact that it is still 36 degrees despite it being 9.30pm in Melbourne. Kvitova struggles with asthma and is not a great fan of playing in the heat

  45. - - So next up, the final match of the day, is Brit youngster Laura Robson taking on former Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova on the Rod Laver Arena

Laura Robson

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 21/01/1994
Height 1.8 m
Weight 67 kg

Petra Kvitová

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 08/03/1990
Height 1.82 m
Weight 70 kg

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